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Help! Yorkie Won’t Share Her Toys

Yorkie won't share her toys

Help! Yorkie Wont Share Her ToysHello everyone. Let’s take a look at what to do when Yorkie won’t share her toys. Yorkshire Terriers love their toys, but sometimes they become a little too attached to some of them. Not wanting to share toys is actually normal dog behavior and will develop throughout puppy-hood if owners allow it […]

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15 Ways To Gain Your Yorkie’s Trust And Respect

gain your Yorkie's trust

If you’ve just got a new dog and you’re having trouble trying to get her to listen to you, you may be dealing with a lack of respect. Let’s take a look at how you can gain your Yorkie’s trust and respect. You may see your dog misbehaving, but feel reluctant to step in with discipline […]

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6 Ways To Stop Your Yorkie Puppy Biting You

stop your Yorkie puppy biting you

Hello, everyone.Today we are looking at how to stop your Yorkie puppy biting you.When you get that new Yorkshire Terrier pup home you might find that after a while she begins to bite.This playful biting may seem harmless but still shouldn’t be tolerated. It can lead to much more offensive biting once they grow up.There’s a […]

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Stop Your Yorkie Jumping Up As You Come Through The Door

stop your Yorkie jumping up on people

Hello, everyone. Thanks for your lovely comments. I love hearing from you. Let’s take a look at how to stop your Yorkie jumping up as you come through the front door. It’s important that your Yorkie learns how to greet people without jumping up on them for a little attention. Start teaching her when she’s a […]

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Teach Your Yorkie Puppy To ‘DROP IT’ – 7 Easy Steps

teaching yorkie leave it

Hi, Everyone Today I want to cover how to teach your Yorkie puppy to ‘DROP IT’. (Release an item from her mouth when you ask) Do not think that teach your Yorkie puppy to ‘DROP IT’ is going to be a walk in the park.It’s sure to take some time and a lot of patience before […]

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7 Ways To Curb Your Yorkie’s Excessive Barking

yorkies excessive barking

Hello, everyone thanks for visiting the blog. Lets take a look at a 7 ways to curb your Yorkie’s excessive barking behavior that can drive you (and the neighbors ) up the wall.  If you own a Yorkie you will know that your dog will bark if someone’s at the front door or of she hears […]

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Crate Train A Yorkie Puppy – 5 Easy Steps

crate train a yorkie puppy

Hi, all. Today let’s look at how you can crate train your Yorkie puppy. Teaching a Yorkie puppy to use a crate is usually one of the first tasks facing a new owner. Yorkie puppies need a tremendous amount of sleep. They ‘re full if energy and then suddenly they flop down and take a nap. Sleep […]

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Obedience Training For Yorkie Puppies Starts At Day One

obedience training for yorkie puppies

Hi, Everyone. Obedience training for Yorkie puppies paves the way for any later training you will do with your Yorkie puppy.These early steps are simple to do but vital for your puppies development. New Dog Owners are itching to tackle basic commands like ‘COME’, ‘SIT’, and ‘STAY’ with their new little partner. Quick Navigation Begin Yorkie […]

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Don’t Go Blowing Into The Yorkie’s Face – She’s Going To Hate It!

blowing into the yorkie's face

Teasing by blowing into your Yorkie’s face may seem like a bit of mindless fun, but she’s going to hate it! Blowing air into her face or ears is going to trigger a negative reaction ranging from confusion to defensive or even angry behavior. You will be surprised how a bit of fun can instantaneously change […]

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Yorkies Running Off And How To Stop Them

yorkie running off

Hello, everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog.What does it mean when a Yorkies running off every time a door is left open? Your dog may be telling you something about himself. When a Yorkies running off, it could mean he’s not happy at home. It’s not necessarily that he has a bad home life. As a […]

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Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers – Which Is Best?

male vs female yorkshire Terriers

Hi everyone thanks for all those lovely comments you rock! Dog lovers often ask me if there are noticeable behavior and character differences between Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers. For one reason or another, they feel that female Yorkies make better pets than the males. This belief is founded on false information and misconceptions. Today I […]

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Teaching A Yorkie To Stay- 6 Easy Steps

teaching a yorkie to stay

Hey, everyone Teaching a Yorkie to stay can be a little more challenging than other commands because your dog will naturally want to follow you. Once your Yorkie pup has mastered the “SIT” and “DOWN” commands, he’s ready to learn the “STAY.” There’s not much point in your puppy going into the sitting position if he’s going […]

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Teaching A Yorkie ‘Down’ – 5 Easy Steps

teaching yorkies down

Hey, everyone.Teaching a Yorkie ‘down’ is one of the more difficult commands to teach. It’s a vulnerable position for a dog. Your Yorkie may be slightly hesitant in the beginning. Teaching your Yorkie puppy down can be a very useful skill in many situations, from visiting a friend’s home to waiting at the vet to remaining […]

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Teaching A Yorkie To Sit – 6 Simple Steps

teaching yorkie puppy sit

Hey, friends.Teaching a Yorkie to sit is the foundation for all obedience. All other commands, learning, and control start with this one simple exercise. Sitting is useful behavior for many situations, but it’s also the start of establishing relationship roles between you and your new little friend. Once you finish teaching a Yorkie puppy to sit […]

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