How To Spot The Most Common Yorkie Health Problems

common yorkie health problems

Hi, all. Thanks for visiting the blog today. I am discussing how to spot the most common Yorkie health problems to look out for. Yorkies are prone to a variety of health issues. The conditions could be inherited but may also be congenital or acquired. Even when experienced breeders check for any genetic diseases that could come […]

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Everything You Want To Know About Spaying Yorkie Puppies

spaying yorkie puppies

Hi, Everyone. It’s a mistake to think that dogs are only spayed to stop them mating. Spaying Yorkie puppies helps them to lead a healthy long life. The procedure effectively eliminates the chance of your dog contacting a life-threatening infection of the uterus. Having a Yorkie spayed greatly reduces any future risk of breast cancer. There’s no need […]

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How To Recognize And Treat Yorkie Skin Allergies

Hey, Everyone. Today we are going to take a look at how to recognize and treat Yorkie skin allergies. Allergies affect up to half of all American dogs.There are three major allergens that cause most of the trouble. Fleas, inhaled substances like pollen or dust, and food. Yorkie dogs are not as vulnerable to skin conditions […]

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What Yorkies Should Not Eat

what yorkies should not eat

Pinpointing what Yorkies should not eat can save your dogs’ life. Common Yorkshire Terrier health problems may arise from a low-quality diet.These may include diabetes, blood disease and, pancreas problems.There could be liver problems kidney damage.Even premature death. You can prevent many of these health issues. Just be aware of potentially dangerous foods and plants around the […]

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I’m Exhausted! Should I Get Yorkie A Playpen?

should I get Yorkie a playpen

Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Today we will be discussing the question so many owners often ask ” should I get Yorkie a playpen? ” Well, if you are thinking about getting a Yorkie puppy playpen. It can be a really wise addition to your home. House training your new little […]

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How To House Train A Yorkie Puppy

gain your Yorkie's trust

Hi, Everyone. I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links.Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for visiting.Lets look at how to house train a Yorkie puppy. Yorkshire Terriers are actually easier to house train than many other breeds. A Yorkie always tries to please. House training a […]

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9 Sure Ways To Calm A Hyperactive Yorkie

calm a hyperactive Yorkie

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog today.Let’s take a look at ways to calm a hyperactive Yorkie. Yorkshire Terriers get over excited when they are not at the center of attention.They’ll whine, howl, paw, or chew to get noticed. Your Yorkie may be bouncing off the walls when you arrive home after work. Some go […]

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Teaching A Yorkie To Stay- 6 Easy Steps

teaching a yorkie to stay

Hey, everyone Teaching a Yorkie to stay can be a little more challenging than other commands because your dog will naturally want to follow you. Once your Yorkie pup has mastered the “SIT” and “DOWN” commands, he’s ready to learn the “STAY.” There’s not much point in your puppy going into the sitting position if he’s going […]

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Choosing A Pet Gate For Your Yorkie

gain your Yorkie's trust

Hi everyone thanks for visiting today.Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! We are choosing a pet gate for your Yorkie. Our pug is not as fond of Judy as we are. Judy wants to play and Percy wants a little peace. The rest of us think she’s has been a marvelous […]

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Choosing A Designer Yorkie Dog Carrier

Choosing A pet carrier for your yorkie

Hey, everyone, your Yorkie dog is part of your family and you like to take her everywhere with you. Blame it on small dog lovers like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton.Everyone knows that Yorkies belong in a matching purse. At least some of the time.Let’s take a look at choosing a pet carrier. How else are […]

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How To Care For Yorkies In Heat

yorkies in heat

Hi, Everyone.When your Yorkies in heat, she will need a bit of special attention. If your Yorkies about to enter heat for the 1st time, I may be able to answer some questions about what to expect and the signs and symptoms to watch for. If you have a male Yorkie you will be able to recognize […]

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How You Can Extend A Yorkie’s Life Expectancy

extend a Yorkie's life expectancy

Extend A Yorkie’s Life ExpectancyHi, everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog today. Lets take a look at how you can extend a Yorkie’s life expectancy. A Yorkshire Terrier’s normal life expectancy is between 12 and 15 years (average of 13.5 years). Females usually live 1.5 years longer than males. When death by trauma and other means […]

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Dealing With A Jealous Yorkie Can Be A Pain In The Ass

yorkies excessive barking

Hi, Everyone.  What got me thinking that it would be a good idea to take a look at dealing with a jealous Yorkie. We have had my son’s and daughter in law’s dog with us for the holidays.Our Yorkie has played up a treat. When we brought Rodger the dog home, Tammy wasn’t sure what to think. […]

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Yorkie Won’t Eat – What To Do When Your Dog Refuses To Eat

yorkie won't eat

Hello, Everyone. Whether you’ve had your dog for years or you’ve just adopted your first puppy, it can be very troubling when your Yorkie won’t eat. An almost endless list of problems can cause a Yorkshire Terrier to go off her food. Some are trivial but others can be potentially life-threatening. When your Yorkie retreats to […]

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Grooming A Yorkshire Terrier At Home – Here’s How!

grooming a yorkshire terrier at home

Hi, Everyone.Thank you for buying so many products through my links last month. I appreciate your support! Perhaps you are wondering whether grooming a Yorkshire terrier at home is a good idea. I highly recommend that you do. Here’s why. Quick Navigation Keeping Your Yorkie Healthy And Well GroomedGrooming A Yorkshire Terrier At HomeBathing Yorkie DogsCleaning […]

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Training Yorkie Puppies To Walk On The Leash

training yorkie puppies to walk on the leash

Hello everyone thanks for visiting the blog today.I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links. Thanks for the feedback! I am looking at training Yorkie puppies to walk on the leash. Please don’t imagine that your Yorkie puppy automatically knows this stuff! For some puppies, it […]

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Socializing Yorkie Puppies- Two Cardinal Rules

socializing yorkie puppies

Hi, all. Socializing Yorkie puppies involves training, teaching, and familiarizing your new puppy and will continue up to at about age two. This is where your Yorkie begins interacting with other animals, family members, children, and strangers. Quick Navigation Socializing Yorkie PuppiesThe First Twelve Weeks With Your Yorkshire TerrierTwo Cardinal Rules​Walter Meets The FamilyMeeting The Neighbors […]

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Finding The Best Dog Food For Yorkie Dogs

best dog food for yorkies

Hello, everyone. Today I am looking to find the best dog food for Yorkie dogs.​ Judy has a few funny moments. Like how desperate she always is for food. She did a run and dive under the couch for a potato chip that fell under there. Or when she walked into the glass sliding door then […]

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