How To Choose The Perfect Dog Bed For Your Yorkie

the perfect Dog bed For Your Yorkie d

Hi, Everyone.Today we are going to take a look at how to choose the perfect dog bed for your Yorkie.

A small dog like a Yorkie can get awfully cold! The simple fact is that any dog under around fourteen pounds needs somewhere to cuddle up and get warm. Choose a quality dog bed she can use whenever she needs a snooze.

Modern dog beds are available in as many styles and covers as there are dog breeds so choosing the best dog beds for Yorkie dogs can be quite a conundrum.

A lot of my readers complain that they purchased an expensive bed only to find that their dog won't use it. If given the chance a Yorkie will prefer sleeping on the couch or worse on your bed.

How to choose The Perfect Dog Bed For Your Yorkie

Getting the best Shape For your Yorkie

To be able to decide the shape to get for your Yorkie  you will need to take note of how she prefers to sleep.You'll find that they get into different positions: curled up, stretched out, on their back - even on their tummies with their legs stretched out in opposite directions

A Standard dog bed look like  a cushion or a pillow and does not have rims or edges. Shapes  include round, rectangular, oval, and square.

A square pillow shaped dog bed  is the best choice for a dog that likes to stretch out.

A Yorkie that enjoys nap time all curled up will prefer a round or oval-shaped pillow dog bed with plenty of cushion.

Select a donut bed if your dog likes to feel secure. A donut bed is round or oval-shaped and has raised sides. These are great for a Yorkie that like to sleep curled up. A bolster bed is usually more expensive than a simple padded bed, because most more professionally made and filled with extra durable stuffing.

A Deep Dish Cuddler provides an even more contained situation for your dog. Choose the perfect  dog bed for your Yorkie with high quality filling material to ensure protection from hard surfaces.

For nervous or fearful dogs the Cozy Cave Dog Bed has a tent-like cover that allows a dog to burrow inside and be perfectly covered!

If you happen to have an older or arthritic dog, you really want to be get an orthopedic memory foam dog bed.

Older and arthritic pets often struggle getting on and off a fluffy, snugly type of bed.If you want to choose the perfect dog bed for your Yorkie in this case a mattress bed will be your best choice.

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Now Lets Make Sure You Get the Right Size

Yorkshire terriers are a toy size dog breed, and an average height and weight could be anywhere between:

Height – 8 to 9 inches
Weight – 4 to 6 lbs

If your Yorkie curls up to sleep, measure him or her in that position at the longest point. Now add 7 inches to each measurement. Make certain that the dimensions of your new bed come close to this number.

If your dog stretches out when she sleeps, measure in the stretched-out position. Then add 12 inches to that number. This will make sure you get the most comfortable dog bed.

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Where Should I Put My New Dog Bed?

If your dog could ask your dog, he would most likely say," Right next to your bed so I can smell you when I'm not with you."

Will I Be Able To Get A Dog Bed To Match My Decor?

Try to match your dog bed to the overall look of the room where you will be keeping it. With so many brand new fashionable options, You won't have to hide an unsightly dog bed. Bare In mind that you will be living with your choice for some time to come.

the perfect dog bed for your Yorkie? - Other factors worth Considering

Most dog owners prefer a washable dog bed. Something that's long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Pay close attention to the washing instructions. Some beds can be washed whole.Others have covers that zip off. Be careful of beds with vinyl covers they contain chemicals that are toxic and not good your dog!

 the perfect dog bed for your yorkie


The adult Yorkie will sleep 12 - 14 hours a day. I am guessing if you slept that much you would want to do it in comfort?

Your little partner will benefit from a comfy place to call her own. If your Yorkie is missing, you'll find her happily snoozing away on her much loved bed.

Buying a really good dog bed is an smart investment, and with great discounts available online you can be sure that you choose the perfect  dog bed for your Yorkie right from the start. 

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