Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers – Which Is Best?

Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers

Hi everyone thanks for all those lovely comments you rock! Dog lovers often ask me if there are noticeable behavior and character differences between Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers.

For one reason or another, they feel that female Yorkies make better pets than the males. This belief is founded on false information and misconceptions. Today I want to take a look at Male vs female Yorkshire Terriers in-depth to help you decide the best match for your particular situation.

Male and females will have the character traits of the Yorkie breed. You will have a little rascal that craves attention, wants to please and adore you, and will be a loyal little associate for the rest of his/her life.

Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers

Male Yorkie Dogs

Male Yorkies dogs can be more difficult to difficult to deal with. If you live in an apartment they can be aggressive toward other male dogs.This will be noticeable if there are female dogs around that are in heat.

Male Yorkie they are generally larger and eat more.The difference in height will be only a few inches but the weight difference will be substantial.

Male Yorkshire Terriers often form a close bond with one person who they acknowledge as the pack leader.

Females, however, tend to form relationships with everybody in the family.

A Male Yorkshire Terrier can sometimes become quite possessive especially if the owner is a woman.

The males develop quicker sexually than the females.This might become a problem if you have other dogs in the household that come into heat. When you are comparing Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers remember Yorkies may become aggressive towards the female if she is not receptive to their advances.

They 're very frisky and need to be exercised more.

Males might attempt to take over your role as the “Pack Leader". As an owner, you will have to establish yourself firmly in this role.

Male Yorkshire Terriers tend to be harder to socialize and they need to meet other dogs as soon as you get them.

Female Yorkie Dogs

Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers

Female Yorkies are smaller than the male dogs and are typically less aggressive. Having said that a female dog that is protecting her puppies can be equally aggressive.

It's a misconception that female Yorkies are easier to handle and more loving. Male Yorkshire Terriers are equally affectionate, agile and brave as the females.

A female Yorkie can, become fearful or timid if treatment is harsh. They don't like being scolded with an angry tone of voice.

A female Yorkie will be more demanding and determined to get her own way. Dog lovers often find this endearing and helpful when forming a bond with their dog.

When they have had enough will walk off. Male Yorkies are usually prone to waiting around for you to notice them.

Female dogs may be more independent and territorial than males. This may have to do with their "nesting instinct".

When comparing Male vs Female Yorkshire Terriers note that females like to fight/play rough with other females, but will get along famously with males.

A group of female dogs will develop a hierarchy bonding nicely once the pecking order is established.

The Similarities

Males and females need to get an equal amount of exercise, food, grooming, and attention. In addition, veterinary check-ups and yearly vaccinations are required for both.

Males and females act in the same way when if comes to cats. This breed gets along famously with them and Yorkies are often best mates with feline house mates.

Both can be difficult to house trained but are smart and eager to learn.

They are attention seekers that become very attached. Neutered males are sometimes less moody but your Yorkie female won't be moping about. If she is not spayed, the heat cycle can bring about hormonal changes that can affect mood somewhat.

She may want to rest a bit more. She might not be as active during certain days Sometimes females can seem a bit distant.

One Last Thing

In case you're wanting another dog and want to know which gender to get. If you have two Yorkies males or two females, there will be competition. With two females or two males, there may be jealousy.

God Bless

Richard S.

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