6 Ways To Stop Your Yorkie Puppy Biting You

stop your Yorkie puppy biting you.

Hello, everyone.Today we are looking at how to stop your Yorkie puppy biting you.

When you get that new Yorkshire Terrier pup home you might find that after a while she begins to bite.

This playful biting may seem harmless but still shouldn’t be tolerated. It can lead to much more offensive biting once they grow up.

There's a big difference between aggressive defensive biting and biting because of teething.

In this post, I will be concentrating on causes other than teething that can be solved by providing your puppy with some chew toys.

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Why Your Yorkie may Have Started Biting

  • She may be afraid.
  • Perhaps shes in pain.
  • Your puppy may think she's protecting you or her territory.
  • Shes already developed a habit.

With the right training, you can find ways to get a Yorkie to get your Yorkie puppy to stop biting

Ruling Out Health-Related Reasons

A dog that suddenly starts to nip might have a medical problem. While a few health problems can be quite clear, others are not that noticeable.

Whenever a normally well-behaved dog begins to bite, it's possible she's in pain.The dog feels vulnerable and lashes out attempting to bite anybody who comes close.

The most caring dog owner could be considered a threat. If biting occurs out of the blue a dog should be taken for a checkup with a vet.

How To Get Your Yorkie Puppy To Stop Biting

Puppies learn to bite with their litter mates. Early training works best to correct this behavior. If it is not dealt with, biting will become a habit the puppy carries into her adult life.

So, lets get started!

1.0 Consistency is very important when it comes to finding ways to stop your Yorkie puppy biting you.

Don't allow playful biting one day and then scold him the next. This inconsistency will only confuse your puppy. Begin, as you mean to go on, with a ‘no biting’ policy.

2.0 One of the ideal ways to stop your Yorkie puppy biting you is to react like your Yorkie's mother, or litter mates would have. 

That is by letting out a loud yelp.The next time she bites, let out a similar yelp. Do this every time your Yorkie bites you. Get other family members to do the same. Your Yorkie puppy will soon realize biting is not okay.

3.0 Distract Your Yorkie when she bites. A Yorkie puppy that has lots of fun chew toys will be less likely to bite your hands and feet.

4.0 It’s crucial that you never smack a puppy for biting. This will only serve to confuse your Yorkie. It will not stop your dog biting.

5.0 It's important to prove you're the boss of the household. (the pack leader in doggy terms).

If you fail to prove your alpha status your Yorkie might try to take over your role. Biting is just one way your Yorkie will try to affirm his dominance. If your Yorkie puppy knows you're the boss it will be easier to teach her better behavior.

6.0 Teach Your Yorkie "Off "

  • Hold a dog snack in your fist. 
  • When she tries to get the treat tell her 'OFF'.
  • If your puppy holds back from going for the treat give it to her with lots of praise. Every time your Yorkie does go for the treat tell her 'OFF' and don't open your hand.
  • In no time your dog will know that 'OFF' means “do not touch”.

Any time that you see your Yorkie puppy closing in for a bite, tell her 'Off". Actually, my dog responds better to 'GEROFF'

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What Can I Do If the Habits Already Formed?

Despite the fact an adult Yorkie is small, their bite can still hurt. If your Yorkie continues biting as an adult you need to get it under control as soon as you can. It will be more difficult to find ways to get Yorkies to quit biting at the adult stage, but it can be done.

1.0 See Your Vet

If you think your dog is ill book an appointment with your vet to get your dog checked out. An over excited or unsettled Yorkie may also bite. Try to discover the reasons behind your dog's anxious behavior so you can find a way to help.

2.0 Ignore Your Dog When She Bites

For adult dogs completely ignore her for a while. Go out of the room, and carry on as though she were invisible.You should not look speak or touch your dog.

Show your little associate that biting leads to being shunned. On the other hand not biting ensures lots of games, plenty of attention, yummy treats and praise.

When my dog begins nipping heels and interfering with your visitors I put him in his exercise pen.

After 10 minutes, let your dog out. Wait a few minutes with no biting then give your Yorkshire Terrier praise, hugs and a tasty treat.

one Final Thing

If you are still encountering difficulties after trying all these ways to get  a Yorkie to stop biting you may have to consider getting a professional dog trainer to help. A good trainer will help you re-establish your leadership role which should help you find ways to stop your Yorkie puppy biting you.

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