8 Ways To Help A Yorkie With Separation Anxiety

yorkie separstion anxiety

Hello, Everyone. Let's take a look at ways to help a Yorkie with Separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety has nothing to do with good vs bad conduct. It has everything to do with your Yorkies' emotional ability to handle being home alone.

Yorkies are wonderful, caring little dogs and their owners are the center of their world. That's why it's not a surprise if your Yorkshire Terrier is somewhat put out when you leave the house without him.

There's a significant difference between normal disenchantment and a Yorkie puppy who just cannot deal with your absence.

Sure Indicators Of Chronic Separation Anxiety

Your dog cannot stand for you to be out of sight even when you are home.

  • He trails after you from room to room.
  • The dog will chew on items that smell like you when you're away.
  • Your dog begins eliminating inside the house out of stress.
  • Your Yorkie whines, whimpers, and barks anytime that you leave him alone, even for less than a half-hour.

Dog owners will need to leave the house to work and go to places.They can't take their puppy. This is when learning to help a Yorkie with Separation anxiety can be critically important.

Help A Yorkie With Separation Anxiety- 8 Steps

One element will not work on its own.If you apply most or all these tactics, they will work together help your little friend cope.

1.0 start small

Start By Training Your Yorkie To Deal with short periods alone. Work up to longer periods. Go out for 10 minutes. The next time, let it be 25 minutes.Now vary the times as much as possible.

2.0 Make mornings fun

. It's a good idea to have a quick walk and a little one-on-one playtime before you go to work. A tired dog is a good dog. Let him release energy that might otherwise be directed in a negative way.

3.0 Behave Normally

Before you actually leave, let your dog see you moving about as if nothing bad is about to happen.

4.0 Give Your dog A Chew Toy

When you do go, don't kiss your Yorkie.Give him a Nylabone chew toy or an Interactive IQ Treat Ball filled with healthy treats. Say 'Good Dog, and casually leave without making any fuss.

If you hear your dog whine or start barking don't go back in and offer comfort. Your dog might bark while you leave. On the other hand with toys, chews, and a window view, he may very well settle down.

5.0 Medicate

If you decide to use medication be careful which types you choose. There are safe supplements that contain colostrum calming complex, L Theanine, and Vitamin B1. These help a Yorkie with Separation anxiety. The veterinarian may prescribe MAOI's or Melatonin.

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Only used prescribed medication in chronic cases that are interfering with your dog's health.

6.0 Never leave your Yorkie in his dog crate

Being placed into a dog crate for the day or even for a few hours will result in a lot of unnecessary anxiety. 

Yorkshire Terriers can be claustrophobic.Combine that possibility with the feeling of being isolated and you have a recipe for severe anxiety.

If You want to help a Yorkie with Separation anxiety an 8 Panel Foldable Wooden Frame Kids Play Center or gated area is better. This gives enough room for him to move about, limiting his movements better than leaving him on his own in a full-sized room.

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If your room has a wall to wall carpet, buy a large piece of linoleum from your local hardware to use as the flooring for your dog playpen.

Inside The Gated Area, There Should Be Plenty Of Room For:

  • A dog bed.
  • A plastic toy bin that holds his toys. Dogs like to know that their toys (their only real possessions) are safe and there for them.
  • The right toys can keep a Pug distracted and even calm them down.

7.0 Do not scare your yorkie

When you are home with your Yorkie, leave the exercise pen entrance open. Whenever you have a new toy let him have it in this area. When you go inside to tidy it up, speak with a cheerful, tone.

Encourage tired Yorkies to use the bed that is in there. Let your puppy see that the gate is open and you are still close by. Your aim is to get your Yorkie aware that this is his 'den.' Not necessarily a bad place that only gets used when he is left home alone.

8.0 Experiment!

Some Yorkies fare better when their bed is near a window and some do not.

For certain dogs, the view of the outside world is going to set off intense barking. For others, a window view may help because seeing the passing parade and hearing noises good distraction and they don't feel so alone. You will need to experiment with this aspect to see which your dog prefers.

One Last Thing

Should I get another Yorkshire Terrier to help with loneliness?" The short answer is yes. Think about this carefully before making the commitment though.

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"The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them." Stanley Coren

God Bless

Richard S.

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