A Yorkie Could Be The Perfect Dog For You – Here’s Why!

 A Yorkie could be the perfect dog

Hi, everyone. A Yorkie could be the perfect dog for you. Here’s why!

If you get a Yorkie as a companion you will never have a dull moment. You will have a very inquisitive little dog who will follow you around like your shadow. She will always be ready to play and to show off.

Your new little partner is going to expect to be carried everywhere. Especially up the stairs in your house

If you live in an apartment or a condo, a Yorkie could be the perfect dog for you.

After all, one look at a Yorkie puppy and they're impossible to resist.

A Yorkie is a small breed temperamental and sometimes hostile to others, but they're fiercely loyal to their owners who they love unconditionally.

If you are looking for a pet who will show just as much affection for you a Yorkie could be the perfect dog.

a Yorkie could be the perfect dog

 A Yorkie could be the perfect dog for you. Here’s why!

Yorkie Personality and temperament

These little dogs like to spend time with you roaming around and checking everything out.

Yorkshire Terriers are spirited little dogs that are often too gutsy for their own good. Their small size makes them susceptible to bullying, or worse, from other dogs. (even if they imagine they can take on anything and everybody)

Your Yorkie will cherish every moment she spends with you and is likely to follow you from room to room like a little shadow. A Yorkie hates to be left alone. Your little friend will try to be the center of attention and the only pet in your affection. Some display a jealous streak.

When Dale and I went to meet her folks, she brought along her Yorkie. The dog barked at me for the entire 3-hour drive. I wasn’t sure if this little girl and I were going to make it. I remember telling my friends them. 'Her dog hates my guts.'

Anyway, we did make up, and Tammy and I became firm friends. All that was needed was a lot of treats and agreeing to take her with us wherever we went. I feel really honored because Tammy still attacks our guests every time they walk in the front door, even when she’s met them many times before.

Socialize your new little friend

If you get a Yorkie puppy its best to let her meet lots of different people and experience as many unusual sights and sounds as possible.

Fail to do this when she's a pup and she may become irritated at the slightest provocation when she's an adult, and more comfortable in the presence of people she already knows.

Once you've decided that a Yorkshire Terrier is the dog for you, remember to set yourself up as the leader. These feisty little dogs will try to be alpha if given half a chance.

Your new little partner will love to spend an evening cuddling up in your lap while you watch TV. They are friendly and sociable, an ideal companion for everyone especially the elderly and the kids in the family who she will want to protect.

A Yorkie is clever, brave, loyal, loving, sassy and independent at times. Gorgeous when groomed (and knows it), hectic and wild-looking when not groomed. Yorkie's have a sense of presence and self-importance, and are always ready for a game, and anxious to please.

 A Yorkie could be the perfect dog

A Yorkie can be difficult to train

Yorkshire Terriers have a stubborn streak. House training is going to range from easy to quite difficult depending on the individual puppy.

A Yorkie can be easily distracted and her strong spirit could make her a little more difficult to train than some other toy breeds.

They are easily bored so it's important to keep training sessions short and to vary your activities as much as you can. As soon as your puppy accepts your alpha status training will become easier.

Your Yorkie is a clever puppy; the basic commands will present no problems for her.

If you want a dog that enjoys fly-ball, fetch, hide and seek and any other game a Yorkie could be the perfect dog. 

a Yorkie could be the perfect dog

Feeding Your Yorkie A healthy Diet

A Yorkie should be fed dry kibble three times spread evenly through the day.

In some ways, canned dog food can be better than kibble. There's extra meat protein and its made with fewer carbohydrates as well. Canned dog foods usually contain no synthetic preservatives.

I feed mine Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Natural Dry Dog Food because this is dog food contains everything a Yorkie needs.

These include turkey,, ground brown rice, salmon meal oats, ground barley, rye flour, sweet potatoes, spinach, apple, blueberries, and chicken fat.

It's rich in vitamins, and beta carotene. The small-sized bites are ideal for a Yorkie. 

Exercising Your Yorkie

A short stroll in the neighborhood more than meet the exercise requirements for a Yorkie.

If you want a dog that enjoys fly-ball, fetch, hide and seek and any other game a Yorkie could be the perfect dog.

a Yorkie could be the perfect dog

Common Yorkie Health problems

As with many small breeds, she will be prone to the premature loss of teeth. But with the right kind of dental care and high-quality food, you can avoid this problem.

A Yorkie is not a good choice for people who travel most of the time. If she is left alone too much she may suffer from separation anxiety. This will lead to destructive behavior and nuisance barking.

Like any other Toy breed, A Yorkie can be prone to certain illnesses.

Understand the health Risks 

Understanding the health risks that can affect your dog will allow you to spot the symptoms allowing for a fast diagnosis, early treatment, and easier recovery.

Collapsing Trachea: If cartilage in her tracheal rings begins getting weaker her trachea can collapse. Airflow into a dog's lungs may become more difficult and the early signs are a dry cough, difficulty exercising shortness of breath, and sometimes fainting.

Pancreatitis: An inflammation of the pancreas. If she has pancreatitis, she will have appetite loss and abdominal pain. She may also suffer from diarrhea and vomiting from dehydration.

Luxating Patellas: This birth defect that may affect your dog's knees. She may find it hard to walk because a kneecap has popped out of place

Haemorrhagic Gastroenteritis: HGE is a form of diarrhea. This condition is life-threatening because small dogs dehydrate quicker than larger dogs. If you see bloody stools, severe diarrhea, vomiting, and your dog stops eating you call a vet right away.

Liver Shunt: If there's no blood flow through the liver, toxins get distributed through the body and can cause stunted growth, weight loss, personality and behavior changes, and seizures.

A Yorkie could be the perfect dog

A Yorkie Is a hypoallergenic breed

Many people who would love to have a dog cannot because of dog allergies. The fur which dogs shed often does not make dog ownership a possibility for people with asthma or allergies or asthma.

If you suffer from asthma or are allergic a Yorkie could be the perfect dog for you.

Your Yorkie and Other Animals

A Yorkie is a clever dog and will recognize the dominance of a larger dog. She will very likely establish good relationships with other dogs in the neighborhood.

Because a Yorkie has such a large personality the best companion dog for them will be one with a more docile personality. Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Mastiffs, and Collies are good choices.

While some can be snappy and standoffish around other pets, most are ready to make friends. If you have other dogs or cats so she will establish her place in the pecking order. Your Yorkie will always seek ways to stand out.

Your Yorkie will accept a cat that lives in the your household but will chase the neighbor's cats.

Never leave a Yorkshire terrier with other smaller pets like rabbits, hamsters, and birds. Their hunting nature could cause your dog to go after a smaller pet she believes is prey.

Yorkie Life Expectancy

A Yorkshire Terrier lives an average of between 12 and 15 years.

The AKC Breed Standard

Your Yorkie should have the typical toy terrier build. She should be neat and compact and carry her head in a way that radiates confidence and self-importance.

The Yorkie’s head is small, slightly flat on top and not too round. Her ears should be small, pointed, V-shaped, pointed, and erect.

The eyes (brown or hazel ) should be dark, intelligent and sparkly.

The muzzle should not be overlong. She will have a black nose and good teeth and no sign of an over or under bite.

The body range is 4 to 7 pounds, with a short, level back.

A Yorkie has round feet and black toenails.

In the United states the tail is docked. That long, blue and tan coat should hang evenly down her sides. That straight silky coat should have a single part running from the base of the neck right to the tip of her tail.

The ideal coat color for an adult Yorkie is blue and tan; however, your Yorkie can also be: black and gold, blue and gold, black and gold, and black and tan.

A Yorkie could be the dog

Buy your Yorkie puppy from a reputable Yorkie breeder

Buying a Yorkie puppy can be a nerve-wracking experience. Knowing you’ve discovered a reputable experienced breeder takes a big weight off your shoulders as you make your decision.

Puppy mills and scam artists are out there in numbers. Most have their own websites. Most, ethical breeders are not professional web designers. If the website looks too perfect, be careful.

With regard to hobby breeders or friends that have unexpected litters, a quick word of caution: It's vital that the dam and sire are health screened for possible genetic disorders and this is usually not done with random litters.

Buying from a backyard breeder or a pet store may be a less expensive option but there are greater risks of health issues and/or personality and temperament problems.

A Yorkie could be the perfect dog for you but if you're still undecided and need a little more information please contact me.By the way if you get a Yorkie it will be a decision you will never regret!

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