What Do Dogs Deam About? Let’s Talk Yorkie’s Dreaming

yorkie's dreaming

Yorkie's Dreaming

Hi, thanks for visiting. By the way thanks so much for all the purchases you made from my links over December. You Rock! Let’s Look at what is happening when your Yorkie's Dreaming.

Does your little associate experience nightmares?

You may have noticed that when your Yorkie's dreaming she may twitch and make strange muffled noises or let out a yelp, or a feeble bark.

As we know, not all of the dreams we have are good dreams and sometimes there are nightmares. Since we have nightmares about the things we fear, it’s safe to assume our dogs do too.

If she is having a pleasant dream, her paws may be twitchy paws, her ears may move a bit and you may notice her eyes moving or her eyelids twitching.

There are times when your Yorkie's dreaming that she may whimper or whine while in her dream state. Perhaps something is frightening or bothering her as she's dreaming.

Your dog may suddenly wake up from a deep as though something has startled her. This may be an indication that she just woke up from a nightmare. In the same way, you may sometimes wake up in a confused state from a nightmare to find yourself hot, sweaty, and flushed your dog may wake up, with damp, sweaty paws.

So. when your Yorkie growls, cries, or whimpers in her sleep she is more than likely experiencing a bad dream. If this sounds like your little friend, here is what you should know.

Two Stages Of Sleep

There are two stages of sleep in which humans and dogs dream: rapid eye movement usually referred to as REM sleep and non-rapid eye movement sleep. Dogs and humans have their most vivid memorable dreams during REM sleep.

It’s when the brain attempts to process problems encountered during waking hours, and it’s when significant memories are committed to the long-term storage section in the brain.

Once a dog reaches REM sleep, beginning 20 minutes into a nap and lasting for two-to-three minutes, they’re open to having lifelike dreams—and nightmares.

These nightmares will feel very real and vivid in your dog's mind and that's why you may hear growling and snarling, and notice you her waking up and walking around in circles from time to time.

When Your Yorkie's Dreaming What Are Her Dreams About?

There's no way for us to tell what our dog but we may be able to guess.

My dog, Gizmo, does a fair amount of running in his sleep. Whenever my Yorkie's dreaming his lips move and his little paws twitch. Its like he's chasing the cat or running down his chuck it ball. Perhaps he's playing with his doggy mates at the dog park? After all, these are his favorite things to do when he's awake.

We have bad dreams about things we fear, so it’s possible that dogs do too. Research has shown that dogs aren’t good at visualizing possibilities or anticipating what may happen in the future. and it could be that their dreams are closely tied to memories.

Dogs most certainly have long-term memories. They remember people they haven’t seen in years and know how to avoid places where have had bad experiences.

Long-held unpleasant memories are the likely cause of your Yorkshire Terriers nightmares.

Dogs dream about whatever happened during the day or versions of events that happened in the past. They’re dreaming about their owners or everyday dog activities, but not all these activities are positive.

When your dog has a nightmare she's dreaming about things she dislikes or that spook her. This could be being bullied by another dog or taking a bath. Some rescue dogs spend the first few weeks with their new families having nasty dreams about their former lives. 

What Should You Do If Your Dog's Having a Bad Dream?

yorkie's dreaming

The best thing you can do is let the dog sleep. Waking her up from an intense dream may confuse and startle her and she may even think she's still in the dream. She may be spooked and lash out aggressively thinking your hand is the enemy in her nightmare.

If your Yorkie is in the middle of a bad dream, you can try and call her name gently and softly. This may wake her but in a more soothing and non-physical way.

The best way to help dogs overcome these types of bad dreams is to show her love and attention during the day. Helping her overcome those real-life fears could also reduce those nightmares.

What do you do when you notice your Yorkie's dreaming? Please share your solutions with us by using the comment section below this post.

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