6 Tips To Help Crate Train A Yorkie Puppy

crate train a yorkie puppy

Hey, Everyone.I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links. Thanks for the feedback! Today we are looking at six tips to help crate train a Yorkie puppy.

Crate training is an excellent way to keep an eye on your new little puppy. It will make sure he isn't messing in every corner, and chewing your household possessions.

Most dog trainers, recommend this method of training because it makes it easier to housebreak puppies since they can't stand soil where they sleep.

To Crate Train A Yorkie Puppy Is Not A Cruel Option

Some dog owners are under the false impression that crate training a puppy is cruel and unkind.

It's actually an indispensable process for most dog owners. A wonderful way to get your puppy used to his new surroundings. It's not a way of punishing your dog. It can really help make him or her a well-adjusted little family member.

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A Folding Metal Dog Crate is the answer for most people but our family likes to spoil their dogs.

I was looking for a quality wooden dog crate for my son and daughter in law and I found the awesome Richell crate. Their Yorkie Dog just loves this crate. They can't get her out of it!

If it's done right, crate training a Yorkie puppy is really quite manageable even with the most willful puppy.

6 Tips To Help Crate Train Your Yorkie Puppy

crate train a yorkie puppy

1.0 You must have a dog crate that's the ideal size. This usually means getting a small one for now and upgrading later on. Make certain your dog has enough room to step in, turn around, and lie down inside the crate.

If you get one that is too large your puppy will set up a rest room at one end and sleep on the other. That will defeat the purpose of crate training a Yorkie puppy.

2.0 Entice your puppy into the dog crate leaving the door open.Put a few of his favorite toys in the crate and shut the door for a few minutes.

3.0 Open the door and give your puppy a tasty treat. Now work your way up from there.

4.0 Continue until you can leave the room for a while with the door shut.

5.0 If you've got a whining puppy, don t let him out while it is still making noise.Wait until he's quiet before letting him out. Never make letting him out a celebration. If you do he will never want to stay in his crate. Don't put your dog in the doggy crate as punishment. The secret of successfully crate training a Yorkie puppy is to get him to grasp that nothing bad ever happens when he's alone is his crate.

6.0 Feed regular meals in there, with or without the door shut. Before you know it, your dog will come to see his crate as a special place. It's somewhere he can feel safe and secure.The crate will get to be your dog's place of refuge. It's somewhere she can relax and hide from all the fuss around.

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One Last Thing

Keep young children away as they will probably want to play with your pup while he's inside the crate. This will simply make her annoyed. If your puppy begins identifying his crate with negative emotions you may have to start the crate training process over from day one.

For puppies, I suggest a Portable Soft Sided Pet Crate that fits nicely into the car when we visit friends.

Do You Love Little Dogs?

Use the comment box below to tell us why you love these dogs. Is it their size, their personality, or is it something else. We love hearing from you Please share your experiences crate training a Yorkie puppy.

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