How To Stop A Yorkie Puppy Licking Your Face?

Yorkie puppies licking

Hi, there. Many thanks for visiting the website.Today I am offering a few tips on how to stop a Yorkie puppy licking your face.

Some of us are a little put-off by Yorkie puppies licking. After all, we are unlikely to meet a visitor with a long lingering lick on the face. But a dog uses her tongue to check her environment.

Your Yorkie's tongue is just as essential as our hands and eyes and serves a variety of purposes like tasting things, expressing submissiveness, and letting us know that she loves us.

This Is Normal Puppy behavior

Your Yorkie puppy's licking is quite normal, and certainly, nothing to worry about.

But do we have to put up with the odd lick from a warm, moist tongue on our hands or face?

Actually, I usually find it kind of cute. Of course, my little Yorkie knows not to overdo it.

There are times when Flo Jo takes things a little too far nobody wants to be attacked by a far-reaching, agile, mobile, and slobbery tongue.

When she was a puppy she used to chase me around the house, planting periodic flurries of affection on my toes, ankles or anywhere else she could reach.

Yorkie puppies licking

Owners of Yorkshire Terrier puppies that lick are often seen with dog drool on their clothing. There’s a gluey patch of dog drool on their freshly laundered hems to stress your ownership status.

Of course, when it dries, the physical evidence of their dog's affection is there until the next wash day.

Why Yorkie Puppies Lick

1.0. When your Yorkie gets in a lick on your ear from her place in the back seat of your car, or jumps all over you when you come back from the supermarket that’s called “Puppy Love.”

She likes the taste of your salty skin and this usually means that the dog is happy, loves you, and wants you to know it.

2.0. Yorkie's puppies sometimes lick because they're feeling anxious or stressed. So your Yorkie  may display obsessive-compulsive behavior and start to lick you and herself.

3.0. Your puppy may not be receiving enough attention and exercise. She might be suffering from separation anxiety.

Your Yorkie puppy needs a daily walk and time off the leash so that she can sniff, explore and run about. Getting up early to give her that walk will help you solve this issue. 

"If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise" Unknown

How To Stop A Yorkie Puppy Licking You

stop a yorkie puppy licking

1.0 Stop Promoting Your Yorkie's Behavior

When training your dog not to lick you, understand that this behavior is typically attention-seeking. So if you give your dog any type of attention because of the licking, whether it’s positive or negative, you are unintentionally rewarding the behavior.

2.0 Ignore Your Puppy

The best way to stop a Yorkie puppy licking you is to eliminate the attention you give her dog when she licks. Use a change of body language to show your Yorkie puppy her licking getting a bit much.

Simply ignore her when you come in the door. She will begin to understand, you 're not impressed when she covers you with drool, pieces of dog food and scraps of dirt.

Turn away from her when she licks, go into another room and shut the door.Tell her 'NO' in a fed up " have you still not got it " tone. When you come back in and she starts licking you again repeat the process. Do not offer her any affection, turn your back and leave.

She may not give up too easily. You will have persistent before she gets it.

3.0 Divert That Energy

If your puppy starts to lick, put something in her mouth. Redirect that energy by giving her a frozen Kong stuffed with something more interesting like peanut butter or cheese.

4.0 Change Your Routine

Perhaps you usually walk her right after dinner, and she's using the lick, get you moving. If that's what's causing this behavior, change YOUR normal routine. Go out and throw the ball for her 15 minutes or hide treats in the house and let her to go find them. 

You will be teaching her what you prefer she does, and you will have plenty of opportunities to tell her what a good girl she is.

One Final Thing

People often don’t mind when your puppy licks them.

When friends greet your dog and allow her to lick them intervene. You don’t want them to unravel all your good work. Explain that you’re teaching her to stop licking and how you would like them to react if she tries to lick them.

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." Ben Williams

Perhaps you have a few alternative ideas on how to stop a yorkie licking. Please share them with us in the comment box below This post. Thank you!

Bye Now!

Richard S.

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