A Teacup Yorkie May Be The Perfect Dog For You- Here’s Why!

 a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you

Hello, everyone. Today I want to discuss why a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you.

People either love little dogs or they don’t. If you do love them nothing but a toy, or small dog will do.

The Teacup Yorkie is not considered to be a breed of its own. This hasn't prevented them from capturing the hearts of thousands of American dog lovers.

Teacup Yorkies are particularly popular in New York City where they make the perfect pets for people who live in apartments.If this is you then a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog.

On"Yorkie Day, " 24th September 2013 there was an attempt to create the largest ever gathering of Yorkies in one place spot.

Celebrities have shown these dogs off for decades because they're easy to take with you where ever you go,, great to show off to your friends and who can resist that face? They're so darn cute!

A teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you! 

 a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you

a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you - Here's Why!

There's Something Really Special About A teacup Yorkie

We live with two of these little dogs. I cannot recommend or praise their genuine natures highly enough.

There’s something very special about that little Yorkie face looking up at you and that quick sense of humor and fierce determination will soon have you wrapped around her little paw.

As you get to know your new little partner you will discover that she’s a thoughtful little girl who will easily work out ways to manipulate you. A teacup Yorkie is highly intelligent and knows exactly how she can get what she wants.

Fiercely loyal, a teacup Yorkie shares the same personality traits as all other Yorkshire Terriers. If you want a small dog pet that's funny, playful, brave, charming, clever, and full energy then a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you.

They tend to be unaware that they are smaller than most other dogs and are quick to find more powerful challengers. Being tiny doesn’t appear to damage their self-esteem.

A teacup Yorkie doesn't realize that they’re smaller than other dogs (or maybe know, and are making certain they compensate for their small stature by developing an extra interesting personality).

Your little associate will always beat you at a game of hide-and-seek, so don't even try to win. A dog small enough to fit in a teacup can disappear and may not come out for hours.

A Yorkie loves to sleep on a warm lap and won’t care how boring your TV watching may seem. She's happy to sit on your lap or lie at your feet and watch the world go by.

You may find that your little friend also enjoys a little privacy dozing off in a corner, her crate or in a closet.

a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you

Training Your teacup Yorkie Puppy

A Teacup Yorkie's size makes it harder to potty train these puppies than many other puppies. You may find it a challenge a first, but if you follow modern techniques and my teaching tips, house training can a breeze. I found mine easy to train and they picked up commands quite quickly.

It's better to keep your training sessions short with lots of playtime in between because they are easily bored.

If you can put aside the time and have the kind live with that, a teacup Yorkie is worth getting. They make adorable little pals.

  Common Teacup Yorkie Health Problems

This little dog will need a great deal of attention. They thrive on social interaction. This is not a dog you can leave at home while you are at work.

Being left alone can make your dog mentally or even physically ill. She may refuse to eat and will whine continuously if you are not paying much attention to her.

If you're thinking about getting a teacup Yorkie it's a good idea to recognize the symptoms of some of the more common health issues.

Due to their smaller physique, they often have serious health and behavior problems such as hypoglycemia, fragile easily broken bones.

Some have birth defects such as tracheal collapse. Your precious little friend may fill up your heart and home with buckets of love, but she might also wipe out your savings courtesy of a few hefty vet bills.

Feeding A teacup Yorkie

A teacup Yorkie is so small she'll only be able to eat tiny amounts of food at a single sitting. I recommend small meals throughout the day with increased amounts as she is able to handle more.

I recommend that you feed a high protein dry food for small breeds. I feed mine Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Natural dog food. This is a very good choice because it's grain-free and has the ideal balance of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, and minerals.

a teacup Yorkie and Other animals

Teacups are suspicious of strange dogs and can be aggressive toward cats or rabbits.

You will have to supervise your puppy when she's around any unfamiliar animals so that that large ego will not result in any unexpected injury.

If introduced as puppies live very peacefully with other dogs and even cats but due to their size its best to introduce your puppy to other animals with caution. 

 a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you.

Teacup Yorkie Safety

It's not a good idea to place your Yorkie dog anywhere it will have to leap to get down. They are more adventurous than their body is really cut out for.

Because of their size, they may easily be dropped or stepped on. It's best to keep new puppies in their crate or in an exercise pen when you are not able to supervise them.

A teacup Yorkie should wear a harness rather than a collar. A harness will move tension from the neck to the chest, resulting in fewer neck injuries. I stitched a bell onto the harnesses so that I can know where they are and avoid accidentally stepping on them.

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Exercising Your Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkie dogs don’t need a lot of room to run about so if you're thinking about getting one a short daily walk and lots of toys and distractions will be enough. If you live in an apartment a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you.

Put a dog vest, a warm sweater, or a Hoodie on your puppy if the weather dips below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If the grounds freezing, put a pair of booties on those tiny paws.

During hot months try to stay in the shade....or take rests in the shade and offer plenty of water.

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A Yorkshire Terrier puppy generally lives an average of 10 to 14 years

The Breed Standard

A Teacup Yorkie weighs around 2-3 pounds fully grown, compared to the standard Yorkshire Terrier, which weighs in at between 4-7 pounds.

The American Kennel Club, doesn’t recognize teacup Yorkie's as an authentic breed. According to their standard there's no such thing as a registered teacup or miniature Yorkshire terrier.

Be Sure To Get Your Yorkie From A Responsible Breeder

Teacup Yorkies have become a big craze, and therefore attracted the attention of many breeders – some good, others bad.

Never buy from a puppy mill or a pet store that gets puppies from one. It's not just that you will be supporting irresponsible (and possibly inhumane) practices. You may wind up with a puppy with serious genetic defects.

The breeder you choose should have your puppy registered and be able to prove the superior breeding of your new puppy. Take a look at the mother and father before you buy.

Find a reputable breeder so that you get the Teacup Yorkie you've always wanted.

A teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you.If you have any thing else that I can help you with before you decide please contact me. Please use the comment section below this post.

God Bless

Richie S.

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