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Always Buy Teacup Yorkies From Reputable Breeders

buy teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders

Hello, everyone. I would like to encourage you to buy Teacup Yorkies from reputable breeders. People adore, tiny dogs, but some just don’t get it. Those who are lucky enough to have one of these little darlings love them a lot. They treat them like their kids! A puppy that’s even cuter than a human baby should […]

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A Yorkie Could Be The Perfect Dog For You – Here’s Why!

a yorkie could be the perfect dog

Hi, everyone. A Yorkie could be the perfect dog for you. Here’s why! If you get a Yorkie as a companion you will never have a dull moment. You will have a very inquisitive little dog who will follow you around like your shadow. She will always be ready to play and to show off. Your new […]

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Adopting A Yorkie From A Rescue Center Is a Win-Win!

adopting a yorkie from a rescue center

Today I want to tell you why adopting a Yorkie from a rescue center is a win win situation. A large numbers of Yorkshire Terriers are in rescue programs waiting for new homes. A wonderful way to adopt an adorable new companion is to visit a Yorkie rescue.Do Not be Put Off by the fake newsPeople […]

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Important Questions To Ask Before You Adopt A Yorkie Puppy

adopt a yorkie puppy

Hello, everyone.These are important questions to ask before you adopt a Yorkie puppy.  Here’s why! There are hundreds of people out there selling Yorkie puppies. Some of them are hoping you’re not reading this post right now. In fact they count on you not knowing about the pitfalls when adopting a Yorkie puppy.The Yorkie puppy you choose […]

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A Teacup Yorkie May Be The Perfect Dog For You- Here’s Why!

a teacup yorkie may be the perfect dog for you

Hello, everyone. Today I want to discuss why a teacup Yorkie may be the perfect dog for you. People either love little dogs or they don’t. If you do love them nothing but a toy, or small dog will do. The Teacup Yorkie is not considered to be a breed of its own. This hasn’t prevented them […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Dog Bed For Your Yorkie

the perfect dog bed for your yorkie

Hi, Everyone.Today we are going to take a look at how to choose the perfect dog bed for your Yorkie. A small dog like a Yorkie can get awfully cold! The simple fact is that any dog under around fourteen pounds needs somewhere to cuddle up and get warm. Choose a quality dog bed she can […]

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Yorkie Puppy Development Stages from Birth To Maturity

yorkie puppy development stages

Yorkie Puppy Development StagesYorkie puppy development stages follow a pretty predictable sequence, but unlike with human children, they pass quickly through each of these phases.  Yes, Yorkie puppies grow up fast. In the blink of an eye, your girl will become an adult, so as a puppy parent, you don’t have all that much time to […]

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Your Yorkie And The ‘Zoomies’ Why She Gets Them/ What To Do

yorkie and the' zoomies'

Yorkie And The ‘Zoomies’Hi, Welcome. Today we are going to be dealing with a subject that’s close to my heart.Your Yorkie and the ‘zoomies’. It’s difficult to keep a straight face when you see a happy Yorkie racing madly around the house or in your backyard, then collapsing after a spell of what most of us […]

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Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers – Which Is Best?

male vs female yorkshire Terriers

Hi everyone thanks for all those lovely comments you rock! Dog lovers often ask me if there are noticeable behavior and character differences between Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers. For one reason or another, they feel that female Yorkies make better pets than the males. This belief is founded on false information and misconceptions. Today I […]

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Yorkie Tail Docking – Should We Still Be Doing It

Yorkie Tail Docking

Hello, everyone.Thanks for visiting today. Recently  tail docking Yorkies has become a very controversial subject. The veterinary establishment opposes tail docking dogs solely for cosmetic reasons. The A.V.M.A. condemns the practice as an “unjustified mutilation. ” They want to see an end to tail docking from all breed standards.Yorkie Tail DockingThe Jury’s Out On Tail Docking […]

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I’m Exhausted! Should I Get Yorkie A Playpen?

should I get Yorkie a playpen

Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Today we will be discussing the question so many owners often ask ” should I get Yorkie a playpen? ” Well, if you are thinking about getting a Yorkie puppy playpen. It can be a really wise addition to your home. House training your new little […]

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Choosing A Pet Gate For Your Yorkie

gain your Yorkie's trust

Hi everyone thanks for visiting today.Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! We are choosing a pet gate for your Yorkie. Our pug is not as fond of Judy as we are. Judy wants to play and Percy wants a little peace. The rest of us think she’s has been a marvelous […]

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