Adopting A Yorkie From A Rescue Center Is a Win-Win!

adopting a Yorkie from a rescue center

Today I want to tell you why adopting a Yorkie from a rescue center is a win win situation.

A large numbers of Yorkshire Terriers are in rescue programs waiting for new homes. A wonderful way to adopt an adorable new companion is to visit a Yorkie rescue.

Do Not be Put Off by the fake news

People often led to believe that dogs in rescue centers are there because they have behavior issues.This is usually not the case. Adopting a Yorkie from a rescue center normally works out rather well. 

A lot of dogs end up at the Yorkie rescue center because their previous owners feel that they did not have time or the money to care for them.

Sometimes owners are separating, divorcing and moving somewhere dogs are not allowed.Retired people know how hard it is to find an apartment or townhouse complex that accepts pets.

Many ditched or abandoned dogs can become amazing, faithful, well-trained family members. They're victims of circumstance and for one reason or another are homeless.

adopting a Yorkie from a rescue center

Adopting  a Yorkie From A Rescue center

Adopting is a fantastic feeling. It's a win, win situation. You gain a stunning, loyal companion, and the Yorkie joins your family gets love, care, and a home to call his own.

Things You Should Know About Yorkie Rescues

There's no shortage of destitute dogs so you may be surprised to find that adopting a Yorkie from a rescue is not a fast, easy process.

You may be required to fill out an application with questions about your schedule.These may ask about your family, your outdoor areas, and more.

The center could ask for personal references.

Some will even get a hold of your vet to confirm that you’ve taken care of your other family pets.

There's a charge which usually does not even begin to cover their costs.

The center will have taken homeless dogs to a vet for vacinations, treatments, and surgeries and will also have had them spayed or neutered. They often pay out of their own pocket for dog food and medical supplies.

That's because adoption fees only cover a small percentage of what’s needed.

The Yorkshire Terrier rescue organization

Yorkshire Terrier rescue organizations are made up of Yorkie owners, breeders, and others.These folks love the breed and want to help save vulnerable dogs.

These are volunteers with jobs, families, stresses, health issues, financial pressures, and pets of their own. Nonetheless, they put in sleepless hours to help save dogs in need.

These workers witness appalling situations of, abuse, neglect, and abandonment. They see the number of dogs that are put down, and are still ready to offer their help.

When you ask them how they handle it. they usually say they have to focus on the ones they can save.

Yorkie rescue groups

A Yorkie rescue group consists of a small group of dedicated dog lovers who keep up a network of temporary foster homes.There's always someone available on the phone to help you out.

Rescue organizations ask a lot of questions because they want to make sure that the dogs find families that will provide adequate care for them. They don’t wish to see those dogs back out on the streets.

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Foster Parents Attached to rescue organizations

Before they arrive at the rescue center most rescued dogs have lived with foster parents for some time.

By the time they become adopted they are usually all  set to live in a peaceful home. The foster family can tell you about the dogs training level.

Foster parents Are The Salt Of The Earth.

If the dog has had house training, obedience training or if she has any health issues. While the rescue group looks for the ideal permanent home the foster family provides health care and basic training,.

adopting a yorkie from a rescue center

Advantages Of Dog Rescues Over Animal Shelters

At Yorkie rescue centers a dog, has been in a home setting. The foster family can tell you about each dog's habits and behavior.

They know if he's been potty trained broken, barks a lot, likes children or gets along with other dogs and cats.

These dogs will always be spayed or neutered.Any health problems will have been treated.(or at least diagnosed and treatment begun).

It's always more expensive to adopt a dog from a rescue group than from an animal shelter. That's because the rescue group has neutered or spayed the dog and performed various other functions.

They've begun a flea and heart worm preventative program and provided grooming.The Yorkie rescue center will have invested 1-on-1 effort and time in basic training and socialization.

The staff at the rescue

One of the things you should know about Yorkie rescues that people often forget to mention is that the staff work long hours..usually for no pay. They are there to pinpoint a good home for every Yorkie they believe would definitely make a good pet.

Rescue workers are often unpaid volunteers. Be considerate when calling.They may return your call collect.

Have you adopted a Yorkie from a rescue center?  Do you agree that adopting a Yorkie puppy is a win win? Please take a moment and share your thoughts, ideas, comments.

“I liked the idea of adopting a dog that was beyond the puppy stage, a dog with an unknown span of life under his belt. It seemed only fair. He didn't know what he was getting into with me either.” Meg Donohue, Dog Crazy: A Novel of Love Lost and Found.

God Bless

Richard S.

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