Socializing Yorkie Puppies- Two Cardinal Rules

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Hi, all. Socializing Yorkie puppies involves training, teaching, and familiarizing your new puppy and will continue up to at about age two.

This is where your Yorkie begins interacting with other animals, family members, children, and strangers.

Socializing Yorkie puppies not only helps your pup form a strong bond with you but also ensures that you raise a well-adjusted, confident little dog.

You may think that it looks cute when a pint-sized dog bares its teeth and tries to attack a person or even a bigger dog but this can easily convert into uncontrollable behavior.

A well-socialized dog will be easier to control than one who is constantly fearful and anxious.Owners need to be socializing Yorkie Puppies with other dogs, so that they come across meaningful challenges, mark their boundaries, do doggy things and see new faces.

“Intelligence is overrated. Two dogs who sniff each others’ butts learn more about each other in a moment than many humans understand about those they’ve known for a lifetime.” James Rozoff

Socializing Yorkie Puppies

It's your job is to help your Yorkie puppy experience different surfaces like grass, cement, tiles, wood, and puddles.

Show her different locations including friend's homes, the garage, and the back yard.

You will have had her playing with various kinds of toys. She will be meeting some of your friends, elderly people babies.

 Getting acquainted with moving objects such as squirrels, running children and vacuum cleaners. There's so much for your Yorkie to see and experience.

I Got This For You.” My Yorkie Walter brings everyone who visits a present. Whether it be one of her favorite toys or a paper plate she stole out of the trash, she has to have something in her mouth to greet them.

The First Twelve Weeks With Your Yorkshire Terrier

A good breeder will make sure that the Yorkie puppies have been are passed from hand to hand. He will make sure that they are used to TVs, vacuum cleaners, washing machines the front doorbell etc.

You should concentrate on socializing Yorkie puppies during the first three months of his life.

Socialization Yorkie puppies will continue over the next two years and on into the dog's life. The first three months is where you can make the most important progress. This is the training that will set the tone for the rest of your dog's life.

When you get your Yorkshire terrier puppy home, don't be surprised if he begins to sniff everything in the environment over and over. Soon, he will know every nook and cranny and this sniffing will stop. He will be calm and content as though he 's has lived there forever.

Yorkshire terriers tend to record all the scents in their environment. They will start sniffing again if anything changes. As soon as you've introduced him to every the room in your house and the yard take him into the neighborhood and to the local park.

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Two Cardinal Rules

1.0 Do not pick them up and pet them when they're 's afraid.

2.0 Praise them royally for being brave.

When your Yorkie looks anxious do not try to calm him down. Petting and comforting words are not on. He will think that you are praising him for being courageous. He will repeat whatever he is praised for, again and again.

Never force your Yorkshire terrier to face his fear. That will likely convert a little trepidation into extreme terror.

Instead, urge your puppy by your own example. If he’s afraid of something, leave him and go sit down next to the object of his fear.

The Yorkie will most likely begin creeping over to join you. Wait until he touches the object with his nose then give him a dog biscuit.

Walter Meets The Family

Introduce him to one or two other well-behaved, healthy, fully vaccinated dogs.He can join in with larger groups as soon as he’s had all his shots. After he has learned some social skills.

Let your dog meet a few friendly cats. Don’t let him chase them because this might trigger a life-long habit that will be hard to change.

A Yorkie puppy will soon learn how to recognize members of his new human pack. He 'll pick up their scent and the sound of their voices. The puppy will realize that she is safe to explore and meet new friends and situations without being afraid.

When socializing Yorkie puppies with young children, you need to be on the spot. You will need to supervise your Yorkies' every move. Just one little playful nip can send a child into tears, so you need to be on the scene to make sure that playful gestures don't backfire. At the same time, let the kids know that it's not OK to sit on Walter, or pull his ears.

Meeting The Neighbors

This brings us to frequent visitors to your home, who show up at your door. Help your puppy recognize these people as non-threatening.

Put your puppy on a training leash when you answer the door. Greet trusted visitors in a cheerful way that shows your puppy that you don’t need protection.

Dogs go by scent. Your puppy will recall those specific people are not to be harmed or otherwise harassed. He'll file this knowledge away and your casual visitors will feel safe when visiting your home.

Well, that's it for socializing Yorkie puppies. Hope you picked up a few useful tips.

Is your Yorkie friendly towards the other dogs in your household?

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