Important Questions To Ask Before You Adopt A Yorkie Puppy

adopt a yorkie puppy

Hello, everyone.These are important questions to ask before you adopt a Yorkie puppy. 

Here's why!

There are hundreds of people out there selling Yorkie puppies. Some of them are hoping you're not reading this post right now. In fact they count on you not knowing about the pitfalls when adopting a Yorkie puppy.

The Yorkie puppy you choose to buy will be part of your family for the next 16 years or so.

If you make the wrong choice, you could be stuck with a badly behaved, unhealthy little puppy.

 As The Seller Can You Show Me a Few References Please?

It's important to determine if the seller is legitimate. Before adopting a Yorkie puppy, ask  the seller for references. Ask for a list of other people who have bought puppies from them.

If the seller happens to be a first time breeder, get the contact details of the breeder where they bought the sire and/or dam of the litter.

If the seller seems unwilling to give you references, this is a strong sign that he is not serious about their business. Look elsewhere for your Yorkie pup.

is It safe to Buy A Yorkie From A Pet Store?

90 % of the puppies sold in pet stores or on the internet come from factory-like environments known as “puppy mills”.

A puppy mill is a large-scale dog breeding operation. In these operations, profit gets priority over the well-being of the animals.

Dogs are usually housed in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions. The females are bred at every heat cycle.There is inadequate time for recovery between litters. After a few years when they can no longer produce, the females are often abandoned or put down.

Puppies are separated from their mothers and sold to brokers as young as six weeks of age.

The Ugly Truth About Puppy Mills

That cute puppy for sale at your local mall was more that likely bred from dogs who spend their crammed inside filthy structures.

Puppy mills keep dogs in cages that have wire flooring. These crates are often stacked up in columns so that waste falls on the dogs housed on lower levels.

If the seller seems unwilling to give you references, this is a strong sign that they're not serious about their business. Look elsewhere when adopting a Yorkie puppy.

Denise Flaim, Rescue Ink

“When you buy a pet store puppy, you know nothing about the health or temperament of the parents. You have no connection to the breeder of the dog, no resource to go to if you have questions or problems a few months or years from now. But perhaps most importantly, when you buy a pet store puppy, you contribute to the demand for puppy-mill-bred puppies, and add to the cycle of the misery of mill-owned breeding dogs.”

adopt a yorkie puppy

What are the standards Of Care Required By USDA?

A pet store owner with cute Yorkie puppies for sale will assure you they don't get their pups from puppy mills. Some will tell you their puppies come from a licensed breeder.

Don't be fooled! You can take my word for it, the standards of care required by the USDA are pitifully inadequate. Certainly not what most of us consider humane. It's absolutely okay to house dogs in crates with wire flooring or to breed female dogs at every opportunity.

The standard of care they need leaves lots of room for dogs to be severely mistreated. Even if the standards were adequate, they're not enforced!

Should I Adopt a Yorkie puppy From A Backyard Breeder?

There are breeders who only breed their family dog once in a while. They often are not that clued up on how to breed responsibly.

The pups are not evaluated using sound, standardized genetic and other testing recommended for the individual breed.

Responsible, proper breeding entails far more than just putting two dogs together.

Watch Out For Scam Artists

For every reputable breeder, there's a scam artist just waiting for your call. These tricksters claim to be on the level. They show pirated images of adorable Yorkie puppies to entice buyers. The "breeder" often turns out to be selling puppies reared by puppy mills to make a quick buck.

Be a responsible, informed consumer and adopt a Yorkie puppy directly from a reputable breeder.

Is It safe To Send Money To Anyone Without Seeing The Puppy?

On top of that, a lot of scammers pose as legitimate breeders and pretend to sell non-existent Yorkie puppies. These tricksters take your deposit and you never hear from them again.

These scammers pose as local breeders selling adorable Yorkshire Terrier puppies. They don't even own a dog, let alone have a puppy to sell.

If you have an uneasy feeling about a "breeder", it's best to steer clear. Go somewhere else for your Yorkie.

adopt a Yorkie puppy

Where Can I Find A Reputable Yorkshire Terrier Breeder?

References From Your Friends

Find out where your Yorkie owning friends got their puppy. Let them tell you about their experience with the breeder before you make contact.

Contact Local Yorkshire Terrier Clubs

This is a great way to meet potential Yorkshire Terrier breeders. You will meet other Yorkie dog lovers who will be able to tell you more about the breed. If there's no Yorkshire Terrier club in your area go to the American Kennel Club's website.

You will be able to find an all-breed club in the club section. ​ ​​​

Attend a Dog Show In Your Area

You will find that most reputable breeders take part in this sport. They usually enjoy competing in conformation and obedience classes. You will have an opportunity to see Yorkie's groomed and looking their best before adopting one.

Meet and talk to a variety of breeders. Most will be willing to answer questions and talk about their dogs with you. You have a good chance of finding a better quality Yorkie here.

These breeders normally have waiting lists for puppies so you may have to wait a little for a good one. You also may have to spend a little more money than you budgeted for, but you will save on vet bills later on.

 Yorkshire Terrier Club of America's List Of Breeders or Pet Finder

Visit​​​ plug-in your location and Yorkshire Terrier, click search, and get a list of potential matches in your area.

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important questions To ask before You adopt a Yorkie Puppy From A Breeder

Before you adopt a Yorkie puppy from a breeder, be sure that you have done your research. Know exactly who you will be dealing with.

Find out how long the breeder has worked with the Yorkshire Terrier breed? The best breeders will only typically breed one type of purebred dog.

If the breeder shows their dogs that's a good a sign. It means that they are committed to the breed and to having the very best dogs.

Be ready to ask the following questions before you adopt a Yorkie puppy.

1.0 Is The Puppy on solid food?

Yorkshire Terriers are very small as puppies and need to be nursed longer than larger breeds. These puppies need to be eating solid food before they being released.

At 4-5 weeks of age, puppies can begin to transition from nursing to eating solid food.

A high-quality dry puppy kibble soaked with warm water and milk replacer and blended into a gruel is given several times a day.

Gradually, the amount of milk can be replaced until the puppies are eating solid food by about 10-12 weeks of age.

2.0 does this breeder have my best interests at heart?

By 12 weeks a Yorkie puppy is less likely to experience hypoglycemia, brought on by the stress of being separated from her mother and going off to a new home.

A reputable breeder will not let Yorkie puppies go to a new home until they are 12 weeks old.

If you're planning to adopt a Yorkie puppy and the breeder encourages you to take one now because “they won't last,” you're dealing with someone who does not have your best interests at heart.

3.0 Has The Yorkie Puppy Been socialized?

Good Yorkshire Terrier Breeders allow the animals to live with them in their homes, not outside in caged kennels.

A Yorkie needs a little longer to develop socially with her mother and siblings. Then the puppies socialize with other dogs, people, and children.

Experienced breeders make certain Yorkshire Terrier puppies learn about everyday things. They will have seen microwaves, vacuums and heard the sound of heard telephones ringing or a flushing toilet.

4.0 can I Get feedback On The Yorkie Pups Temperament?

Responsible breeders also study the temperament of each puppy to get an in-depth understanding of the dog's personality. They will share whatever they have noticed with you before you take the puppy home.

5.0 Am I Free To Look around?

Reputable breeders are only too happy to show you around their yard. You will be able to see where the puppies live, meet the puppies’ parents and see the conditions for yourself.

If a breeder seems unwilling to let you visit, they may have something to hide.

6.0 Is your Breeder aware of The breed standard?

Any respectable Yorkie breeder will be aware of the breed standard. He will breed dogs so they have the best chances of meeting the standard.

adopt a yorkie puppy

7.0 Have The Puppies Been Medically tested?

Experienced breeders select each puppy's parents. They will do at least some type of medical testing on their Yorkshire pairs before breeding them. This helps make sure the pairing will produce a healthy litter.

When you adopt a Yorkie puppy, feel free to ask your breeder about health testing, and ask to see results of the tests.

A breeder will often have a health guarantee that your Yorkie puppy is free from any genetic diseases. The guarantee may need you to take your new puppy to the vet within a certain time period. This is to verify that you are adopting a Yorkie puppy in good condition.

8.0 Are the puppies Registered?

It's acceptable to want to see the puppy's registration papers. Ask if the litter of puppies are registered before adopting a Yorkie puppy.

In the United States, the oldest and most reputable registry is the American Kennel Club. In my opinion, all great breeders register their dogs with the AKC.

AKC papers do not necessarily guarantee a high-quality dog, but the papers do guarantee the lineage of the Yorkie.

9.0 Is there a Contract Outlining Buyer seller responsibilities?

Most well-known breeders have a contract outlining the buyer and seller responsibilities for the sale and post-sale of the Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

These breeders are ready to provide advice on caring for the Yorkie long after the sale. They will agree to take the puppy back if you have a legitimate reason for not wanting to keep it.

If you are trying to adopt a Yorkie puppy and need some additional advice please contact me . Us the comment section below this post.

Bye For Now!

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