9 Sure Ways To Calm A Hyperactive Yorkie

hyperactive yorkie

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog today.Let's take a look at ways to calm a hyperactive Yorkie.

Yorkshire Terriers get over excited when they are not at the center of attention.They'll whine, howl, paw, or chew to get noticed. Your Yorkie may be bouncing off the walls when you arrive home after work. Some go into a wild frenzy when they see their leash? Others jump up, nip and yap or continually give you a wet slimy ball hoping for a game of fetch?

Is Your Yorkie Really Hyperactive?

It turns out that truly hyperactive dogs are quite rare. Most dogs are not hyperactive but simply "over-active."

9 Sure Ways To Calm A Hyperactive Yorkie

1.0 Set Up A Strict Routine From Day One

Without a routine, your four-legged friend may become anxious, hyper, and miserable. Once you become organized If you’re fortunate, she’ll slowly but surely grow out of this hyperactive stage.

Create a fixed schedule for a Yorkie puppy so that she knows when it's time to eat, time to potty, time to walk, time to play and time to sleep. At bedtime, I usually put my puppy in her dog crate where she will feel safe and protected.

You must be consistent with your puppy so that she will know what to expect from you. You should set up some house rules and stick to them. Do not allow your puppy on the couch one day and admonish him for doing exactly the same thing the following day.

In this way, your Yorkie puppy knows just what is wanted of him and this should help lower any anxiety.

By putting her in her dog crate or a dog play pen you will get to enjoy a little peace free from your hyperactive Yorkie.

2.0 No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact

If you pay attention to your hyperactive Yorkie during outbursts, you will be reinforcing the problem behavior you're trying to deal with. The next time your Yorkie is jumping or nipping at you in an overexcited way, give it a shot -- -- and see how you fare.

Don't forget that a Yorkie that craves attention will consider negative attention better than no attention, so if your dog is misbehaving, the best thing to do is ignore him.

hyperactive yorkie

3.0 Give Your Dog 30 Minutes Of Physical Exercise Daily

Exercise can be one of the best ways to calm a hyperactive Yorkie. Time out in your backyard during the day is insufficient. Instead, your little friend should have one or two brisk walks. Yorkies don't require as much exercise as many other dog breeds, but well-exercised dogs are less hyperactive and a lot more trainable.

4.0 When Nothing Is Free

Get your Yorkie to work for all of his toys, and resources. I suggest that you follow the Nothing in Life is a Free program. This means that your dog has to do something for you first before you give them something in return.

Get your Yorkie to sit before you open the door and allow him out in the back yard. Ask your dog to sit before you put his dog food bowl down. should sit when you attach the leash.

5.0 Give Your Yorkie Some Mental Exercise

I find Kong toys are great when I want to keep my Yorkies occupied. I put some wet food into a classic Kong and pop it in the refrigerator. My dogs have fun licking and chewing at it, and are less likely to get into trouble. Interactive dog toys are a fantastic way to give your dog some mental stimulation by keeping them engaged in a positive activity.

I like to use treat dispensing toys including Bob-A-Lot, Holl-ee Roller, and of course Kong Classic. My Yorkie has a blast trying to figure our these food puzzles!

Here Are Three Dog Toys I Recommend

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6.0 Keep Your Cool And Stay Consistent

Whenever I become ill-tempered, my dog seems to pick up on that energy and become even more ill-disciplined. The only way to calm Now when my Yorkie gets unruly, I try to stay calm and project calm energy to him.

7.0 Do Obedience Training Every Day

" A tired dog is a good dog."

A Yorkie who’s had a good romp will have a far easier time learning good manners. That said, exercise on its own won’t produce a well-mannered dog. If you don’t combine exercise with training, you’ll end up with an ill-mannered, uncontrollable, athletic dog.

Have short (10 minute) training sessions with our Yorkie, several times a day. Teach your Yorkshire Terrier what kind of behavior is acceptable – and what type of conduct you won’t put up with.

Teach her the skills that will help make her very easy to live with: taking polite walks on her leash, welcoming visitors calmly, taking time off in her crate, waiting to go outside, tolerating your cats ... whatever is important to you and your family.

This will help establish you as your Yorkie pack leader. It will improve the bond you have with your dog, exercise her mind, and make sure you achieve a peaceful home environment.

8.0 Organize Play Sessions With Another Dog

I wonder how you feel when you visit friends and you can barely get through the front door because their dog is acting crazy, barking wildly and jumping all over you.

 The same way you devote time and effort training your dog to be well-behaved, you need to make the time to socialize him to deal calmly with his world.We prepare them by socializing them with everyone and everything so that they react calmly to sights and sounds in the world.

9.0 Consult Your Veterinarian

There's a difference between dogs who are very active and those who are clinically hyperactive. If your vet diagnoses your Yorkie as clinically hyperactive, he may prescribe a drug to help change your dog's general behavior.

A Vet looking to calm a hyperactive Yorkie may prescribe the same as those used to treat ADHD in humans. Concerta, Adderall, and Dexedrine are stimulant drugs, like Ritalin, that vets may prescribe. Your veterinarian may recommend calming herbs such as Chamomile for dogs, Valerian and Scullcap for dogs.

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Always consult your veterinarian for a proper examination and diagnosis before giving your Yorkies calming drugs.

One Last Thing

Harsh methods will always make the problem worse, increasing both arousal and anxiety. If your Yorkie has a tendency to misbehave, use time-outs.

We have discussed several ways you can calm your dog down.There's a big difference between reading about ways to calm your dog and seeing them applied in a real life situation.

If you find yourself really struggling to calm a hyperactive Yorkie I suggest that you take a look at some online video training to help you out.

“If you’re uncomfortable around my dog, I’m happy to lock you in the other room when you come over.”

God Bless

Richard S.

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