7 Ways To Curb Your Yorkie’s Excessive Barking

curbyour yorkie excessibe barking

Hello, everyone thanks for visiting the blog. Lets take a look at a 7 ways to curb your Yorkie's excessive barking behavior that can drive you (and the neighbors ) up the wall. 

If you own a Yorkie you will know that your dog will bark if someone's at the front door or of she hears a sudden noise. she may also bark naturally as a sign of excitement or if she feels the need to protect you. 

The problem is that some Yorkie's get carried away and never stop barking. These dogs get agitated at any sound they hear inside or outside the home and some simply bark for the sake of barking.

Its unrealistic to try to stop your Yorkshire terrier from barking altogether, so let's learn some ways to curb your Yorkie's excessive barking instead.

"When a child is locked in the bathroom with water running and he says he's doing nothing but the dog is barking, call 911." Erma Bombeck

Different Kinds Of Doggy Communication

Yorkie dogs produce a range of "noises." The tone of the bark or "noise" also indicates to us what they are trying to say.

Figuring out why your Yorkie is barking will help you direct your training to finding ways to curb your Yorkie's excessive barking.

Barking In A Low Tone

This is usually a Yorkie's way of warning that they are sensing danger or a change in the surroundings which they perceive as a threat. A low , is your Yorkie trying saying “I see something new, there is a good chance that it's a danger”. Quite a number Yorkies are extremely sensitive and will bark when they hear a flock of birds, wind chimes, a car starting up, etc.

High Pitched Yapping

Now you have attention-getting behavior. A Yorkie will bark with a high tone when want to go outside or want to play.


When a Yorkshire terrier howls, this is the dog communicating with other dogs. Your Yorkie is able to sense other dogs, even those that are not in view.


Growling is a warning and often follows a low-toned bark, alerting of a possible threat. This bark turns into a growl if anyone comes too close to what your Yorkie to be his territory.

A growl is used to warn others to go away. when your doggy lowers his or her body into a pre-striking position, the growl is saying "I might bite you if you don't leave or if I think perhaps you'll hurt me” . If combined with “tooth snapping” noises its your Yorkie's way of saying “ I have sharp teeth and I will use them if I have to!


This is a Yorkshire terriers way of showing emotional distress. A Yorkie may be, missing you. Whining will also show that the dogs in pain, and wants to lay alone without being touched. In instances of chronic pain, he or she could become hostile, because everything may seem like a threat.


We tend to moan when injured but a dog will often emit a low-toned moan when they are having their tummy rubbed, their ears touched tickled on any spot on their body that may be ticklish.

High Pitched Yelping

This is instant, high-pitched noise that indicates the dog is injured. A Yelp will be much faster and higher than the high-pitched, attention-getting bark.The dog lets out a yelp the moment its hurt.

7  ways to Curb your Yorkie's excessive barking

curb excessive Yorkie barking behavior

1.0 Try Not To Reinforce the Behavior

The main reason Yorkshire Terriers continue to bark is that their owners reinforce the behavior. They feel remorse that they have become angry so, they give them attention, a yummy treat, or take them outside to play.

Never give your Yorkie what she wants when she barks. This will only teach her to keep doing it!

2.0 Anger and Yelling Leads to Confusion

As with most bad conduct, she won't know she's doing something wrong, and she'll just get confused if you begin screaming at her.

3.0 Exercise To release pent Up Energy

 Barking may well be the result of boredom or anxiety - exercise will help to curb your Yorkie's excessive barking.

Keep your home full of toys so that your dog remains occupied most of the time,

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4.0 Teach Her The 'QUITE' command

A Yorkie barks when she hears a strange noise or maybe when someone walks past the house and startle her. This habit needs to be broken if you don't want your Yorkie barking 24/7.

Teach her the QUITE command to let her know its time to quit. Don't forget to reward her with a yummy treat every time she quiets down. She will soon learn that if she stops barking she will get a tasty treat.

5.0 Controlling Your Dogs Behavior Outdoors

If your Yorkie's  barking continues outside, she will never be able to stop inside. Go out and attract her attention by creating a diversion every time she barks.

 Your goal will be to teach them there are other ways to communicate with you.

6,0 Basic Training Can Cut Barking Behavior

Teach her SIT, LAY DOWN, and STAY. Shift her focus onto you and away from whatever she's barking about.

7.0 Divert Her Attention

One of the sure ways to curb your Yorkie's excessive barking is to give her a toy to grab her attention. Try a squeak toy or even a can full of pennies. Let your Yorkie dog know she did a good job forgetting the reason she was barking. Praise her and give her a hug for quitting that nuisance barking.


With the proper training exercise, and attention to whatever may be the cause of her behavior, you will be able to curb your Yorkie's excessive barking behavior.

Do your neighbors ever complain about your Yorkie barking while you are at work? Do you have any other ways to curb your Yorkie's excessive barking behavior? Share them with us in the comments section below this post. Thank You!

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