How To Help A Depressed Yorkie Regain Her Joy Of Life

 help a depressed Yorkie

Hi, thanks for visiting the blog. Let's take a look at how to help a depressed Yorkie.

Perhaps you've noticed just lately your Yorkie's energy levels have fallen. Her desire for food is not the same and she's sleeping an awful lot. She doesn't seem to be as interested in things that used to interest her.

Your Yorkie may have become irritable and seems to be less content and at peace with the world.

how to  help a depressed Yorkie

How Will You Know When Your Yorkie Is Depressed

Dogs can’t talk to us so we have to rely on our powers of observation to determine when our dogs are feeling a little down in the dumps.

Take note of your Yorkies eyes.If your Yorkie is depressed she may squint, making her eyes seem smaller. If your Yorkie is depressed she may be reluctant to make eye contact.

Look for droopy or pulled back ears. Your little associate may fail to respond with joy to her lead being taken off the peg prior to her walk.

Depressed Yorkies often keep their heads lowered when standing. She may even rest her chin on the ground, taking no interest in whatever's going on around her

“After years of having a dog, you know him. You know the meaning of his snuffs and grunts and barks. Every twitch of the ears is a question or statement, every wag of the tail is an exclamation.” 

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You will know it's time to help a depressed Yorkie that starts to walk slowly with none of that usual joy of being alive.

If your Yorkshire Terrier begins to hide want to be on her own, you have a powerful sign that something's up. Dogs hide when they're are ill, injured or depressed.

help a depressed Yorkie.She may become withdrawn, not greeting you as excitedly when you come home.she may tend to curl up in a corner and go to sleep. 

Sudden bad Behavior Is a sure Sign Your dogs Depressed

She does not come when she's called or show any interest in going for a walk, nor in all the other activities your dog used to enjoy.

A happy dog seems full of energy. Now instead of racing off across the park, she trudges along head-down at your heel.

When a Yorkie is depressed, they often lose interest in food or stop eating. Some go the other way and eat a lot more because their food serves as a comfort to them. If your Yorkie is experiencing extreme weight loss there might be a chemical imbalance sparked by clinical depression.

She’s getting into mischief around the house. If your dog is giving you attitude, she may be feeling neglected. 

You will know its time to help a depressed Yorkie when shes always  in a bad mood. She may growl when approached or when you try to pick her up.

Your dog may be intolerant of other pets in the house.

Chewing or licking their paws is a soothing mechanism for dogs and a sign of depression.

When your dog is depressed she may tend to sleep a lot more than usual. A Yorkie who stays in her bed when you get home, or ignores things that usually get her excited it's a good bet that she's depressed.

Some Yorkies will whine or whimper when feeling distressed, almost like they are softly crying.

All the above signs of being depressed are also indications of illness or an injury. A moody temperament may be the first sign that somethings up.

 how to help a depressed Yorkie

How To help a depressed Yorkie

Visit Your Vet

The first thing you should do to help a depressed Yorkie is to take her to the vet. Your may have the beginning of fever and/or be experiencing some kind of stomach pain.

It can often take some time before your little associate will display signs of illness by coughing or limping. You don't want to miss an early opportunity to have her condition diagnosed.

Treatment is much more effective the earlier a condition is detected, depression that lasts for more than a week or two should be brought to the attention of the vet. I recommend that you take your dog in for a complete checkup to set your mind at rest.

Re-establish Your dogs Normal Schedule

If moving house or a major upset in your dog's normal routine is making your dog usually quiet or moody try re establish her normal schedule. Keep playtime, grooming, meal times, walks, bedtime and any other daily activities as consistent as you can.

Wait Before Getting a new Puppy

The loss of a family member or another animal of the household my get your Yorkie searching rooms in the house scratching furniture or moping about. 

Of course losing a play pal or a family member this will usher in an extremely difficult period for everybody. The sad vibe in the household will not be easy to overcome.

If you're considering bringing home a new puppy so Yorkie will have a new friend wait until the mourning has passed and your dog is in a better frame of mind.If there was a close bond, the time needed to recover normally ranges from two to three months.

There are advantages and disadvantages to offering your sad pup a blouse or other piece of clothing of a favorite family member that's no longer around.

Some dogs are comforted while for others this can prolong the grieving process. I suggest removing reminders slowly so that the dog can start to gradually shake off her moodiness.

Take Your Dog For Two Brisk Walks A Day

Lack of daily exercise may alter your dog's mood. This can be quickly resolved by taking your dog out for one or two brisk walks every day.

A listless pet will look forward to her walk if introduced to things to look forward to. Taking your Yorkie to the dog show or to a local dog park can help.

One of the best ways to help a depressed Yorkie is to look for stimulating activities that will shift her focus onto something new. When done on a regular basis, can give him something to look forward to.

The usual reason for a drop in exercise is lack of time or the weather. When our home or working lives get very hectic, the family member who is most often forgotten is the dog. Why not try dividing the tasks among family members.

I'm sure you can find time for 25 minute walks even if it's going to mean getting up a little earlier in the morning.

 help a depressed Yorkie

Challenge Your Yorkie

Can a Yorkie become a couch potato? Sure she can but she would far rather have set times of play, and some new challenges as well. 

If your little associate is becoming lost in the shuffle of your busy life, it could be the reason he’s so moody.

You can help a depressed Yorkie by giving her more of your time and attention.Try offering distractions rather than reinforcing her moody disposition.

While you don't have to fill your dog's day with excitement 24/7, some scheduled times of 'doggy playtime' can be just the thing.

Try to put aside an hour of every day to focus on your dog. Head for the dog park or take a walk or play a lively game of fetch.

Cheer Your Yorkie Up With A few New Toys​

Provide her with fun filled activities to provide opportunities for positive reinforcement. This can be a game of fetch, a walk or a favorite toy or chew toy.

 help a depressed Yorkie

Increase Your Dogs Exposure To sunlight

Dogs can suffer from a kind of seasonal depression that creeps in as the days get shorter and her body has less exposure to sunlight hours.

This affects the production of serotonin and melatonin which play an important role in your dog's sleep patterns, mood, and appetite.

Since many dog owners tend to walk their dogs less during cold and/or stormy weather, if a Yorkie seems to get moody every winter, this often exacerbates the problem.

The main treatment for this type of depression is increased exposure to sunlight. Walk your dog when the sun is brightest and encourage her to rest or play in a well-lighted room near a window.

Yorkies do best when dressed in a warm sweater before heading out into temperatures 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Protect the paws from frozen surfaces with a good quality paw balm.

The use of a light box for 35 minutes per day at the vet may be needed to help a dog shake off this type of depression because indoor lighting and lamps will do very little to help your Yorkie with this issue.

Has your dog ever been through depression? Have you found any other ways to help a depressed Yorkie? Please share with us by using the comment box below this post.Tell us how you handled it in the comments below this post.

God Bless,

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