Stop Your Yorkie Jumping Up As You Come Through The Door

stop your yorkie jumping up

Hello, everyone. Thanks for your lovely comments. I love hearing from you. Let's take a look at how to stop your Yorkie jumping up as you come through the front door.

It’s important that your Yorkie learns how to greet people without jumping up on them for a little attention. Start teaching her when she's a puppy so you never have to undo a well-practiced routine.

You may be rewarding your dog for jumping up on you by giving her what she wants. Your little partner may view, negative attention as better than no attention.

She probably doesn't realize that when you push her off or yell GET DOWN that you're attempting to change her annoying behavior. From her point of view this is exactly what she wants, your undivided attention!

When, any type of attention your Yorkie gets from you, or your family and friends, is seen as a reward its going to make sense that instead of rewarding her with attention, you make it even more rewarding for her to keep all four paws on the ground.

How To Stop Your Yorkie Jumping Up On You

Get Her To Sit Instead

Start at home by making sure your Yorkie puppy will sit reliably on command.

Train her to sit by holding a dog treat in front of her nose and moving it upwards and over her head until her butt hits the ground while telling her to 'SIT'.

When she does give her the treat. Repeat this until she is quick to sit down when you ask her to.

Getting family and friends To cooperate

Everyone who comes into contact with your Yorkie has to reinforce your efforts to correct this behavior. 

It's senseless to you give your puppy a cuddle when she jumps up on you, but then admonish her when she jumps up on a visitor.

You can’t control everyone your Yorkie meets. Most notably those annoying folks that say “it’s alright, I don’t mind if your puppy jumps on me.”

Teaching Your Yorkie To stop Jumping Up On Other People

1.0 Get a friend to come to the front door, armed with some tasty dog treats. When they come through the door and your puppy looks like she's just about to jump, your friend should tell her 'SIT'.

2.0 As soon as your dog sits, your friend should approach the her. Your dog will probably get up and move toward her.

3.0 At that moment, your friend stops dead, turns away and retreats.

4.0 Repeat step 1 and 2.

5.0 If the dog gets up, your friend stops and retreats again.

6.0 Once your Yorkie pup holds her sit until your friend has reached her, give her the treat and lots of praise.

This routine should be repeated and again. It won’t be long before your Yorkie sits down when a visitor approaches, hoping to receive something yummy.

stop your Yorkie jumping up Outdoors In Public

stop your yorkie jumping up

The next phase in your little friend's training is to take her out, to meet people in the street.

  • Just as before, arrange for a friend to meet you out on your walk, equipped with a pocket of delicious snacks.
  • You’ll be ready to gauge when your Yorkie puppy is about to jump up on them, and they should instantly tell her “SIT” and reward when she does as she’s asked.

This method is very effective because rather than asking to stop doing something, you are teaching her an alternative behavior which is rewarding.

Don’t be taken aback if your Yorkie starts to sit down quite nicely alongside anybody she meets.

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Another Way to Stop Your Yorkie Jumping Up 

Ignore Your Dog

The minute you see your dog is ready to jump up at you, turn your body away from him.

This will cause your dog to miss you, or simply deflect him off you.

While doing this don't make any eye contact with her dog and don't say anything. Ignore your associate completely.

Make it clear that when she jumps she gets nothing at all from you.

Once your Yorkie has calmed down and quits jumping, you get down to her level and give her some attention and a special scratch behind her ear.

Reward her with a yummy treat for keeping her four paws on the floor.

This will eventually stop your Yorkie jumping up. The only problem is that it will be a slow process because you need to wait while she realizes that jumping isn’t getting her any attention and chooses to stop.

Do you have any other suggestions that will stop your Yorkie jumping up on you. Please share them in the comment section below this post. Thank you!

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