Choosing A Pet Gate For Your Yorkie

choosing a pet gate

Hi everyone thanks for visiting today.Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! We are choosing a pet gate for your Yorkie.

Our pug is not as fond of Judy as we are. Judy wants to play and Percy wants a little peace. The rest of us think she's has been a marvelous addition to our family and we are so lucky to have found her.

Percy likes to “hide” from us on the other side of the kitchen gate, and peek out from behind the bars. We think he believes this makes him invisible.It really just makes him look like he’s guilty of something.

A Walk Through Gate with Pet Door is a wonderful way to keep Judy confined to a certain part house.

There are several pet gates on the market, and they can be quite different starting from the material, width, and height, price, design, etc. An Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate is my first pick and they are very popular with dog owners.

A number of gates are multi-functional and can double as a playpen.

Six Reasons Most People Choose Pet Gates From Amazon

1.0 There's A Wide Assortment

Here are just a few examples: Easy Step Extra Tall Gate, 360 Configurable Gate with Door, Freestanding Wood/Wire Pet Gate, Easy Step Walk Thru Gate or the Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate.

The One touch doggy gate is pressure mounted and adjustable in width so. It will fit many doorways and hallway openings.

A Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate does not have to be installed because they're self-supportive, but they're sufficiently sturdy to contain your dogs. The advantage of these gates is you can move them around as you please.

The easy lock resembles the one touch but has a narrower gap between the spindles. Walk through gates are step over gates excellent for smaller dogs.

2.0 There's A Range Of Styles And Prices

You can easily find one to fit your budget.

When you are choosing a pet gate for your Yorkie make sure you understand the different safety requirements for each gate before making a final decision.

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Choosing A Pet Gate For Your Yorkie - 8 Things To Consider

1. Only buy a doggy gate that will meet your minimum requirements for keeping a Yorkie confined.

2. You should not use any gate at the top of stairs. There are pet gates specially intended for that purpose. Pressure mounted Pet Gates are great gates, but DO NOT USE THEM AT THE TOP OF A STAIRCASE.

3. Gates that swing in both directions are not for use at the top of the stairs

4. Gates may not prevent a determined dog going to where they want to go. Free standing pet gates are fine. Most however aren't going to deter a really large aggressive dog from making it to the other side of the gate.

5. Materials, dimensions, slats, pinch points, locking mechanisms, screws and , unfinished woods can be harmful for either the pet or a child if not designed and tested for them

6. Higher pet gates are usually equipped with a door so humans may pass through without having to take it down. Typically, these doors include a latch or other type of simple closure that dogs are unable to open.

Young children might be able to figure out the latch mechanisms on some models. When choosing a pet gate for your Yorkie get a style that offers a child safety latch. If you don't want your child opening the gate Yorkie to get through.

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7. If you are considering buying a gate with bars instead of slats, make sure your Yorkie can't lodge herself in between and get stuck.

8. Use a walk through gate in high traffic areas.You may need continuous access so you won't have to climb over or shift the gate.

Do your research and choose an Easy Step Extra Tall Gate that is sturdy and secure, very easy to use and which will complement your style and decor.

Are Pet gates helpful when it comes to potty training your dog?

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