Crate Train A Yorkie Puppy – 5 Easy Steps

crate train a yorkie puppy

Hi, all. Today let's look at how you can crate train your Yorkie puppy.

Teaching a Yorkie puppy to use a crate is usually one of the first tasks facing a new owner.

Yorkie puppies need a tremendous amount of sleep. They 're full if energy and then suddenly they flop down and take a nap. Sleep like a baby for 20 hours a day and get carried everyplace you go.

You're bound to store up a little energy. Don't be all that surprised when your Yorkie tears through the house and runs in circles, only to head back to bed.

Its going to require time and perseverance to crate train a Yorkie puppy.

A crate is a safe place for her to be when you need to be away from the house. It's a valuable tool when you are potty training

There's one piece of equipment that can help rescue your sanity over the first couple of weeks with your Yorkshire terrier puppy. Its a dog crate.

It's a real chore to supervise a new puppy so a dog crate becomes a necessity.

Purchasing A Dog Crate For Your New Puppy

A Dog Crate provides a Yorkie with security. It can be set up almost anywhere.

Most can fold up for easy storage and they are easy to clean. Get one that's big enough for your Yorkshire Terrier to turn around, lie down, stand up or stretch out when fully grown.

The normal sizes for a Yorkie puppy is 24"x 18" or 24"x 24"

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I Don"t Recommend Wire Crates Because I Think They Are Dangerous

Yorkie Puppies Get To Love Their Comfortable Den

When our Yorkshire terrier is in her dog crate we do not have to worry that when she is quiet she must getting up to mischief. The puppy gets to love her comfortable den...a safe area where she knows she will not be disturbed.

Confining your dog to her crate is the best way to prevent an accident. It enables you to manage her potty schedule.

Teaching a Yorkie puppy to use a crate is neither a harsh, nor a cruel method of training. Never let your dog's crate be used for punishment. It's a place to escape confusion, and give the dog a sense of security when left home alone.

Keep her crate in the kitchen, family room, or bedroom, where your Yorkie will not feel isolated from the rest of the family.

Crate Train Your Yorkie Puppy - 5 Steps

1. Lure him over to the crate with a tasty dog treat.

2. Toss the treat in the puppies crate and use commands like "go to your crate" or "go to your bed."

3. If she won't go in of his own accord, pick her up, place him in the crate and close the door.Tell her" good crate" and give her a chew toy. Do not put up with too much protest.

Although it's better to get your puppy into his crate voluntarily, I have found that when there is a slight hesitation it's better to gently place the puppy inside. The next time he will be more willing to go in because he learns that balking will not work.

4. The Yorkie puppy might start whining the first few times he's left on her own in his crate. It's a separation response. He yearns for his earlier pack or to be near to you.

A little patience will help ease his reluctance and help him accept his crate.

5. Put the dog crate in a busy area of the house so that he can see everybody and feel like part of the family. At night put the crate next to your bed.

When you crate train your Yorkie puppy try not to pamper her. Don't let her get too dependent on you. She may be quick to learn that a whimper is an effective way to get your attention.

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One Final Thing

When your Yorkshire terrier is in her crate you won't have to worry that when she is quiet she must getting up to mischief.

Teaching a Yorkie puppy to use a crate is just a smart thing to do for you and your pet. It will give you the sense of security and peace knowing that your pet is not getting in harm's way while you are away.

Did you crate train your Yorkie puppy. Tell us about some of the difficulties you faced along the way. Please use the comment section below this post. Thank You.


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