Teaching A Yorkie To Stay- 6 Easy Steps

 teaching a yorkie to stay

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Teaching a Yorkie to stay can be a little more challenging than other commands because your dog will naturally want to follow you.

Once your Yorkie pup has mastered the "SIT" and "DOWN" commands, he's ready to learn the "STAY." There's not much point in your puppy going into the sitting position if he's going to jump right back up and continue what he was before doing.

The stay command is to keep your Yorkie in a sit or down position until he is told otherwise. Your puppy has to learn to ignore distractions and stay in whatever position you have asked him to assume.

Teaching A Yorkie To Stay

1.0 Have your puppy on her leash in a sit or down position. Stand right in front of her.

2.0 Now tell her "stay" and hold your hand in front of her like a stop sign.

3.0 Reward your puppy a dog trea every couple of moments that she sits, and praise her saying "good stay."

4.0 Keep your face and body directed at your puppy and, begin to step around him.

5.0 Keep rewarding her as long as she stays.

6.0 Release the Yorkie by telling her " OK " in a happy tone, but don 't give her a treat.

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It's best to start teaching a Yorkie to stay with your dog on her leash.

This will give you more control if she breaks away from the stay.

If your Yorkie breaks away get her right back and begin again.Be sure to reward her for the behavior. Don't make the error of telling the dog " stay ", releasing her and then rewarding her.

When you release her don't give her a treat. If you do she will associate the reward with the release.

When you 're walking around your puppy make sure that you keep facing her.

Try to sidestep in a semicircle around the dog. At first, you might only be able to do a step or two before the dog breaks the stay.

The longer the dog stays, the further you should try to move around the dog. Your goal is to walk a full circle around the Yorkshire Terrier.

When you get behind the dog he might become nervous, so you will have to work gradually to that level.

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Getting Your Dog To Stay Down

To begin with, your Yorkie will only give you a few of seconds of stay. That's fine. Build on that.

Reward those couple of seconds while the dog conforms.

You build a strong stay very slowly.

If she tries to stand up all the time, put one hand behind his shoulder-blade to keep her down while tell her "stay."

Always keep the one hand on a squirming dog. Use your other hand to make the stop sign and give him treats. Don’t give her any chance to stand up. When the dog stops squirming use the free hand's method.

Proceed until your dog perfects her stay.

Including Distance, Distraction, and Duration

Next, we begin adding some distance. Then we add a few distractions. You will need a little help for this one.

A kid bouncing a ball will be an ideal distraction for your Yorkie.

Finally, increase the length of "DOWN " stay to say ten to fifteen minutes and "SIT " stay to about three. Your goal is to combine all three: distance, distraction, and duration.Remember to display a lot of patience with your puppy, as she will not learn anything overnight.

Try to get a five-minute down stay while you are about fifteen feet away and balls are flying past the Yorkies head.

Add these to the training one at a time and then attempt different combinations as the puppies concentration gets better.

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