15 Ways To Gain Your Yorkie’s Trust And Respect

 gain your Yorkie's trust and respect

If you’ve just got a new dog and you’re having trouble trying to get her to listen to you, you may be dealing with a lack of respect. Let's take a look at how you can gain your Yorkie's trust and respect.

You may see your dog misbehaving, but feel reluctant to step in with discipline and training because you think you will be hurting your dog’s feelings.

Instead of setting boundaries, rules, and limitations for your dog needs, you find yourself yelling at your dog and becoming angry. This may stop the dog’s behavior for now but it will not gain your Yorkie's trust and respect.

Dogs are sociable animals who like to live in a group. This "pack instinct" is in your dog's genes, and that's a good thing. It's the reason they are such great family pets.

Her instincts tell her you should be the leader.

Your Leadership Role

Experienced dog owners know that dogs appreciate a clear sense of structure.

If you don't establish yourselves as the leader, your Yorkie may try to assume that role herself.

Of course, like in most relationships, it goes both ways. You have to treat your dog kindness, patience, and respect in order to prove to her that you are worthy of her loyalty and respect.

The correct leadership, gives a dog direction, a sense of belonging and a purpose. Without this, a dog becomes frustrated and frustrated Yorkshire Terrier will develop all kinds of behavioral problems.

By showing disrespect for your rules and territory, your new little associate is telling you, “I’m not sure what you want, so I’m going to push the limits until you start acting like a leader.

This can quickly result in a difficult cycle. Your dog may keep acting out and you are becoming increasingly frustrated.

How To Gain Your Yorkie's Trust And Respect

gain your Yorkie's trust and respect

Earning your Yorkie's trust and respect isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but it isn’t overly complicated either. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new puppy or you’ve just adopted a dog, developing a trusting relationship is key to having a close bond and enjoyable relationship with your dog.

If she’s a puppy, then getting her to respect you should take just a few weeks, as she should be receptive.

If she’s older, it may take a few months reinforcing boundaries before you can finally gain your Yorkie's trust and 


Trust me, if you get this training right, and you will have a different dog.

1.0 Start With Trust​​​​​​

Gain your Yorkie's trust and respect by being a calming influence when she's with you. Assertiveness shows your dog that you have things under control. Send your little dog a message loud and clear: DON'T WORRY I GOT THIS. You’ll find that your dog follows you around without trying to attract your attention all the time. Congratulations! Your Yorkie is beginning to trust you.

2.0 Be The Person Who Feeds Her

Your dog will respect and remember the one who feeds her. The way to a Yorkie's heart is through her stomach. Make this a more interactive activity than just dumping her kibble in a bowl. Hand-feed her dog sometimes. Just a few handfuls before setting her bowl on the floor. Take a snack and eat it in front of her and then feed her. Let her earn her dinner Get her to SIT before giving her, her food.

3.0 Be Firm But Don't Scare Her

Try not to make the mistake of thinking the more you shout the more your dog will respect you. A puppies mothers simply pick her pup up by the scruff of the neck and removes them when they misbehave. You should try the same firm approach.

Try to set your puppy up for success by showing her exactly how you want her to behave. Training needs to be fun, rather than a chore. Your little dog looks forward to spending time with you.

4.0 Comfort Her When She's Frightened

If she’s afraid of some people or other dogs cheer her up. If your dog is scared of thunder or loud noises don’t tell her to suck it up and get over it. You’re allowed to reassure her. Just be with her and give her the odd treat. This is important because she’ll begin to see you as her protector and she’ll respect you for it.

When you’re on walks, position yourself between strangers, other dogs, and your own dog. If she's out front she will think it's her job to protect you. If you’re always in-between she’ll respect you keeping her safe.

5.0 Be Your Dog

Try seeing the world through your little friend's eyes. Try to imagine what she’s thinking and feeling about various situations. Approaching an issue from your dog’s point of view will better equip you to understand the reason she behaves in a certain way. That may also lead to solutions that work better for both of you.

6.0 Play With Your Dog!

Take a break between training sessions. Keep a tug toy handy for a quick game. Learn what your dog loves, and do more of it.

As you get to know your dog, you’ll start to discover the things that make her happy. Use those things as a way for you guys to have fun together. “Play training” builds enthusiasm and focus and is the best way to build a strong relationship between you and your dog.

Explore WITH your dog. Let her stop and sniff the flowers. Sometimes you lead sometimes she leads. Walking is an easy way to spend quality time together. She will look forward to her adventures with you and you will gain your Yorkie's trust and respect.

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7.0 Assert Your Authority

Be calm but firm when your Yorkie starts to misbehave. Don’t yell or go off the handle. Calmly remove her from the situation until she calms down. This will begin to show her who is boss.

8.0 Never Punish Your Dog After the Fact

Correcting your Yorkie hours after she chewed one of your favorite trainers, is more than likely going to be perceived as you suddenly become very angry for a reason that she doesn’t understand. This is why some dogs can lose some trust in their owners. Dogs only associate punishment with whatever they’re doing at a given moment in time.

9.0 Have Consistent Boundaries

A home where there are no boundaries is a disaster waiting to happen. Whether you believe you need to become the alpha dog or not, you can still teach your dog what she can and cannot do. There may be areas of the house you would like to be off-limits. If this is the case set clear boundaries for our little dog.

Your dog will learn which behaviors will result in praise and petting, and which behaviors are unacceptable.

Stick to every rule religiously. Dogs like a predictable environment and dependable, stable owners. They are comfortable when they know they can depend on you to take care of them and they understand what is expected of them in return. Trust will develop when you and your family members are consistent in the way you relate to your dog.

10.0 Make Sure Nothing Is Free

A simple way to demand respect is by making her wait for things. Make her wait for a few minutes before you take her out for a walk. Before she gets something nice like a treat or a new toy, have her do something to earn it. This may be something as simple as getting her to SIT or LAY DOWN. Your little associate will get used to trying to please you and to win your affection.

11.0 Give Her Her Own Space

Give her bed, a playpen or an area of the house that's hers. A place where she can just feel safe while adjusting to her new reality. Somewhere out of the way but where she will be able to see whats going on.Add a few chew toys and a blanket.

Let a new dog sleep in your bedroom until she gets settled in. Sleeping with her new family will reassure her that she's part of the family.

By having her own space she'll begin to realize everywhere else in the house is your territory and you control it.

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12.0 Use A Water Spray Bottle

If she acts up spray water near her face. Just one short burst to let her know that was the wrong behavior. Your Yorkie will learn to respect your wishes or you can cause this rather unpleasant experience.

13.0 Train The Basic Commands

A very good way to gain your Yorkie's trust and respect is to spend time teaching obedience through the week. Practicing these things will teach your pet to listen to you better and has the added benefits of building a relationship of trust, respect, and fun. I recommend you begin with COME, SIT, DOWN, STAY, DROP IT, and GO TO YOUR BED.

Practice these basics for 30 minutes a day until she's a pro. It will change the way she perceives you and for the better!

14.0 Try Not To Pressure Your Dog

Forcing a dog to do something they’re uncomfortable with is a sure way to trigger their opposition reflex and lose their trust. This is especially important if you’re socializing a dog or working to help a dog with fear issues. Provide encouragement and incentives, but allow the dog to work at their own pace to slowly build confidence.

15.0 Don't Tease Your Dog

Teasing a dog to build excitement while playing is fun for your dog, but teasing to the point of frustration getting your dog overexcited can have a negative effect on your relationship. Antics that make a dog uncomfortable for the amusement of friends or family is never a good idea and will result in a loss of trust.

One More Thing

gain your Yorkie's trust and respect

Your dog is giving you his trust that you will provide him with what he needs. You will have to gain your Yorkie's trust and respect.

It’s will not happen automatically. You will have to prove yourself worthy to your dog. A weak leader who is inconsistent, unfair, and allows their dog to be dominate has lost the battle for control, and the dog will not respect them.

A dog who doesn’t respect his owner will be unhappy and out of control. This dog will be aggressive and difficult to handle.

It’s not difficult to earn your Yorkies trust and respect. By taking a leadership role and showing love, kindness, and respect for him, your dog will happily follow and obey you.

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