How To Care For Yorkies In Heat

yorkies in heat

Hi, Everyone.When your Yorkies in heat, she will need a bit of special attention.

If your Yorkies about to enter heat for the 1st time, I may be able to answer some questions about what to expect and the signs and symptoms to watch for.

If you have a male Yorkie you will be able to recognize the behavior he might suddenly display when a female dog in heat is close by. It might seem strange to you; because what he is sensing something only he is aware of.

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What You Can Expect When Yorkies In Heat

Owners wonder what the typical age is for this to begin...Others want to know how long each cycle will last for.

It may surprise you to hear that heat cycles are normal for every female dog; a pup and a senior older female Yorkie will have the same heat cycles and can fall pregnant.

A Yorkshire Terrier male will have a powerful, natural urge to seek out any female that's in heat. Female dogs will not normally let a male have his way with her unless she's in heat. That's why as soon as a female comes into this stage a male dog will trail after her for all he's worth!

Male dogs can sense a female up to a few kilometers. If he's free will try to seek her out. It's not that unusual for a male dog to attempt to dart out into road driven by his hormonal urges.

If your male dog seems anxious, restless.She may keep trying to look out the windows, rush ahead while you are walking him or he leaps and bounds at a fence.These are clear signs that he has the urge to run.

Even one second of having an open door is all he will need to take off in pursuit. Have your female Yorkie spayed as soon as possible if you're not planning to breed her.

Signs and Symptoms

She will be running a temperament during this time and might not seem like the sweet affectionate Yorkshire Terrier you know and adore.

Her vulva will swell and sometimes become darker in color. Note of the normal size so you can judge when your Yorkie is in heat.

There will be a discharge ranging in color from pink to a darker red.

Your Yorkshire Terrier may develop a short nesting habit. She might even carry soft toys into her crate or playpen 'mother' them or simply to hoard them.

Moodiness - Some but not all female dogs will have some slight mood changes. This can be much more clingy behavior or she may want to retreat more often.

A Yorkies eating patterns may change, because she's feeling uncomfortable due to her uterus contracts.

Yorkies in heat may have a slight discharge, over the course of days and up to 3 weeks.

This will accumulate on bedding, flooring, furniture and more. For this reason, you will want to place doggy diapers on your dog while she is in the active stage of heat. These will absorb and contain the blood and other bodily fluids. 

Many owners opt to place pretty canine panties over that just so that the dog looks cute.

Yorkies in heat are able to get pregnant at any time; even on her first day. The most fertile days will be 10-14 days into her heat cycle. During this time, she will usually let any dog mount her.

A female Yorkie will have her first heat cycle as young as 6 months and may stop the heat cycle when she's somewhere around 10 to 12 years old.

If you're not planning to have Yorkie puppies or don't want your dog to produce a litter of mixed puppies, keep your dog home.

When outside, have her on a short leash.

Caring For Yorkies In Heat

If you have other pets, spend a little time every day alone with her, even if it's only for four or five minutes.

There will be some days when she doesn't feel well during this period. She may perhaps feel tired out, vomit or have diarrhea.

While your Yorkies in heat make sure she does not receive any table food. It's a good idea to cut the amount of food you give her and keep her water bowl full. Keep her in her crate of find a quiet place for her to sleep that 's away from any other animals, children or other disturbances.

When Yorkies in heat she may display aggressive behavior, especially if there 's a un-neutered male dog also living in your home.If she seems out of sorts visit your vet.Do you like the idea of doggy panties for Yorkies in heat?

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