Grooming A Yorkshire Terrier At Home – Here’s How!

grooming a yorkie

Hi, Everyone.Thank you for buying so many products through my links last month. I appreciate your support! Perhaps you are wondering whether grooming a Yorkshire terrier at home is a good idea.

I highly recommend that you do. Here's why.

Yorkies are best known for their flowing coats, which if cared for well enough, look absolutely spectacular.When you groom your Yorkie, you are not only keeping it neat and clean and immune from diseases, but it also helps you to bond with your new little friend.

Groom your little dog at home at least once a week because they have such a unique coat that the correct grooming is important to keep up their general healthy appeal.

It will also save you a bunch of money at the groomer.

Keeping Your Yorkie Healthy And Well Groomed

For an adult Yorkshire Terrier, concentration is on coat color, texture, and quality. The hair has to be glossy, straight, fine, and silky. The Yorkies' coat has to be grown out long and parted down the middle of the back.

Grooming a Yorkshire terrier at home begins with their coat. Start a regular schedule of brushing at least once a week.

Never brush your Yorkie if her coat is dry it may cause his/her hair to break. Use a spray conditioner for dogs to soften the hair. You should try to brush your Yorkies' coat daily.

When you find a tangle, don't pull it with your brush. Rather pull the tangled hair apart then carefully brush your way through the tangle.

Grooming A Yorkshire Terrier At Home

Bathing Yorkie Dogs

grooming yorkies

It is advisable to bathe your Yorkshire terrier once a week. This will help keep grime off her glossy fur and prevent it from getting knotted or tangled.

There are a number of special types of shampoo that are great for grooming a Yorkshire Terrier on the market. Natural (organic)dog shampoos will not strip the natural oils out of her skin and hair, and bathing more often will be okay.

Once you have selected a quality dog shampoo and conditioner. Dilute four parts shampoo with six parts water in a separate container. This will make the shampoo easier to distribute through the hair. Do the same with the conditioner.

Now The Tub

Place your little dog in the bath tub and then make use of the hose and spray water gently through her coat. Be careful you don't get water in her eyes, ears or nose.

When your Yorkie is nicely wet, start pouring your shampoo mix starting from behind her head and across the back down to her tail. Make sure to get the chest area, legs, and backside. Gently wash your Yorkies' little face and head then work the shampoo through her coat. Avoid hard scrubbing that forms mats.

Once you've soaped your Yorkies' whole body, rinse off using the sprayer beginning with the head working your way along the length of the back to her tail. Rinse chest, legs, and tummy well.

Don't forget to rinse well because shampoo left on her coat may cause her to itch. Towel dry lightly by patting her coat. Rubbing will cause tangling.

Now brush her coat while it's damp.

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Cleaning Yorkies' Eyes And Ears

The next step to grooming a Yorkshire terrier at home is to check her eyes for any build up of mucus.

Check her ears and use and put a few drops of an ear cleaning solution in the external ear canal to remove wax and tissue debris.

Use a cotton swab to remove any debris. Trim hair around her ears with the scissors. You will find it easy to cut when the hair is damp.

Brushing Yorkies' Teeth

Smaller breeds are usually prone to dental disease and Yorkies are no exception.

Yorkshire Terriers have a small jaw and their teeth become crowded and might not fall out naturally. This might cause a food and plaque build up, and bacteria to form on the surface of the teeth, causing periodontal disease.

Brush regularly with a toothpaste formulated especially for dogs.

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Clipping Yorkies' Nails

Your little Yorkies' nails should be kept short. You can get a groomer do it for you, or, just trim them yourself.

A Yorkies' nails are black making it difficult to spot where the underlying skin begins in the nail bed.Have some flour or cornstarch on hand so that you don't cut her nail too close causing it to bleed.

We're a little guilty about taking our Yorkie to the Groomer to get her nails trimmed.She absolutely hates it. While she was being titillated, we went to the mall.

I bought an indestructible nylon bacon flavored bone as a consolation prize for her.

Now the two are inseparable. Not even her favorite duck could separate her from her new toy.

Trimming Your Yorkie Dog

When grooming a Yorkshire terrier at home, trims can be the most difficult thing to master.

When it comes to full body trims I usually suggest a professional groomer. 

Take your Yorkshire terrier to a groomer every month and avoid all the stress of clipping her hair yourself.

For Those Who Like To Groom Their Own Dogs:

Start with your Yorkies' head. Use a 4F blade. Clip the top of the head but leave a little for the top knot. (Use a rubber band to tie the hair up away from the eyes.)

Now trim behind the neck. Trim the beard with scissors so it's long but looks neat. Use the scissors and trim any hair that may be stuck in the corner of your dogs' eyes.

Time to start with the body. Use a 4F blade. Clip down the neck, body, rear, and chest leaving the leg hair long. When you trim the dog's undercarriage take care not to hurt her teats or genitals. Now trim your Yorkies' leg hair with the 4F blade.

Yorkies have short tails but leave the fur longer so that it looks stylish. Keep hair surrounding the anus shorter.

One Last Thing

Do You Love Little Dogs?

Use the comment form below to tell us why you love these dogs. Is it their size, their personality, their economic nature, or is it something else. Please feel free to add some pictures too.Do you have any difficulties grooming a Yorkshire terrier at home? We love hearing from you and thank you for sharing.

God Bless

Richard S.

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