Teaching A Yorkie To Sit – 6 Simple Steps

teaching a yorkie to sit

Hey, friends.Teaching a Yorkie to sit is the foundation for all obedience. All other commands, learning, and control start with this one simple exercise.

Sitting is useful behavior for many situations, but it's also the start of establishing relationship roles between you and your new little friend. Once you finish teaching a Yorkie puppy to sit you will have his attention and this will help make the future easier.

Your puppy should have to sit before she gets a treat, a toy or before she receives her dinner. It's basic discipline!

teaching yorkie to sit

Let's take an example where your little friend who drags you toward the door, gasping and choking all the way. Your dog jumps at the door and rushes through as soon as you open it.

This dog has no respect for his owner. Instead of allowing all the pulling and choking, you insist upon a “sit” by the door, along with a “stay”.

Now you will always be the one to go through a doorway first. Once you have gone through, a cheerful release word “OKAY” signals that your dog may follow. then if you have to lock the door, another “sit” will be required while your dog waits to begin the walk.

Teaching A Yorkie To Sit

Make sure that it's just you and your Yorkie in a secluded area. As soon as you've got his attention you can begin.

1. Hold a dog treat between your index finger and thumb palm facing up.

2. Let your dog smell or even lick at the dog treat.

3. Tell your Yorkie "sit" as you raise your hand slowly over his head, letting him follow the treat with his nose.

Hold the treat just high enough to get him to sit. If it's too high he will jump up trying to reach the treat.

4. As the dog begins raising his head, his rear will begin to lower toward the floor. As soon as his but touches the floor, tell him "good sit" and give him the treat.

Always reinforce and reward sit or any other command at the precise moment it happens.

5. When you begin training give your Yorkie a treat every time he sits. Always offer enthusiastic praise.

6. After a week or two, when your little friend has mastered sitting for treats begin offering the treats intermittently but continue to offer praise.

Treat Pouch

What If The Yorkie Won't Move

If your Yorkie does not sit after a few tries attempts you can physically help him into place.

Of course, it's better to use a hands-off approach. Try combining the use of food as a lure while you tuck his butt under.

Again the second his bottom touches the ground tell him "good sit."

Teaching Hand Signals

Gradually teaching a Yorkie to sit with your hand signal without using treats.Once the dog has mastered the first steps raise an empty hand, bending at the elbow.

Use this hand signal and verbal cue without a dog treat in your hand. Practice Gradually exchanging the treat for a hand signal.

The last stage is to only use the verbal cue.

Becoming An Expert 

Practice for 5 minutes, twice per day by asking the dog to sit in increasingly distracting situations.

Ask your dog to sit when you give him something he likes such as access to outside, his food bowl, or petting.

Now you Are Ready to Tackle "STAY."

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