Always Buy Teacup Yorkies From Reputable Breeders

buy Teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders

Hello, everyone. I would like to encourage you to buy Teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders.

People adore, tiny dogs, but some just don't get it. Those who are lucky enough to have one of these little darlings love them a lot. They treat them like their kids!

A puppy that's even cuter than a human baby should be treated like one. A Yorkie that will let you dress her up and comb her hair deserves to be spoiled rotten.

If you happen to be a member of the Yorkshire Terrier fan club, you know exactly what I'm talking about. There's something very special about a teacup Yorkie that only Yorkie owners can appreciate.

buy Teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders

What Is A Teacup Yorkie?

A fully grown teacup Yorkshire Terrier will normally weigh in between 1 and 3 lbs fully grown. A Teacup Yorkie dog, on the other hand, weighs 4 lbs. or less.

Miniature Yorkies are not recognized as an actual breed. They are Yorkshire Terriers that are smaller than the breed specification either by chance or by breeding.

' Teacup' is a buzzword most often used by unethical Yorkie breeders in trying to attract buyer attention.

A teacup Yorkie can naturally occur as a “runt of the litter,” but more often they are the product of breeding two undersized dogs.

Since the mother dog is so small, she can only whelp a couple of puppies at most there’s an increased possibility that there will be complications. In other words, breeding teacup Yorkies is extra risky for the mother and the pups.

That's one of the main reasons I suggest  buying teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders with experience in breeding these little darlings.

These little dogs intelligent, independent, courageous and energetic. They never seem to know just how small they are!

They can become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. If not well socialized they can pick fights with larger dogs even when there’s no possibility of a victory.

Possessive of their owners they get grumpy when somebody else tries to get their attention. Teacup Yorkie dogs are definitely attention-seekers. They like to be noticed.

These rumbustious little pets who love to explore their surroundings. Most are game for exercise or play at any time!

They live to please their owners. they also like to do their own thing. They can be moody and refuse to follow or even listen to their owners. In short, they can be a handful.

How Much Will A Teacup Yorkie Cost?

A quality puppy should cost you $300 – $600 and up.

Even if you are looking for a Yorkie without any papers, make sure you choose a reputable breeder. Go with the one who does not cut corners when it comes to the puppy’s health.

Paying a little more up front can save you more in the long-term in vet bills.

buy Teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders

Why You Should Buy Teacup Yorkies From Reputable Breeders

Breeders who focus their attention on breeding show quality Yorkshire Terriers will strive to produce litters that fit the AKC standard. The AKC seems to favor the upper end of the weight scale, 6 or 7 lbs ( 2.72 to 3.17 kg).

If you are looking to buy a teacup Yorkie online you will notice that some sellers of Yorkie miniatures try to take advantage of people who are unaware that teacup Yorkies are not a true breed.

They can be asking upwards up $1500 for these miniature pups.

That's why many reputable dog breeders refuse to sell teacups when this market is wide open for con artists.

How You Can Weed Out The Scam Artists

If it's better to buy teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders you may be wondering how to separate the ethical breeders from unscrupulous people or scam-artists.

Avoid pet shops that sell puppies. Pet shops are supplied by puppy mills and the pups are often prone to serious health issues.

South Korean sellers have emerged as suppliers of weak and illness-prone miniatures for well off Western buyers. The Koreans have developed an edge and churn out petite, well-groomed pets that are popular in the mega-cities in the United States where space is at a premium and many people live in apartments.

A growing number of Korean and American sellers are setting up in the West, specializing in the importation of teacup puppies from South Korea and re-selling them at high prices, often to high-celebrity buyers. Steer clear of these opportunists and buy teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders.

I don't recommend trying to find a puppy through Craig’s List. Listings often seem to be written by someone who has been forced to relocate and has a puppy that is going to need a new home. This often turns out to be a puppy mill in disguise.

With regard to hobby breeders or friends that have an unexpected litter, a word of caution: Its important that both parents go through pre-breeding health checks and this is usually not the case with random litters.

The AKC Marketplace’s offerings of Breeders of Merit is the safest route in your search for a Teacup Yorkie but there's still some risk involved.

Be very cautious if the price is too good to be true. If you see a listing for a purebred puppy for only $180 and free delivery to your front door, don't be fooled.

Ask for a few references. Reputable breeders are always more than happy to give you a list of previous buyers. Get in touch with those people and ask them about their experience with the particular breeder.

buy Teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders

Once You Get Your Yorkie Home You're On Your Own

People who are breeding Teacup Yorkies purely for profit take no responsibility problems that may develop once they have left their yard.

As soon as you take delivery you're on your own! Try to avoid viruses that spread from one dog to another avoid dog parks or heavily populated areas. After a few months, your dogs immune systems will be stronger and she will be as healthy as any other dog.

It's harder for a teacup sized puppy to deal with chilly weather than it would be for a bigger dog. Put clothing on your little friend if the weather is below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A vest, dog sweater hoodie for dogs will be fine.

When walking your dog on sunny days try to stay in the shade and offer plenty of water.

Regular veterinary check-ups are necessary to find and treat health issues before they become serious.

buy Teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders

Unethical Breeding Can Cause Chronic Medical Problems

Sometimes the immune system is not fully developed. Bone density is thin and the dogs may have hip and knee joint problems.

Having one of the cutest dogs around might seem like a good idea but these very tiny dogs can come with a host of health problems and other drawbacks.

Caring For Your Teacup Yorkie

Are all miniature Yorkie pups likely to be sickly? Not at all! 

Undersized Yorkie Dogs, often known as “runts”, can grow up into healthy adults.

A miniature Yorkie puppy may have health complications that come from being underdeveloped at birth.

Common health problems in miniatures include collapsed trachea, post systemic shunts, and cardiac and respiratory conditions.

Of course, due to their diminutive frame, they should be handled with extra caution during the first few months of life. Their little bones are quite frail and can easily get broken.

Anybody who has owned a miniature Yorkie knows how easily they can get underfoot. These dogs are not good companions for children, who may drop them.

Tripping over or stepping on such a small dog can result in serious injuries and even death. If you are about to sit down remember to look behind you.

buy your Teacup Yorkie from a reputable breeder


If you happen to be looking to buy a Miniature Yorkie do your research, buy Teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders and void these unethical people.

If the seller uses the term “teacup”, steer clear. Rather go with a breeder who points out the health risks associated with breeding miniatures.


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