Help! How Do I Prepare A Yorkie For The New Baby?

prepare a Yorkie for the new baby

Prepare A Yorkie For The New Baby

Hello, Today We are ask the question How Do I prepare a Yorkie for the new baby?

You're pregnant! Congratulations! Your family life is going to be turned upside down. That's going to usher in a difficult time for your Yorkie particularly if she's been an “only child” for some time. 

When the baby arrives, your little partner will be faced with an overwhelming number of new sounds, sights, and smells. Your daily routine will change.

Soon your little friend will have to share your attention with a demanding infant and he may not understand why those long walks he enjoys are becoming shorter.

This will be a major change and will be sure to confuse your pet.

Yorkie dogs thrive on predictability. This means that it may take a little while for your Yorkie to adjust to your new family member.

Prepare A Yorkie For The New Baby

prepare a Yorkie for the new baby

prepare a Yorkie for The new baby

Here are a few things you can to do BEFORE baby's arrival to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Let's concentrate on two things:

1.0 Your dog is going to need the skills to interact safely with the baby.

2.0 You will need to help create a healthy relationship between your dog and your baby.

Brushing Up On Basic Commands

A few months before baby’s arrival, spend 15 a day reviewing some of the basic commands.

Brush up on basic commands, like SIT or STAY, and make sure that your dog responds well to requests to stop barking, jumping up, and getting up on the furniture.

To prepare a Yorkie for a new baby 'GO TO YOUR PLACE' is an essential command. Point to your Yorkie's crate or bed while repeating the cue. Reward your dog's good behavior with praise and treats.

Toy guarding, nipping, and licking toy guarding are not ideal dog behavior for new parents taking care of a newborn.

If your Yorkie does not see you as her pack leader or if she is not well trained by the time you start a family, it may be too late! If this is the case you may need some professional help.

Desensitize Your Yorkie To Baby Scents and Sounds

Kids and babies can be frightening to your dog. She may find loud crying or sudden movement disturbing because she's not used to mayor high-pitched sounds. 

Walk near schools praising her when she remains calm. Invite family friends with babies or young children to visit your home. Keep your dog on her leash and praise her when she exhibits good behavior.

To prepare a Yorkie for the new baby by getting her ready for loud baby noises. Play a recording of a baby crying and give the dog a treat. This little ploy can help familiarize your Yorkie with new sounds and prepare her for the real thing.

As you prepare your nursery -- setting up the crib and stocking up on diapers, cream, baby powder, and lotions. Rub the scents onto your palms and so that your Yorkshire Terrier can become accustomed to these new smells.

Establish New Boundaries

Set up a baby gate, and make sure your little associate knows not to cross them. Reward her when she 'SIT STays' outside the gate.

Get the dog involved the dog when you put a nursery together so that she will feel be comfortable in the new space.

Yorkies are small agile dogs and are able to squeeze into just about any space. To prepare a Yorkshire Terrier for a new baby don't allow her to climb onto baby's blankets or furniture. She should not be allowed to curl up in the bassinet or crib.

If the nursery is to be off limits establish this from the beginning. It's not fair to allow her in the room when baby arrives and then block her out with a barrier later on.

You may choose to allow her in with your permission, but when asked to leave she must be taught to leave immediately.

You may decide to install safety gates so that some rooms remain off-limits. That way, baby will be able to use his toddler rocker learn to crawl in peace.

Create a place for the pet that will be off-limits to the baby as well. A doggy playpen is essential for when you need to spend time with the baby on your own.

Get her a few new toys. If she has her own stuff, she's less likely to chew on any of those cute baby toys you got as wedding gifts.

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Practice With Your Little Dog

Ease your dog’s adjustment to a baby. Buying a doll a few weeks before the baby's due. Wrap it in a blanket and carry it around the house, treating it like its a real baby.

Change its diapers, feed it and rock it to sleep so that he's better prepared when the real thing comes.

Put powder or baby lotion on the doll. When she first sniffs the baby, she will recognize the scent.

Doing these simple things will help your pet dog prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby!

Hold it on your lap while you are watching television so that she knows that when the baby is with you, her place is next to you.

To prepare a Yorkie for a new baby set up the bassinet, crib, and toddler rocker, and let her watch the doll "use" them.

At first, your dog will think its a toy, but you will quickly be able to teach her that it's NOT a toy- there's to be no chewing, biting, or nipping. Friends of mine even taught their dog to recognize the word GENTLE and associate it with appropriate behavior around the baby.

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Change Your Dog’s Routine

Consider whether your little girl's exercise, walking, or feeding schedules will change, and adjust them now.

You will have less time for your Yorkie after the baby's born. Reduce the number of hours you spend with your her in the weeks before you're due.

When the baby comes, he will get most of your attention. If the change is instant, your dog is more than likely going to feel hurt or jealous.

To prepare a Yorkshire Terrier for a new baby you will need to prepare your pampered and attention seeking puppy for less affection in time for the baby's arrival.

It may be a good idea to get him a new pet bed and move it to another room. Take shorter walks at different times of day, and change her feeding pattern.

We even purchased an automatic feeder, which we could set to deliver foods at set times every day.

Sign Up For Doggy Care

If you're worried about juggling your pet and a newborn in the early days?To prepare a Yorkie for the new baby you may consider signing her up for 'doggy daycare.'

Try to find a center with at least two attendants for every ten dogs. 

 Introducing A Yorkie to The New Baby

prepare a Yorkie for the new baby

prepare a Yorkie for The new baby

The First Day Home

Ask your partner to hold the baby when you walk into the house. Greet your dog alone with lots of hugs and cuddles. Brace yourself for loads of licks!

She will be very over the moon that you're back, so make sure she doesn’t jump up on your baby by being first through the front door.

Take her outside to do his business, and wait until she's calm. Then, after she's calmed down, sit down with your baby. First, let your little associate sniff mom's hand with the baby's scent on it and then let your her sniff him to get acquainted.

Adjust Your Dog To The Baby’s Presence

For the first couple of days, keep your baby away from the dog. Let her adjust to the new sights, smells and sounds.

In a few days get someone to hold dog on her leash and let her to smell the new baby. Praise your Yorkie while she sniffs.

Be sure to lavish your dog with attention whenever your baby is around. This is so that your dog won't begin to think that treats and attention come only when the baby's not there.

Get a family member to help you and practice SIT_STAY in a corner of a room while you are holding the baby. Praise your dog and give her a treat when she obeys.

Be calm and positive around your dog. She is going to be excited. Don’t isolate the Yorkie or punish her if she acts up.

Always, reward positive behavior. Keep plenty of treats and toys on hands to reward her when she remains polite and calm around your baby.

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The First Few Weeks

During the first few weeks, your Yorkie dog may not entirely understand why the home life she knew is changing. With all the excitement she might get into more trouble than usual.

Try not to say, NO! over and over. Redirect her behavior toward something that will make her happy."

She gets hold of one of the baby toys. Remind her she has that new chew toy.

Let her sit nearby when you're holding the baby. Talk to both of your "babies."

One More Thing

prepare a Yorkie for the new baby

prepare a Yorkie for The new baby

You should always keep an eye on your dog when your children are in the room. Don't leave your him alone with the dog. Any sudden movement could alarm the dog.

If your dog starts pacing or makes unusual eye contact, this could indicate the dog isn't comfortable being in the room with the baby. When in doubt remove your dog immediately. Put her in her playpen until later.

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