How To Teach Your Yorkie To Stop Barking

teach your Yorkie to stop barking

Hi, everyone. Today I would like to give you three ways to teach your Yorkie to stop barking. 

A Yorkie is a lovable little dog with a large colorful personality and they like barking. Any time your doorbell chimes, or if there is some kind of noise other than the usual your Yorkshire Terrier will bark.

For a Yorkie, barking is a natural means of communication! She wants to protect you and your the household that she regards as her personal territory.

This is normal doggy behavior but when your Yorkie goes on barking for no apparent reason, then it has become an irritable habit and a damn nuisance, not just to your family but to your neighbors as well.

There are several ways to teach your Yorkie to stop barking. You need to find the right one for the dog.

teach your Yorkie to stop barking

How To teach your Yorkie to stop barking barking

Teaching your Yorkie the Calming Method

Getting your Yorkie to feel safe is key when you need to teach your Yorkie to stop barking.

When she feels secure and comes to accept common noises she may hear, such as the mailman arriving she won't bark as much as she does now.

1.0  Create a scenario that will get your dog to bark

2.0  Your Yorkie may be barking because she thinks its her job to protect you and the home.

3.0  As soon as she starts barking, pick her up and assure her she's okay. Pet her and snuggle with her. This might not stop her barking, but it will calm her down and make her feel safe.

4.0  Now teach your Yorkie the 'QUIET' command. Any time you hold her tell her 'QUIET'. As she calms down she will automatically quiet down.

5.0  As you tell your dog 'QUIET' and she settles down, reward her with a treat.

Any time she barks, build up her confidence, tell her 'QUIET' and give her a treat when she stops barking. It won't be long before, she will learn to stop barking when you give the cue or when you hold her.

Teaching Your Yorkie The Redirect Method

Teaching your Yorkie not to bark becomes more about catching her in the act and redirecting her behavior.

1.0  Set up an area where you are going to send your dog. This can be her bed or a crate where your Yorkie will be expected to go when you need her to stop barking.

2.0 Create a situation that will get your Yorkie to bark. This could be a loud noise or the chiming of your doorbell. Anything to get her excited.

3.0 As your little associate starts barking, immediately redirect her. Point to her bed or the crate and tell her to go there. She could be running to the front door when the bell rings, barking all the way. In this case, pick her up and put him on her bed.

4.0  Encourage your Yorkie to stay on her bed by giving her a treat and tell her 'STAY'.

5.0 Continue to work with your Yorkie challenging her to go to her bed or crate as a redirection any time she starts to bark.

6.0 Always remember to reward her for good choices.

7.0 Any time your Yorkie barks, redirect her, ask him to 'STAY', and give the 'NO Barking' command. With the help of a distraction like a yummy treat, she will begin to associate the cue 'NO BARKING' with being quiet on her bed or in her crate.

teach your Yorkie to stop barking

What To do If Barking's Due To a lack Of Proper Socialization

Your Yorkie may be barking because of the lack of proper socialization skills

When your Yorkie barks every time somebody walks by the house she is becoming an annoyance. You can teach your Yorkie to stop barking using socialization training.

Take your dog for walks around the neighborhood and let her meet new people, children, and other dogs that she becomes accustomed to different sights and sounds. This will help reduce the stress level of your dog and make her less likely to bark all the time.

If your dog does start barking, don’t yell at her. Go up to her and tell her 'NO Barking' and get her to 'SIT'. As soon as your dog stops barking praise her and give her a treat.

Are you are trying to teach your Yorkie to stop barking and feel you need a little more help? Please contact me. I would love to help. Please use the contact box below this post. Thank you!


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