Car Rides With Yorkies Just Got Safer

Car rides with Yorkies

Hi, Everyone. Car rides with Yorkies just got safer.

Punch loves to go for car rides. All my dogs do, but Punch really loves them. In fact, if you just mention going for a ride you had better already be ready to leave with your keys in hand otherwise he practically knocks you over jumping with joy. 

The moment anyone mentions a ride all hell breaks loose. Punch starts jumping and yapping. It’s virtually impossible for him to stay still long enough for me to get his harness on.

A 2018 survey showed that a scary 48% of dog owners who travel with dogs in their car don't own any safety gear.! 

In the past, I’ve let them roam about freely in the car. Then I read an article about how an excited puppy can jump out an open window.

I found out that dogs that ride shotgun can be hurt by flying debris and that airbags that deploy in an accident can injure  a dog sitting up front.

I never thought about how a loose dog in the back during a head on can become a dangerous projectile.

We’ve restrained our dogs ever since. Car rides with Yorkies just got safer

Car rides with Yorkies

Car rides With Yorkies Just Got Safer

A loose dog can be a risk to safety, to you and others who may be traveling with you.

I don't really like the idea of crating a dog on a long trip because these days there are all sorts of safety equipment available to help keep your pet safe whilst in transit.

These include dog harnesses, pet booster seats and fitted car seat covers with restraints.

Car rides with Yorkies

 a car seat will keep small dogs safe in the backseat

A Bucket Seat Booster for Small Pets will give your Yorkie dog comfort, happiness, and security whilst traveling.

Car rides with Yorkie's just got safer and she can now also enjoy the ride because a raised car seat allows her to watch the scenery flash by.

A car seat will help your dog feel less agitated and stressed out.

These booster seats should be fitted in the back seat just like a  child seat would be because the  front seat will be far less safe if there's an accident.

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Car Seat Covers

Perhaps you are upset because you don't like the dog hair and possible messes that occur while traveling in the car with your pet.

A pet car seat cover with seat anchors will address this problem.They are dead simple to install. All you have to do is strap the dog seat cover to the headrest.

The most popular styles are the hammock pet seat covers.

Another benefit is that there's no possibility of your dog falling off the seat while the car is moving.The dog hammock prevents your dogs attempts dog's to get in the front while you are driving.Car rides with Yorkies just got safer.

Any distraction could cause you to take your eyes off the road, and this could result in a serious accident with the resultant injuries. A recent AAA report found that 60% of dog owners engage in distracting behavior with their dogs in the car.

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Dog Car Barriers

A dog car barrier is especially useful for larger cars such as SUV's to keep your dog in the back of the vehicle. It can also be used to separate the front seat from the back seat in any make of car.

The barrier option will give your little pal a secure space where she can feel secure and relax and lie down.

The adjustable 'Walky Dog Guard' is a good choice for panicky dogs that cannot be restrained with a harness or in a crate.

Dog Seat Belts = Less Distractions

A dog seat belt will keep your dog in place, minimizing distractions so you can focus your attention on the drive.

Some dogs find a seat belt harness uncomfortable in the beginning, so its best to introduce it gradually before you take your dog for a test ride. Your introductory training is going to require plenty of treats.

Before you know it, putting a seat belt on your little partner will become second nature, and car rides with Yorkies just got safer 

“Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear.” Dave Barry

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