Obedience Training For Yorkie Puppies Starts At Day One

obedience training for yorkie puppies

Hi, Everyone. Obedience training for Yorkie puppies paves the way for any later training you will do with your Yorkie puppy.These early steps are simple to do but vital for your puppies development.

New Dog Owners are itching to tackle basic commands like 'COME', 'SIT', and 'STAY' with their new little partner.

Actually, obedience training is just a part of the training picture when creating a foundation for your pup.Your little Yorkshire terrier is like a new-born child.

She's youthful and childlike.You have to be adaptable, practical, fair and generally tolerant with her if you wish to see good results.

A well-trained dog will become more confident and can more be allowed a greater measure of freedom.

Begin Yorkie Puppy Training On Day One

obedience training for yorkie puppies

Dog owners often ask how and when they should begin obedience training for Yorkie puppies.It's best to begin on day 1. If you wait it can cause long-term issues. He/she may have established a few nasty little habits.

This implies training Yorkie puppies from the start with a good routine and program.

My son has a one-year-old Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Whenever you walk into a room and she's into something she knows she must not do she freezes.

It's as though she thinks we won't see her if she doesn't move.

The other day I could hear her chewing on something so I went to check it out. Judy was on the bed with her mouth half-open just looking back at me and as still as she could be.

As I got closer I saw that she had my daughter in law's shoes in her mouth.

All I could do was chuckle.

It's a good idea to begin training in an area familiar to your dog. There should be the least amount of distraction as possible.

Of course, if you want your little associate to behave in your car, guess where you will need to practice?Just don't drive and practice at the same time.

Obedience Training For Yorkie Puppies

obedience training for yorkie puppies

1.0 Building The Bond With Your Yorkie Dog

The most effective way that I know to build a good bond with your puppy is to play with him/her. Organizing simple games or going over the easy obstacles will connect you and your dog and start building your dog’s interest in you.

Obedience training is also an easy way to set up the social hierarchy. When your dog obeys a simple request of 'come here, sit,' he/she is enjoying showing you just how smart he/she is while showing respect for you.

2.0 Make Training Yorkie Puppies Fun

Yorkies can be a little hard-headed and they are easily distracted.The problem begins when the Yorkie, being a terrier, gets bored with the same command and behavior after just a few repetitions.

Use your imagination to make obedience training for Yorkie puppies fun for both of you and create an everlasting bond! Make training fun and your Yorkshire Terrier will take part and teaching her new commands will be a breeze.

3.0 Don't Stop, Keep Moving

Dogs do everything on the move; they are used to learning, hunting, playing, and doing most everything else except eating while constantly in motion. If a dog owner seems to be stationary all the time a Yorkie will very quickly lose interest.

4.0 Use Treats

Don’t hesitate to use dog treats when conducting obedience training for Yorkie puppies. Milk-Bone MaroSnacks are small and quite soft.Your Yorkie won't spend too much time chewing them.They should disappear in their mouths quickly.

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A kindly said, "Yes" or "Good Girl!" especially when accompanied by a training treat, will let the Yorkie know that you’re pleased with her.

Rewarding your dog for good behavior is a very important aspect of dog training. The more times you reward your puppy the quicker she will learn.

Always praise your puppy for good behavior instead of taking it for granted.

5.0  A Yorkie Can Be Difficult To Train

When thinking about introducing your Yorkshire Terrier to the family, consider their attitude and temperament.All members of the family need to take their place above them by being firm and consistent when dealing with negative behavior, otherwise she will take over and dictate to you what she want to do.

Obedience training for Yorkie puppies becomes impossible when they are the boss.

6.0 Do A Little Training Every Day

Yorkshire terriers have short memories. If you miss a day she will more that likely forget what she has already been taught.

7.0 Use A Firm Tone Of Voice When You Reprimand Her

Your Yorkie will know by your tone when she’s done something wrong. A sharply spoken, "No!" will let her know you aren't happy with her behavior, but consistency is the key. If you say, "No," do not allow the behavior to continue or go on without further attention.By properly using the "No " Command in dog training and everyday life, you can clear up any confusion your dog might have about what behaviors you want.

Puppies are often constantly bombarded with, 'NO, Stop that, get off, Bad dog!'After a while they become accustomed too it and after that reprimands become meaningless and get ignored.

When most of your interaction with your Yorkie puppy is praise for good behavior, reprimands become far more meaningful.

8.0 Allow Lots Of Playtime Between Training Sessions

Your Yorkie will learn even faster if she’s given time to stretch her legs and play in between sessions.

9.0 Do Your Training When It's Just You And The Dog

Other dogs or people become too much of a distraction. Get her to focus on you and your voice.

10.0 Tackle One Command At A Time

Continue until she’s has a command down pat before attempting to teach her a new one.

11.0 Use The Same Exact Wording For Each Command You Teach

If you want your Yorkshire terrier to sit, then only use the word sit. If you say sit down or anything else she will become confused and not know what to do.

The Basic Commands

You can take your dog’s training to a higher level if you choose to, of course. But at the very least, your dog should learn to respond to the following basic commands:

'Sit' This basic command helps you to keep control of your dog no matter the situation. It's a good one to begin with."Sit " can even be used to redirect your puppy from other unwanted behavior.

'Down' The "down" command is a very useful command throughout our everyday life. It's one of the main commands in dog obedience training and dog competitions. It is a more reinforcing and reliable position than a sit position and it can’t be left out.

'Drop It' This teaches your Yorkie to instantly drop whatever is in its mouth. (Could save your dog from harm if it ever picks up something dangerous or toxic.)

'Stay' Teaches your puppy to stay still, calm, and in one place.

'Heel' Teaches your little friend to stay close to you as you walk, with or without a lead.

'Come' Teaches your pup to come to you upon your command. You should begin to teach this command to your puppy as soon as it recognizes its name.

This command could potentially help you protect your puppy from harm.There are many reasons why you should train your dog for a recall command.The best reasons are for safety purposes.That will allow you to give your dog more freedom.

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