Don’t Go Blowing Into The Yorkie’s Face – She’s Going To Hate It!

blowing into the yorkie's face

Teasing by blowing into your Yorkie's face may seem like a bit of mindless fun, but she's going to hate it!

Blowing air into her face or ears is going to trigger a negative reaction ranging from confusion to defensive or even angry behavior. You will be surprised how a bit of fun can instantaneously change your pup's mood from playful to aggressive.

It's no fun for her which is difficult to believe considering how she enjoys riding shotgun with her head sticking out of the car window Saturdays on the way to the dog park.

I mean, you can see her joy and excitement having the breeze in her face and the world flashing by.

Until dogs can talk, we can only guess why they hate being blown in the face, meanwhile, even gentle blowing, is annoying, irritating and unfair to your Yorkshire Terrier.

Why Blowing Into Your Yorkie's Face Is A Bad Idea

blowing into the yorkie's face

She Thinks You're Trying To Boss Her

Even though your dog may lay in front of a fan after her bath during warm weather and appear to enjoy the breeze, you blowing on her is quite another matter.

She may interpret what you consider to be an amusing game as a sign you're trying to dominate her. If you've ever seen a couple of dogs standing face to face in a stand-off. There's blowing and heavy breathing until one backs off. Now you will have some idea of what might be going through your dog's mind when you blow in her face.

The more you do it the more and more confused and annoyed she's going to become because she just can work out why you're doing this.

You've Startled Her

Your dog doesn’t have the same muscles in the lips and cheeks that we do, so she's not able to blow air out of her mouth. This sudden sensation in her face will be unusual and completely unexpected.

 When your Yorkie doesn’t understand something, she's likely to react instinctively. This can translate into a growl or a sudden snapping frenzy. She may even end up biting you!

Her Sense Of Smell is The Problem

Your dog's nose is one of her most developed senses. The smelling ability of the breed makes her about a million times better at distinguishing scents than a human.

Thanks to your dog's wet nose and several million sensors she can detect odors a long way off. This gives her a pretty good idea of the general safety of her surroundings.

Blowing into your Yorkie's face dries her nose a bit and she may lose the sense of security she had before you came along.

blowing into the yorkie's face

A sudden unexpected blow of air is not the same as air flowing through the open window of a vehicle on the way to the dog park. It's fresh air that feels good on a warm day that’s rich with the scents dogs love to investigate.

When you blow into the face of your dog it’s just bad breath. Even if you’re diligent about oral hygiene, your dog can smell a million times better than you can.

You're Invading Her Space

Dogs don’t enjoy having their personal space invaded. In order to blow in a dogs face, your face has to be pretty close. Some dogs are not comfortable with this. Many people don’t realize when a dog is uncomfortable. Your dog will seldom withdraw when she’s not enjoying something. Yorkshire Terriers are social animals and she’ll want to be with you.

If you’ve got small children, keep a close eye on them around your dog. Teach your kids not to get close to your dogs face at any time. When a dog bites it's usually because someone wasn’t paying attention.

Some Air Is Affecting Her Ears

Blowing in your Yorkie's ears won't hurt them but it will irritate the hell out of her, just like blowing in her face.

If you’ve ever had someone blow in your ear, you’ll know how loud and uncomfortable it can be. Blowing in your dog’s ear, even gently, can hurt her. Its not the sensitivity of the nerves or the softness of the skin it's of the sound you make when you blow. 

What your dog hears will be much louder and even more unpleasant. No wonder she turns her head away, yawns, or licks her lips. She doesn’t appreciate it.

Many people post videos on YouTube of dogs reaction when being blown in the face. Do you find these amusing or do you think we should respect our dog's space?

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