Understanding Changes In Yorkie Behavior

yorkie behavior problms

Hello, Everybody. Thanks for visiting the blog today. Today I want to cover understanding changes in Yorkie behavior. Quick Navigation Noticing The Changes In Yorkie BehaviorBasic MannersSocializationDealing With Adolescent Yorkie TemperamentUncontrollable Yorkie BehaviorYorkie Character After about six months, just when you think that your new little family member is comfortably settled and has stopped chewing […]

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Teaching A Yorkie ‘Down’ – 5 Easy Steps

teaching yorkies down

Hey, everyone.Teaching a Yorkie ‘down’ is one of the more difficult commands to teach. It’s a vulnerable position for a dog. Your Yorkie may be slightly hesitant in the beginning. Teaching your Yorkie puppy down can be a very useful skill in many situations, from visiting a friend’s home to waiting at the vet to remaining […]

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Why Yorkies Dig – What Can You Do About It?

why yorkies dig

Hello, everyone. Thanks for visiting. Today we are taking a look at why Yorkies Dig. Once we’ve established just why they do it we will look at what can be done about it. If you have this problem with your dog you are not alone. A recent United States survey revealed that over 80% of all […]

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Teaching Your Yorkie To Play Fetch- 5 Easy Steps

teaching your yorkie to play fetch

Hi, Everyone. Teaching your Yorkie to play fetch could be as easy as locating a toy she really desires or as difficult as training the full sequence of chasing, recovering and returning. Quick Navigation Teaching Your Yorkie To Play Fetch 1.0 Teach Your Dog To Drop The Ball2.0 Teach Your Dog To Bring A Ball Back3.0 Teaching […]

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8 Ways To Help A Yorkie With Separation Anxiety

Hello, Everyone. Let’s take a look at ways to help a Yorkie with Separation anxiety. Separation Anxiety has nothing to do with good vs bad conduct. It has everything to do with your Yorkies’ emotional ability to handle being home alone. Yorkies are wonderful, caring little dogs and their owners are the center of their world. That’s […]

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Teaching A Yorkie To Sit – 6 Simple Steps

teaching yorkie puppy sit

Hey, friends.Teaching a Yorkie to sit is the foundation for all obedience. All other commands, learning, and control start with this one simple exercise. Sitting is useful behavior for many situations, but it’s also the start of establishing relationship roles between you and your new little friend. Once you finish teaching a Yorkie puppy to sit […]

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