I’m Exhausted! Should I Get Yorkie A Playpen?

should I get Yorkie a playpen

Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Today we will be discussing the question so many owners often ask " should I get Yorkie a playpen? "

Well, if you are thinking about getting a Yorkie puppy playpen. It can be a really wise addition to your home.

House training your new little friend can be a chore and you will feel that the dog is taking over your life! For new puppy owners, metal wire playpen will probably turn out be your best friend.

We have a 16 week old Yorkshire Terrier named Gadget. He's interested in everything! He would like to get up on the coffee table if I let him. He jumps up on the chairs and grabs things when he can. He's learning and I have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

His Doggy Playpen enables me to do chores around the house without having to worry what he's up to.

A play pen can be used as an excellent substitute for a crate when Yorkie dogs display a dislike for them.

Should I Get Yorkie A Play Pen? - What Is A Play Pen?

A foldable dog pen consists of eight hinged panels that form a closed ring forming a lightweight portable structure for your dog.They aren't cages and are completely open air, but you should limit their time in there - no dog should be permanently caged or restricted.

They can be used with equally good results regardless if placed in a living room or outdoor yard.

The best playpens for puppies offer enough space to allow for your Yorkie dogs food and water bowls, a few toys and a comfy dog bed.

Dog play pens come in a variety of materials, there are canvas, plastic dog play pens, wire dog pens and wooden playpens.

An outdoor dog pen is made with sturdier usually metal or wire. Indoor you usually have plastic dog playpens or soft-sided pet kennels that you can fold up, transport and store.

If you are looking for something really special I recommend this 8 Panel Foldable Wooden Frame Play Center:

Some have a flexible design so that they can be set up in varying shapes and sizes to suit any area or connect together with other units to make a bigger pen.

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Using An Exercise Pen Instead Of A Crate - Pros And Cons

As before mentioned, a playpen can be used as an effective substitute for a crate. Before you decide that this answers our original question "should I get Yorkie a playpen?" there are pros and cons to consider when using an exercise pen instead of a crate.

1. A  gate is a great fantastic tool for when you may need to separate your puppy from guests, children or other pets.

2. Use it to keep your Yorkie dog away from certain rooms, away from a new baby that is on a blanket on the floor or a host of other reasons.

3. Placing your doggy playpen over tiles will prevent your Yorkie from messing your carpet.

4. When you have that new Yorkie puppy you often feel trapped. You are afraid to go out and leave it for fear it will be destructive or make a mess. An exercise pen lets you go out go out with peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and secure.

5. Playpens are great if you have a dog with puppies. Cute as puppies are, a litter of them running about can be extremely chaotic.

6. An Advantek  Outdoor Gazebo can prove very useful for those who have yards that do not have a fenced section.

What Does An Exercise Pen Do For Your Dog?

A playpen will give your Yorkie dog a sense of territory and ownership; it's her space.

This will help you prevent the all too common situation where your Yorkie starts becoming ruler of the house!

You are not creating a submissive little dog, you simply need to be considered the leader of her pack. Giving your Yorkie her own a small piece of territory will be a good start.

Outdoor Exercise Pens

These are a perfect solution for when you want to be out in the yard without worrying about your Yorkie digging or getting up to mischief.

Yorkie puppies or dogs should not be left in direct sunlight in case they overheat. Make fresh water available and put your dog exercise pen in a shady area.

For outdoor dog pens, buy a model that uses ground stakes. These will keep the pen in place and help prevent your dogs damaging the cage, hurting themselves, or betting free of the pen.

When trying to answer "should I get Yorkie a playpen?" One of the biggest advantages of playpens is that they can be used in a similar fashion as crates. However, since they offer more space and freedom, playpens may be a great alternative for dogs who do not really like their crate.

Outdoor dog pens may also be quite useful for dog owners who have yards without a fenced section.

Always remove your dog’ collars and leashes before putting them into the pen. These items can become caught in the frame trapping your little pal.

I hope that this post answers your question " should I get Yorkie a playpen?"

Although an exercise pen is not to made to be used as an alternative to exercise and regular activities, it works well for keeping your Yorkie puppy or dog healthily entertained.

Best still, the best puppy exercise pens promote good habits while reducing the frequency of bad habits; an awesome way to set your Yorkie puppy or dog up for success!

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