Choosing A Designer Yorkie Dog Carrier

Choosing A pet carrier for your yorkie

Hey, everyone, your Yorkie dog is part of your family and you like to take her everywhere with you. Blame it on small dog lovers like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton.Everyone knows that Yorkies belong in a matching purse. At least some of the time.Let's take a look at choosing a pet carrier.

How else are you going to carry your pup around and show it off to all your friends?

I mean, who likes to put their Yorkie dog in one of those traditional dog carriers. I find them to be cumbersome, hard, and unsightly. Your poor little associate will feel trapped! Who seriously wants that?

You are looking for something comfortable and very stylish, that will work well for air travel.

Buying an Airline Approved Pet Carrier can be a significant investment. This post is to make sure that the designer Yorkie dog carrier you buy meets a range of key criteria.

Selecting The Correct Size

When Yorkie dog starts circling and getting ready to lie down she usually does so with her head down. That's the when I think a Reversible Pet Sling Carrier is the most comfortable option for your little friend.

Choosing A Pet Carrier For Your Yorkie Dog

Select a 4-in-1 Pet Carrier or a Pet Carrier With Wheels and lots of padding, mesh panels to make sure you have suitable ventilation, and constructed from soft, water-repellent fabric.

Well located mesh panels are important. Especially the top panel because you will be looking down at your Yorkie dog most of the time.

Some owners prefer a carry-on with a top that can open so they can pet their dog. An airline approved pet carrier should allow the Yorkie to travel with her head outside of the bag.

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Traveling About In Style With Your Designer Yorkie Carrier

You don’t have to be a celebrity before you be a sensation with your designer pet carriers.

Turn a few heads at the airport or the supermarket by choosing a matching ensemble!

Part of the fun of taking your Yorkie with you wherever you go is the freedom to showcase your own sense of style.Think of your dog’s carry-on as an eye-catching accessory!

Purchase shoulder sling carrier travel bags for small dogs that are just as fashionable as a top of the line handbags but a little more affordable.

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Air Travel And Your Yorkie Dog

If you travel a lot and generally use the same airline check out their guidelines with customer service or the airline website.

Most airlines specify a pet carry-on small enough to fit beneath the seat in front of you.

For traveling choose an airline approved carrier with sturdy handles, a rugged bottom section, and top quality, stitching.

If you plan to travel a lot with your Yorkie in tow buy a dog carrier with wheels and an extendable handle. This will make it far easier for you to move through a busy the airport. On a long flight with a layover, wheels can be especially helpful. They are a great help as you trek through the terminal to find a pet relief area before making your way to the gate for your next flight.

A bag with added pockets for your Yorkies' leash, treats or toys will be a good option.

Finally, make certain that your designer pet carriers can lock. This will prevent your Yorkie escaping when you may not be paying attention.

Try to arrive at the airport extra early with your Yorkie. It’s possible that check-in and passing security will take a little longer so leave yourself some extra time.

Remove your Yorkie dog from the tote and carry him through the metal scanner while the carry-on rides the conveyor through the scanner.

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Some Other Travel Tips

When you are traveling with your puppy it's easiest when you have something to wheel him/her around in. If you happen to be a woman then they're just too heavy to be carried by shoulder strap or in your hand

Of course, the trip is also a little less jerky for them since they glide along the floor smoothly.

A dog carrier bag can be worth every penny. Go for a good sturdy construction that doesn't bend out of shape and the base also stays nice and sturdy and straight.

“I pulled my suitcase out of the backseat of my bug, along with Cannoli's new travel case, a spiffy animal print pet backpack on wheels. When I first saw it, I thought maybe the dog was supposed to wear the backpack, but it turned out the person wore the backpack with the dog in it.” JClaire Cook, Summer Blowout.

God Bless

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