Tips That Will Help Your Yorkie To Stop Eating Poop

help your yorkie to stop eating poop

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog today.Today I am looking at how to help your Yorkie to stop eating poop. Our Yorkie Tammy adored cat poop and would charge for the litter box at a dead run every time he noticed a cat emerge. Our Yorkshire Terrier puppy Flo Jo soon picked up on her […]

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Crate Train A Yorkie Puppy – 5 Easy Steps

crate train a yorkie puppy

Hi, all. Today let’s look at how you can crate train your Yorkie puppy. Teaching a Yorkie puppy to use a crate is usually one of the first tasks facing a new owner. Yorkie puppies need a tremendous amount of sleep. They ‘re full if energy and then suddenly they flop down and take a nap. Sleep […]

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10 Ways To Stop A Yorkie Marking Around The House

stop a yorkie marking

Hi, Everyone. Thanks for visiting today. How can you stop a Yorkie marking in the house? My dog Gizmo marks people she likes. She never pees on signposts, trees or shrubs, but when somebody gives her attention you can bet your life she will mark them before you leave the house. Most people put a brave face […]

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How To Stop A Yorkie Puppy Licking Your Face?

how to stop yorkie's licking

Hi, there. Many thanks for visiting the website.Today I am offering a few tips on how to stop a Yorkie puppy licking your face. Some of us are a little put-off by Yorkie puppies licking. After all, we are unlikely to meet a visitor with a long lingering lick on the face. But a dog uses […]

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8 Ways To To Help A Stressed Yorkie Puppy

how to help a stressed yorkie puppy

Hi, everyone.Today we’re going to take a look at 8 ways to help a stressed Yorkie puppy.  If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you know that feeling nervous and stressed can become overwhelming, even debilitating, at times. Just like human beings, dogs have to cope with what to them turn out to be nerve-wracking circumstances. Dogs show their […]

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Obedience Training For Yorkie Puppies Starts At Day One

obedience training for yorkie puppies

Hi, Everyone. Obedience training for Yorkie puppies paves the way for any later training you will do with your Yorkie puppy.These early steps are simple to do but vital for your puppies development. New Dog Owners are itching to tackle basic commands like ‘COME’, ‘SIT’, and ‘STAY’ with their new little partner. Quick Navigation Begin Yorkie […]

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Why Some Yorkie’s Whine And What Can Be Done About It

why some yorkies whine

​Hello, everybody. Trust me there’s nothing more annoying if you are working from home, than a whining puppy. That’s why we are going to look at why some Yorkies whine and what can be done about it. Newborn Yorkshire Terrier puppies find themselves in a rather helpless state but fortunately, mom is always around to help […]

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Help! How Do I Prepare A Yorkie For The New Baby?

prepare a Yorkie for the new baby

Prepare A Yorkie For The New BabyHello, Today We are ask the question How Do I prepare a Yorkie for the new baby? You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Your family life is going to be turned upside down. That’s going to usher in a difficult time for your Yorkie particularly if she’s been an “only child” for some […]

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Why Your Yorkie Follows You Around The House

why your yorkie follows you around

Hello, thanks for visiting.Have you ever wondered why your Yorkie follows you around the house?You move toward the front door and there’s your little associate, right with you every step of the way. He thinks it could be time for “walkies,” and you know your dog is always up for getting you out the door […]

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Yorkie Puppy Development Stages from Birth To Maturity

yorkie puppy development stages

Yorkie Puppy Development StagesYorkie puppy development stages follow a pretty predictable sequence, but unlike with human children, they pass quickly through each of these phases.  Yes, Yorkie puppies grow up fast. In the blink of an eye, your girl will become an adult, so as a puppy parent, you don’t have all that much time to […]

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Don’t Go Blowing Into The Yorkie’s Face – She’s Going To Hate It!

blowing into the yorkie's face

Teasing by blowing into your Yorkie’s face may seem like a bit of mindless fun, but she’s going to hate it! Blowing air into her face or ears is going to trigger a negative reaction ranging from confusion to defensive or even angry behavior. You will be surprised how a bit of fun can instantaneously change […]

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Your Yorkie And The ‘Zoomies’ Why She Gets Them/ What To Do

yorkie and the' zoomies'

Yorkie And The ‘Zoomies’Hi, Welcome. Today we are going to be dealing with a subject that’s close to my heart.Your Yorkie and the ‘zoomies’. It’s difficult to keep a straight face when you see a happy Yorkie racing madly around the house or in your backyard, then collapsing after a spell of what most of us […]

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What Do Dogs Deam About? Let’s Talk Yorkie’s Dreaming

yorkie's dreaming

Yorkie’s DreamingHi, thanks for visiting. By the way thanks so much for all the purchases you made from my links over December. You Rock! Let’s Look at what is happening when your Yorkie’s Dreaming.Does your little associate experience nightmares?You may have noticed that when your Yorkie’s dreaming she may twitch and make strange muffled noises […]

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Yorkies Running Off And How To Stop Them

yorkie running off

Hello, everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog.What does it mean when a Yorkies running off every time a door is left open? Your dog may be telling you something about himself. When a Yorkies running off, it could mean he’s not happy at home. It’s not necessarily that he has a bad home life. As a […]

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Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers – Which Is Best?

male vs female yorkshire Terriers

Hi everyone thanks for all those lovely comments you rock! Dog lovers often ask me if there are noticeable behavior and character differences between Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers. For one reason or another, they feel that female Yorkies make better pets than the males. This belief is founded on false information and misconceptions. Today I […]

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Yorkie Tail Docking – Should We Still Be Doing It

Yorkie Tail Docking

Hello, everyone.Thanks for visiting today. Recently  tail docking Yorkies has become a very controversial subject. The veterinary establishment opposes tail docking dogs solely for cosmetic reasons. The A.V.M.A. condemns the practice as an “unjustified mutilation. ” They want to see an end to tail docking from all breed standards.Yorkie Tail DockingThe Jury’s Out On Tail Docking […]

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6 Tips To Help Crate Train A Yorkie Puppy

crate train a yorkie puppy

Hey, Everyone.I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links. Thanks for the feedback! Today we are looking at six tips to help crate train a Yorkie puppy. Crate training is an excellent way to keep an eye on your new little puppy. It will make sure […]

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Neutering Yorkies

common yorkie health problems

Hi, Everyone. Thanks for visiting. Today we are taking a look at neutering Yorkies. We will look at the process and the after care. Then we will consider some of the benefits of neutering your puppy. Quick Navigation Some MisconceptionsThe OperationThe First Day HomeThe Days After The Neuter Surgery7 Benefits Of Neutering Yorkies The ideal […]

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