All The Advice And Resources You Will Ever Need To Raise A Happy Yorkie

raising Yorkies

Hi, I'm Richie, every morning I sit down in my home-office and spend an hour or two helping other dog lovers take better care of their four-legged associates. Nothing beats knowing that what I do has helped someone else… and their dog. When I get a comment saying “thanks…” it makes my day.” 

Raising Yorkies

As a child, my sister and I always begged for a dog however we were never allowed to get one since we were a family that was always on the move.

After a lot of persistent pressure, puppy eyes and hints, my sister persuaded mom we needed a puppy. The result was a delightful tiny 6 week old Yorkshire terrier she named Madison.

Madison fit into my home like she was born here.She had the best personality and most playful temperament, and of course, she was the most adorable thing we had ever laid eyes on! Everyone that met her fell in love.

It was such a pleasure to raise a happy Yorkie!

This little dog terrorized the kittens. She loved to pull them around by their ears and they just let her do it. That dog made us smile and laugh all day! She idolized every member of the family and would join us in whatever mischief we got into, making herself scarce when the scoldings were being handed out.

From those early days, I developed a lifelong love of these dogs.

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