Everything You Wanted To Know About Neutering Yorkies

neutering Yorkies

Hi, Everyone. Thanks for visiting. Today we are taking a look at neutering Yorkies. We will look at the process and the after care. Then we will consider some of the benefits of neutering your puppy.

The ideal time to neuter a Yorkie puppy is at 6 months of age before he reaches sexual maturity. Actually, puppies can be neutered any time after eight weeks of age.

Some Misconceptions

Sometimes Dog Owners believe that neutering Yorkies is an unkind or painful thing to do to a dog. Neutering will not hurt your Yorkie. There’s no pain if you use a qualified, skilled and experienced vet.

Others think that their dog will be upset that he can no longer mate. Actually, Male Yorkshire Terriers act according to their hormones. This makes them react to female dogs in heat.

 Once you neuter your dog, it does not trouble him that he can't mate. His body can then use its energy for other things besides mating.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Neutering Yorkies

The Operation

Your vet will ask you to withhold food and possibly water the night before.

He will sedate your puppy and put him under general anesthesia. An attending nurse will check your dog's heart and his breathing.

A small incision is made in the front of the dog's scrotum.Then the testicles are removed and the spermatic cord tied off.

The incision will have stitches that dissolve or others that will need to be removed ten days after surgery.

The Yorkie Terrier will not feel pain during and immediately after the surgery. Some dogs can go home the same day and some are kept overnight.

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The First Day Home

Your Yorkie might be a little groggy and disoriented from the anesthesia. Keep an eye on him. He could stumble down stairs or trip off the curb.

The vet will ask you to limit food and water to prevent tummy upset and vomiting post anesthesia. The general guideline is 1/2 the normal amount that evening.

Your dog may feel a little nauseous. He may refuse food for the first day or two. You will not need to force him to eat. Even if he misses a meal or two he will be OK.

Expect quite a lot of sleeping. He may snore. He might sleep with the tip of his tongue hanging out.

Prevent climbing up or jumping off things. Remember, he's just had surgery. No rough games, after neutering Yorkies no matter how “ordinary” it may seem. Crate your dog, if control is difficult.

The Days After The Neuter Surgery

neutering Yorkies

Astonishingly he will be running about as if nothing has happened. He's ready to play, exercise and runs around as normal even a day later. I recommend that you limit these activities for 2 weeks.

Keep your dog on the leash, inside and out. After neutering Yorkies always make sure that there's plenty of chews, food toys, and gentle play.

There's likely to be some swelling for about 3 days. There might be some light bruising. Most dogs will not need any pain medication.

The rapid change in hormones that comes after neutering male Yorkies may cause accidents.Walk your dog often and crate him. This will pass in about two weeks.

The wound will begin itching about a week into healing. Your dog will start licking If he starts open the wound you can use a Comfy Cone for a couple of days.

After neutering, your puppy’s scrotum will flatten out as he grows. After a while, you won’t notice it.

The good news is that neutering a dog only happens once. When the healing’s done, your dog will be off to the races!

Here is A Vets Opinion.

7 Benefits Of Neutering Yorkies

1.0 Neutering male Yorkies Terriers eliminates the possibility of testicular tumors.

2.0 The surgery will greatly reduce the possibility of infections. Your little pal will not suffer hormonal roller coasters that can lead to stress related illnesses. He will, for instance, be less likely to run out into the road and be hit by a passing car.

3.0 Neutering Yorkies reduces the risk of prostate disease – This common for Yorkies that are older than 5 and not neutered to show symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

4.0 Aggression toward other dogs usually decreases after the dog neutering.

5.0 Your neighbors will have no reason to gripe about your Yorkie roaming around in the neighborhood marking territory and picking fights.

6.0 Male dogs that have not been neutered tend to lift their leg everywhere to mark their territory.

When a dog wants to mark out his territory he will pull you toward trees and light poles on your walks. Sometimes a dog will try to mark inside the house. Urine marking may continue but not nearly as often as before.

7.0 The process will remove any reason for him to challenge other male dogs. He won't spend his time wandering around looking for a female. He’s more likely to stay home and behave himself.

Are you afraid to neuter your Yorkie puppy? Can I help?


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