How To House Train A Yorkie Puppy

house train a Yorkie puppy

Hi, Everyone. I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links.Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for visiting.Lets look at how to house train a Yorkie puppy.

Yorkshire Terriers are actually easier to house train than many other breeds. A Yorkie always tries to please. House training a Yorkie puppy might seem impossible but it can be achieved as long as you prevent undesirable behavior and reward good conduct.

You’ve just become the happy owner of a hairy cold nosed little dynamo packed with unconditional love and will be part of the family for years to come.

A Yorkie puppy will not know she should potty in a certain area until they have been taught.To make a success of this task you will need to understand a new puppies limitations in this regard. Yorkie puppies are only able to control their bladders for a reasonable time. If your Yorkie can't get out to potty, you will be setting her up for failure.

At two months a Yorkie can hold on for around two hours at most. After three months three hours at most and so on. Eventually, as an adult, a Yorkie can keep it in for around 8 hours.

How To House Train A Yorkie Puppy

house train a yorkie puppy

Let's get into all the details of how to house train a Yorkie puppy. I want to give you the complete picture so that you know exactly how to begin, how to keep going strong, and quickly make a success.

In the interest of a peaceful family life and a contented Yorkie, you will need to begin training as soon as you get the dog home. The correct course of action and some expert obedience training will guarantee that your new family member will fit right in.

A Yorkshire Terrier can be shown how to use a pee pad or dog litter box but using this method will extend the time it will take to train your puppy.

Yorkie puppies get a healthy balanced diet, they will naturally take care of their needs at some distance from the area they consider "home". Taking her to a particular area to eliminate will teach him where you want him to go.

Teaching your puppy to eliminate in a specific area will not be easy. You simply escort her to a place you want her to use.Then you hope that your puppy thinks it's a good idea as well. Puppies tend to like an area where they have already eliminated.

Once your Yorkie finds a place he likes, he continues to go in that spot.

Potty Train From Day One

Let's look at the times your new puppy should go outside:

  • After waking up - And this means immediately after waking up. When you house train a Yorkie puppy, you will sometimes only have 2-3 minutes to get them to the chosen area.
  • 15 to 20 minutes after each meal, the digestive system works rapidly with puppies...and sometimes the ingestion of food will trigger elimination of a previous meal
  • After every nap
  • Before bedtime
  • When they make an action that shows they are about to "go"
  • After two hours at 2 months three hours at 3 months, etc. You can extend this time as your puppy matures.

If Your Yorkie Pees Right After Getting Back Inside

If your Yorkie makes a habit of doing this, a neat little trick is to keep her on your lap when you get back indoors. Wait a few minutes then take her back out. Your Yorkie may be holding back, so when you do this she'll get the ideas and start to pee where you want him to.

Often the reason a Yorkie pees immediately after returning to the house is that they were not outside long enough. Unless they urgently need to go, it generally takes 15-20 minutes for their body to relax, for them to choose the right spot and to urinate or have a bowel moment. It's a test of patience. Don’t forget to offer generous praise when you house train a Yorkie puppy.Give and lots of encouragement when they do as desired.

Should You House Train A Yorkie Puppy With Treats?

Treats will be distracting and not helpful. The dog gets sidetracked by the dog snack and a Yorkie puppy who expects a treat when he eliminates will learn to urinate a small amount just to get a reward.

Supervising Your Yorkie Puppy During House Training

Find a way you can supervise your puppy. The whole process of learning how to house train a Yorkie puppy can be reasonably quick if you stay involved. Try to avoid accidents because this will extend the time it takes to house train a Yorkie puppy..

1.0 Simply attach a standard dog leash to his collar or dog harness (harness is best to avoid neck injury) and thread the other end through your belt or belt loop. This allows you to supervise your puppy while doing chore around the home.

2.0 Set up in a small gated off area or buy a doggy play pen. Keep your dog in there when you're home, so she is not going to potty all over your home.

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3.0 What about a dog crate? A Yorkie likes a safe, enclosed area to enjoy a little shuteye. If your Yorkie puppy starts using her crate in the right way, she will regard it as a safe den. Most dog owners are surprised to learn that wild dogs spend up to 16 hours a day sleeping! When you house train a Yorkie puppy rest periods in snug quarters are  natural part of caring for your dogs’ needs.

Here's the problem!

A Yorkie is a social animal and must have the opportunity to interact with people and meet other friendly puppies and people. While some time spent in a crate is can be helpful, long periods on their own in the dog crate might have negative consequences.

My own preference is a dog bed, placed inside a play pen or gated area. Actually ,I hate those wire crates. I think they are dangerous!

house train a yorkie puppy

What To Do When Your Yorkie Barks At Night

Lets deal with Yorkies night-time behavior appropriately. Have the last food of the day given no later than 2 hours before expected bedtime. Bring your puppy outside of bathroom needs about 30 minutes before you plan to have him settle down for the night.

Most young puppies will bark intermittently throughout the night and it will be important to try to find out if the barking at night is for attention or because there is a bathroom need. Most very young puppies do not yet know to alert you to needs, so the majority of vocalization will be to gain your attention.

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You don't want your Yorkie to think he's permitted to roust you out of your bed at any time during the night. Ignore barking unless you really think that she may need to potty.You may not find it easy to do this, but remember as long as your Yorkie is comfy, warm, safe and has a chew toy she will settle down.

If you have to let her out make sure that you let your puppy know that it's not time for play. Don’t speak to your puppy unless it's to praise her for going to the right spot.

Allow about 20 minutes and then take your puppy back to her bed. Immediately go off to bed.

This is all part of teaching your puppy how to cope with being alone.

Teaching Your Yorkie Puppy To Potty On Command

You can teach your Yorkie puppy to eliminate on command.

As you take the Yorkie outside tell to her "outside. We are going outside."

The minute your puppy starts to go in your chosen potty area tell him "good potty, good potty, good potty, good potty " If you use a clear strong tone it becomes a command that elicits a conditioned response.

As soon as Yorkie knows the command you say "go potty" and its like a light bulb goes off in her brain. Any potty cues your dog may give you, such as standing at the door, acting antsy, or circling and sniffing should be met with a chorus of "outside."

When the puppy has made a connection between potty cues and "outside" he will begin to tell you when he needs to go.

One Last Thing

That's it for how to house train a Yorkie puppy. If you find that you still have problems take a look at the video.

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