Tips That Will Help Your Yorkie To Stop Eating Poop

help your Yorkie to stop eating poop

Hello, Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog today.Today I am looking at how to help your Yorkie to stop eating poop.

Our Yorkie Tammy adored cat poop and would charge for the litter box at a dead run every time he noticed a cat emerge. Our Yorkshire Terrier puppy Flo Jo soon picked up on her passion and joined the feast.

Sadly Tammy has been gone for several years however her legacy survives.

Nothing's more bewildering and irritating to put up with a Yorkie that eats poop. Most of us find it truly disgusting but for dogs, it is normal behavior. 

Why Your Yorkie Eats Poop

If you want to help your Yorkie to stop eating poop it may be useful to understand why shes doing it in the first place.

1.0 It's A learned Behavior

It's a learned behavior in association with naturally occurring puppy inquisitiveness that leads them to smell, taste and consume their own or other dog's poop.

This frustrating behavior may begin when a puppy's still in the litter. It's naturally occurring for the mother to eat puppy feces to keep the “den” clean and protect her puppies. 

The mother will do this until the pups are weaned, and since they are in the process of learning how to behave, they may follow her example by doing what she does.

It's the breeder’s duty to continually clean up after the puppies before they get the chance to eat it but this is not always done.

Puppies purchased from pet stores seem to eat their own poop more than other dogs. Puppies forced to eliminate in a cage will often attempt to clean up. After this has happened a few times, and a new habit is born.

2.0 Feeding Low Quality Dog Food

In order to save money, many dog food manufacturers add fillers to the kibble they sell. This dog food has little to no nutritional value. While your Yorkie might be eating a good amount of ‘food’, only a small part of it is digestible food that offers the necessary nourishment.

One of the reasons your Yorkie eats poop may be that you're feeding low-quality dog food. if this is the case, she will try to eat more to satisfy her body's craving. 

The result of this overeating will be that a large proportion of her food is poorly digested.

The resulting stools look and smell quite close to the food the dog ate, so she tries to consume the 'food' again. This isn't simply a disgusting habit; it's a cry for help. Your dog needs a better diet.

A Yorkie eating poop as a result of being fed low-quality dog food may not only eat her own but will be more drawn to eating the poop of other dogs. (especially those that are enjoying a high-quality diet)

She may also eat cat poop out of the litter box.

One of the best ways to help your Yorkie to stop eating poop may be a trip to the vet.Worms and other intestinal parasites may be leaching nutrients from her causing and shes trying to supplement her diet with anything that looks remotely edible.

Cat poop probably attracts dogs because of its higher in fat and protein than dog food.

One of the other reasons a Yorkie may be eating poop may be that she's not getting enough to eat during the day. Growing Yorkie puppies, for example, need to be fed 2 to 3 times a day.

3.0 Your Dog Is Bored

If a Yorkie puppy is left alone for a long time, she might find relief by playing with and eating her own poop.They like to carry things around in their mouths.

If your Yorkie is picking up poop and carrying it about this may be a sign that she needs to get more exercise, and time with you.

4.0 Your Yorkie Is Stressed out

Yorkshire Terriers often suffer from an overwhelming feeling of stress when left home alone. The kind of behavior may include: pacing, non-stop barking, whining, destructive behavior and for some, eating poop.

New puppies may experience stress from being brought into their new home. Try not to create further anxiety in your Yorkie puppy by punishing her for eating poop.

help your Yorkie to stop eating poop

5.0 You May Be Unintentionally encouraging her 

When you yell and drag her away in horror placing the material into a bag the poop may suddenly increase in value to your dog.

Her inquisitive nature takes over. The next time she spots some poop, she accelerates the snatch-and-grab.

One other reasons why Yorkies eat poop is that if you've already responded once or twice to their behavior by being upset, your puppy might go on doing it just for the reaction.

Regardless of the fact that reaction is an unfavorable one, all your puppy knows is that she’s receiving extra attention from you.

One of the reasons Yorkies eat poop may be to avoid negative attention from you. If you've reacted furiously to “accidents,” your little partner's response may be to “hide” the evidence or eat it.

6.0 Just Because She Likes It

Some Yorkie puppies and adult dogs, eat Poop just because they like to do it.

Do dogs enjoy doing lots of things we don't? When last did you roll in the mud, grinning your fool head off the entire time? My best guess is that dogs just plain find poop tasty.

Is It Bad For Dogs To Eat Poop?

Appalling as it is to us, eating poop appears to do most healthy, vaccinated dogs no harm at all apart from periodic digestive upset and perhaps even a parasite or two.

Sure, a little won’t harm your dog, but it rings the bell on your Gross-O-Meter, so let’s try to help your Yorkie to stop eating poop.

How To help your Yorkie to stop eating poop

Dogs eating poop is a very difficult habit to break because it's self-reinforcing.

Oh yes, the act of ingesting the poop is satisfying to your dog so she’s likely to repeat the undesirable behavior but don't be discouraged.

Prevention is the smartest tactic. Do not let your puppy indulge, and she won't develop a taste for excrement ... is not going to develop this habit.

Let's face it if your Yorkie has access to the kinds of poop she likes, she will occasionally get some.

1.0 Give Your Dog Something To Do

To begin with, do not be alarmed when you see your puppy doing it. Reacting angrily can do more damage than good. It may even lead to your dog eating more poop and other attitudinal problems.

A clever practice is to always carry appealing dog treats or a treasured toy, to use to effectively get your dog to attend. Once you have her attention, give her something constructive to do. In cases tell her to 'Sit', reward her for complying, then go on

2.0 Teach Her 'LEAVE IT'

Your best defense is a rock-solid response to "LEAVE IT." That being said, dogs are great at finding poop and she may well get in a couple of bites before you notice and intervene.

Walk the dog on a leash so that you are in a better position to tell the dog 'LEAVE IT' and to physically keep the dog from trying to sniff and eat stools. Remember to praise your dog for paying attention. Also, you can boost your verbal praise with tit bits from your pocket.

Your dog will soon get the idea that it's a more rewarding to keep her eye on you than go after the poop.

3.0 Keep Litter Boxes Out of Reach Clean Them Often

Help your Yorkie to stop eating poop by making it difficult for your dog to use the kitty litter boxes so that she never develops a taste for cat poop 

I have found that a pet gate helps a lot. mine have a kitty gate built in!

Keep an eye out, and scoop the poop immediately after kitty’s done. In any case, a clean box is healthier for the cat.

Here Are A Few Very Good Pet Gates

Click To View

4.0 Change Your Dog's Diet

If your Yorkie eats her own and other dogs’ poop, and you’re picking up a 15-pound sack of the cheapest kibble, food of better quality maybe well worth a try.

One of the reasons a Yorkie may be eating poop is that she's hungry. Try feeding her a little more high quality, nutritious food for the age and breed.

Take your little associate to your vet for an assessment for any underlying health-related issues, parasites or and other problems that could be compelling to eat poop.

A Yorkie puppy cannot physically hold for more than an hour.

It's not kind to crate an adult dog for more than 5 hours a day. Be sure to properly train your Yorkie so that can be, left in a pet-safe area rather than confined to her crate.

Do Taste Deterrents Work?

Commercial taste deterrents have no effect on any feces but hers. No matter which sort of deterrent you use, and how much your dog hates it, at some point, she will discover an untreated supply.

Here are a couple of alternatives to drugs that may help your Yorkie to stop eating poop.

Add 3 tablespoons of canned pumpkin to your dog's food each day. Pumpkin evidently tastes wonderful in food, but revolting when expelled in your dog's poop.

Add 1 of canned pineapple or spinach to your dog's food.

One Last Thing

If the habit isn’t well-established, it may die out by itself, provided your dog hasn't further opportunity to practice it.

Yorkie puppies seem to abandon stool-eating as they grow older. If your dog isn’t one of these make sure you teach a rock-solid “LEAVE IT.”

Prevent access when possible, teach your Yorkie a strong “LEAVE IT” and bear in mind that dogs will be dogs.There are times when all we can do is shrug and say “Oh My...”

“I don't think twice about picking up my dog's poop, but if another dog's poop is next to it, I think, 'Eww, dog poop!” Jonah Goldberg.


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