Yorkies Running Off And How To Stop Them

Yorkies running off

Hello, everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog.What does it mean when a Yorkies running off every time a door is left open?

Your dog may be telling you something about himself. When a Yorkies running off, it could mean he's not happy at home. It's not necessarily that he has a bad home life. As a breed these dogs are curious. They want to be active, explore their environment and discover. If you only take him out to potty and for a brief ten-minute walk, he may run off just to seek activity and stimulation.

Good socialization in puppies usually produces a puppy that is comfortable with the world and comfortable going out and exploring it.

An Amusing Story From South Hampton England

Trevor Warland writes "One day, my mother got on the tram to go shopping. As she settled in her seat, she noticed that there were two dogs sitting next to the driver - our dog Lexie and his playmate - a little Yorkshire Terrier called Mickey."

Mum asked the conductor "What are those dogs doing up there with the tram driver?" "Are they your dogs, madam?" the conductor asked.

"Well," said Mom, "one of them is."

"Then madam," replied the conductor, "you owe Southampton Corporation Transport a few quid!" "Why?" asked my mother. " The conductor replied: Those two dogs get on a tram at this time every day and go to the recreation ground beside the river." "They have a good old run around and then catch another tram home!"

"Mother could hardly believe it, but the tram began to move, and after three stops the two dogs alighted, crossed a busy main road and disappeared into the local recreation ground." " They presumably caught a later tram back home."

What To Do When You A Yorkies Running Off

If your Yorkie makes a break when you are out walking and you are in a safe area where the dog cannot get hurt the very worst thing you can do is chase him.

For a Yorkie running off can become a splendid game of chase.

It's way better to make loud distracting noises and as soon as he looks at you and then lies down on the ground. Most times your Yorkie will come back to see what’s going on. As soon as he gets back, praise him and give him a treat.

Naturally other people in the park will think you’re insane.

How To Deal With Yorkie Escape Artists

Then there is the problem where Yorkies start finding ways to escape from the yard.

The world outside the fence smells and sounds enticing to your Yorkie.

Your Yorkshire Terrier will spot a possible escape route in no time.

Check the for any loose boards or gaps that he could squeeze through? A soft place where she can dig under the fencing? Yorkshire terriers that try get out of the yard and run off are usually those that need training or are left alone on the property alone all day.

How About This Little Guy!

Self-Rewarding Behavior And Yorkie Dogs

If your Yorkies running off at every opportunity can be a difficult problem to handle.

The main difficulty is that every time your Yorkie gets out and explores the neighborhood they actually get rewarded. They get to empty the next door rubbish bin, chase cats or hang out with some other local dogs... I 'm sure you get the idea.That's the reason running away is often called a "self-rewarding behavior". Once your dog gets into the habit of running off / escaping (and getting rewarded for it) it can be a very difficult to change his or her behavior.

So, what can you do?

Regular walks will help make sure that your dog becomes comfortable with his surroundings.If your Yorkshire terrier knows that he’s is going to get a walk as soon as you get home he will be not so inclined to want to escape.A good way to deal with Yorkies running off is to exercise them before leaving for work. After their walk, they will be likely to sleep for most of the morning.

Stopping Yorkies running off is often as simple as making sure that they have toys to keep them distracted, suitable shelter from the weather, water and a comfortable place to sleep.

One Last Thing

Dogs that are neutered/spayed are far less likely to run away or roam. If you're not a professional dog breeder then it is always advisable to neuter your puppies.

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