Dealing With A Jealous Yorkie Can Be A Pain In The Ass

jealous yorkie

Hi, Everyone.  What got me thinking that it would be a good idea to take a look at dealing with a jealous Yorkie.

We have had my son's and daughter in law's dog with us for the holidays.Our Yorkie has played up a treat.

When we brought Rodger the dog home, Tammy wasn't sure what to think.

When any attention is given to the new puppy, she growls at him and wants to bite.

It's been two weeks and she is still jealous of any attention the Maltese receives. She growls and "fake bites". She doesn't cause any harm.The Maltese gives it right back to her in a more playful way.

It can be tough to introduce a new puppy into your household if you have another dog with an established routine. Some dogs do not appreciate having to share your affection with your new pup.

If your dog refuses to tolerate you petting the new puppy. They don't like you talking to anyone outside of the family, or touching any other dog you could have a problem on your hands.

This Kind Of Possessive Behavior Is Quite Common

Jealousy often shows its ugly head when you introduce a new pet.This happens when you begin a new relationship, have a baby or when any changes take place that take your attention away from your older dog.

Dogs that guard their favorite, their dog bed or their feeding bowl will be more likely to display this kind of behavior. It's hard to fault them for protecting what they perceive as belonging to them. To their way of thinking they have been your best pal through thick and thin. Now you're giving undue attention to what she perceives as an interloper.

Dealing with a jealous Yorkie can be a pain in the ass.Your dog sees other people or pets as a threat to their relationship with you. It's no fun when they act out when their perceived competition is around.

Jealous dog behavior is not cute. Owners should try not to allow demanding behavior or attention seeking to keep the peace. This reinforces the bad behavior and makes the job of keeping the peace much harder.

Identifying The Signs Of Jealousy In Your Dog

The insights, the funniness, the beautiful stories that rise and fall and turn into strength or courage. Books? says Percy. I ate one once, and it was enough. Let's go.”Mary Oliver, Red Bird..

Your older dog may become your shadow. She wants to be in the same room as you.

The jealous dog perceives other dogs or even people as rivals for your love and attention. Your dog may push in between you and the other dog or person. Your dog may back off if firmly instructed to do so. Barking growling at you or at the new pup, sulking, chewing things up, peeing in the house or generally misbehaving is far more serious. It's their way of saying, " look at me."

A sure sign that your dog is jealous is when he begins licking himself much more than usual. It's a way of diverting his attention onto himself when he/she isn’t getting much attention from you.

Chewing their own fur, hiding away and not eating are all classic signs of canine jealousy.

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Dealing With A Jealous Yorkie - 7 Things You Can Try

1.0 Let Them Meet In Neutral Territory

Dogs are territorial animals. There will be a better chance of them warming up to each other if you let them meet and greet in neutral territory (dog park).

This will allow your dogs to greet the new puppy without feeling that their space is being invaded. Once they’ve become associated with each other let them interact in the backyard.

2.0 First figure out what you want your dog to do instead

Now, find ways to elicit the kind of behavior you prefer. Richly reward the jealous dog for doing what you like.

3.0 Reassure The Jealous Dog

Choose a time when your new puppy and the jealous dog are relaxed and resting at a distance from each other. Ask the jealous dog to stay, give him a dog biscuit, and go pet the new puppy. 

Now immediately go back to the jealous dog, give him a dog biscuit and some petting of his own. Release him from the stay. Repeat this again.

Do this at random for a couple of days and then spend a little more time with the new puppy before you going back to our old friend. The jealous dog learns that he can get what he wants politely, by doing what you want.

Here Are My Dogs Favorite Biscuits

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4.0 Treat Them Just like You Used To

Treat your other dogs just like you used to. Don't let them feel left out. Dogs are like us. They’re resistant to change. Try to take the same morning walk, play the usual games, and stick with the regular feeding the schedule. Routine is important to your dog because its jealousy, is in part, a result of fear of losing its place in your life. By continuing to walk, play and feed according to a normal schedule, you reassure your dog of his/her place in your heart.

5.0 Be consistent when it comes to the rules. 

It may be tempting to wave the “no dogs on the bed” rule when it comes to your adorable new puppy. Doing so will increase your other dogs jealousy immensely.

6.0 When you are dealing with a jealous Yorkie try to spend even more time with your dog than usual. If the subject of your dog's jealousy is another person, urge that individual to play, pet and otherwise positively interact with your dog as much as possible.

7.0 Your dog thinks of you as part of its pack

Now it must share you with another individual. You must stay the leader. If your dogs start acting up, tell them “NO” in a firm voice. Nip any signs of aggression or poor conduct in the bud before they are out of control. At the same time, reward positive behavior with sweet talk, head rubs, and Jerky Dog Treats, especially if your dog makes an effort to socialize with your new pack member.

One Last Thing

Try to remember that from your dog's perspective, it was there first. Your dog given unconditional love attempting to earn your loyalty and affection over the years. The jealousy shows how much it values both you and its place in your pack. Dealing with a jealous Yorkie can take a considerable amount of time.The cause of the emotion may run deep in your dog’s psyche.

Tell us in the comments the funniest thing your dog has done to get your attention.


Richie S.

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