10 Ways To Stop A Yorkie Marking Around The House

stop a yorkie marking in the house

Hi, Everyone. Thanks for visiting today. How can you stop a Yorkie marking in the house?

My dog Gizmo marks people she likes. She never pees on signposts, trees or shrubs, but when somebody gives her attention you can bet your life she will mark them before you leave the house.

Most people put a brave face on it especially seeing she's so damn cute. Once she's marked you she never bothers you again.

When dogs sniffs pee on a tree, that's like their face book.

Let Me Tell You How I Got Her!

We had gone to the local SPCA where I saw this adorable little Yorkie.

I just had to hug and play with her. After fetching the kids, I noticed I had dog pee all down the front of my shirt.Heaven knows what they thought at the creche. 

I got back in the car and we drove back to the SPCA. The way I looked at it, she had already claimed me. I figured I might as well make her mine.

Eight years later, she's laying across my lap on the sofa. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. This little girl has added more to our lives than I ever could have imagined.

Oh and, I didn't like that shirt all that much anyway.

What Is Marking?

For a Yorkie marking in the house is a way of claiming territory, communicating mating availability and supporting the social order.

To a dog, urine is not gross or undesirable, in fact it's interesting, exciting and a way of signing their name to something. It is also a way to sense what other dogs have been in the neighborhood.

A Yorkie that has been successfully house trained may still develop marking behavior.

With marking small amounts of urine get spread about the house. The dog will keep trying to go to the same spot. If you have blocked off an area with a pet gate, every attempt will still be made to use it or your dog will choose another area in the house.

Both genders are capable of marking but males do this more than females. Neutered males and spayed females mark far less often than dogs that are intact.

Why Do Dogs Mark?

If you want to learn how to stop a Yorkie marking territory it helps to know why he's marking in the first plac

Yorkies mark What they Believe Belongs To Them

Dogs are territorial by nature. They use urine marking to assert their dominance and to mark what they believe belongs to them.

A Yorkie marking in the house is protecting his territory, family, and belongings. Your Yorkshire Terrier will mask unfamiliar odors with his own scent to help make a new environment smell like home.

If you notice that your Yorkie marking in the house, understand that he is not doing this out of spite, but out of some deep insecurity. Your little companion may sense that his area is under siege by another person or animal inside the house.

Marking can be triggered by a change in the environment. This may include a new dog in the house, a new baby, or a change of address. For a Yorkie these life changes can be stressful. An insecure dog may begin marking.

stop a yorkie marking

Your Yorkie has an improper understanding Of Hierarchy

In a dog’s mind there is no such thing as everyone being equal; there is always a leader (Alpha) of the family (pack) in the house (den).

While you may feel that it's blatantly obvious that you are the leader based on everything you do for their dog, your Yorkie might have different ideas.This will make it more difficult to stop a Yorkie marking around the house. 

Please understand that size does not matter here. Your dog will not automatically assume that you are her leader because you are 20 times his size! This is the canine way.

If the dog feels that he's the leader (Alpha) or even if he perceives that the position is up for grabs, he may mark to hold onto the role or mark to gain it.

A Yorkie who believe he's in charge will feel that as the leader, it's their role is to protect the household. 

He does this by claiming territory. The dog will spray his urine near the front door and in all important areas.

How to Stop A Yorkie Marking In The House

1.0 marking In the House Feels Good

To a Yorkie marking in the house feels good. It fills a natural urge. The longer your Yorkie has been doing it, the longer it will take to change. Don't allow your dog to get bored. Keep challenging him with new things to do and games to play.

2.0 Neuter or Spay Your Dog

Spay or neuter your dog as soon as possible. The time before neutering, the more difficult it will be to stop a Yorkie marking around the house.

I recommend that you spay or neuter a puppy at about 4 months after he has had his shots. Testosterone plays a key role in urine marking, so neutering at any age can help even if it's become a habit.

3.0 Make the area He Marks His Play Area

Try to turn the area where your dog is marking into a play area. As soon as the area has been properly cleaned, take your dog there and give her a new toy.

4.0 Feed On that Spot

I recommend that you try feeding in that spot. A dog will not usually urinate where they eat. Moving the food bowl for a week or two might just work. Off course he may just begin marking somewhere else!

5.0 Divert Your Dogs Attention

Fill and empty soda can with and tape the opening to prevent the coins flying out. As he is about to lift a leg: shake the can to get your dog's attention.

Take your dog outside. If he starts marking outside - reward that! If your dog gets high value rewards for marking outside and nothing if he does it indoors, why would he choose to mark indoors for free?

6.0 Set Rules , Boundaries and Limitations

Dogs do best when there are rules, boundaries and limitations. Do not let your dog to roam all over the house, sleep on the furniture, eat from the table, or engage in any other kind of disruptive behavior. 

Your dog is your companion, a follower in your pack, not the pack leader.

You can reduce this type of behavior by asserting yourself as the pack leader by using calm, assertive energy. Anything given needs to be earned. This will apply to a favorite toy or anything else your Yorkshire Terrier happens to want. 

Hot Tip Get your dog to obey a Sit first

Make use of the “sit ” command every chance you get. Get your dog to sit before eating, going outdoors, walking doorways, entering his crate etc. This gives your Yorkie responsibilities that don't involve lifting his leg.

7.0 Make Use Of A Pen Or gated Area

Going back to house-training basics, your dog needs to be in a gated area. Use a canvas dog pen when you are unable to keep an eye out.

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8.0 What If a new Dog Or Person Comes Into the Household

Your dog may start marking things around the house when a new dog or somebody new comes into the household.

The Your little partner feels like this person or dog is a threat and it is marking to show them that he still has ownership over the house hold.

The way to resolve this is to keep the new person or animal out of the dog's area until the two have become more acquainted.

If there is a new baby in the house make sure good things happen to your Yorkie when the baby is around.

9.0 Clean Up to prevent remarking

The best way to clean urine spots is with an enzyme cleaner. If your doggy can still smell the urine, he’s going to re-mark the area over and over.

Cleaning with soap and water won’t remove lingering urine odors. A high quality enzyme killing formula will break down tiny particles found in urine removing trace elements that tend to linger.

10.0 Never Punish After The fact

It's no use punishing your Yorkie after the fact. Discipline administered after the event is ineffective because your dog will not understand why he's being punished.

Rather concentrate on building your relationship with your dog. Punishment can make it more difficult to stop a Yorkie Marking around the house. 

Your Yorkie will soon learn that marking when you're about can be dangerous. In future he will wait until you're not looking.

One Last Thing

If you think that your Yorkshire Terrier is marking out of anxiety, speak to your vet about a short course of anti-anxiety medication.

What frustrates you most when you're trying to stop a Yorkie marking in the house?


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