Everything You Want To Know About Spaying Yorkie Puppies

spaying yorkie puppies

Hi, Everyone. It's a mistake to think that dogs are only spayed to stop them mating. Spaying Yorkie puppies helps them to lead a healthy long life.

The procedure effectively eliminates the chance of your dog contacting a life-threatening infection of the uterus.

Having a Yorkie spayed greatly reduces any future risk of breast cancer.

There's no need to worry about your Yorkie. It's a routine surgery and your dog will be perfectly safe. Your dog will not become overweight. The surgery will not affect your dog's activity level in any way.

Spaying Yorkie Puppies

The veterinarian will give the Yorkie puppy a sedative. This will help her relax. During surgery, she will have inhalation anesthesia and oxygen.

A small incision is made between the dog's hind legs. The reproductive organs will then be completely removed from the body cavity.

The incisions closed with dissolving stitches.

After surgery, your dog may need to wear a cone for a few days. These cones keep spayed dogs from having to have surgical sutures re-stitched. Most dogs have no problem adjusting to the collar.

It's best to avoid any kind of jumping or strenuous exercise for the first week after spaying Yorkie puppies.


Take A Look At Maggie On Her Way Home From Spaying

The Benefit Of Having Your Dog Spayed

Spaying your dog reduces hormone levels. This makes awkward unpleasant dog care, during menstruation, a thing of the past.

A spayed Yorkie will not go into heat.She will no longer roam about looking for a mate or show up at home pregnant. This helps control the dog population and any unintended cross breeding. Spaying Yorkie puppies will prevent the possibility of a serious uterus infection that could lead to blood poisoning

Have your dog spayed before the first heat cycle.It will reduce the chance of breast cancer to zero.

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Should I Spay A Senior Yorkie?

Yes, older dogs need to be spayed.

This Is Why

  • Have your senior dog spayed. It will cut the likelihood of mammary cancer. You will eliminate any chance of ovarian cancer or uterine infection.
  • A female Yorkie can have heat cycles throughout her life. This will prevent any chance of your dog having a litter of puppies. After the age of 8, the strain of pregnancy becomes extreme This can be very unhealthy for an older female dog.
  • In older dogs, these changes can make other health issues like diabetes and epilepsy far more serious. Spaying Yorkie puppies reduces hormone changes in your little friend's bodies.

Doing Your Part As A Responsible Dog Owner

spaying yorkie puppies

Unwanted pregnancies affect tens of thousands of puppies each year. People suddenly find themselves with puppies they can't sell. They often find they cannot cope with the time or cost required to raise these puppies. These pups usually end up at a rescue center or animal shelter.

Sadly, these centers cannot find homes for all these dogs. (6,000,000 pets in animal shelters in any given year)

Spaying Yorkie puppies is one of the costs of having the dog. It’s your responsibility as a responsible Yorkie owner, to have a Yorkie in your care spayed.Check in with your local animal shelter or ASPCA. Ask about low-cost or free spaying options in your community.

Please do your part as a responsible pet owner.Help control the dog population. Reduce the number of unfortunate dogs sent to animal shelters. Have your dog spayed!

I'd love to know what you think about this issue.Let me know in the comments.

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