Teach Your Yorkie Puppy To ‘DROP IT’ – 7 Easy Steps

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Hi, Everyone Today I want to cover how to teach your Yorkie puppy to 'DROP IT'. (Release an item from her mouth when you ask)

Do not think that teach your Yorkie puppy to 'DROP IT' is going to be a walk in the park.It's sure to take some time and a lot of patience before your dog gets it.

Beneath that angelic face and sweetheart shape, the Yorkshire Terrier has a pretty uncooperative nature. So, be prepared for some obstinacy in training.

Setting him your little partner up for success will avoid frustration and speed up the learning process. Try to schedule about 15 minutes every day in 5 minute sessions using small bite sized treats. 

You won't have to be too harsh. A calm firm tone and constant rewards for good progress will do the trick.

How To Teach Your Yorkie Puppy To 'Drop It'

'DROP IT' is a very important lesson that could save your new little partners life if she gets hold of a chicken bone or something equally dangerous.

1. Have a few things your puppy likes to chew and a few bite sized treats and you're ready to begin training.

2. Have a bite sized treat ready in your free hand and let your puppy chew on one of the items.As soon as he has his mouth on the object, put the treat close to his nose and tell your puppy 'DROP IT'.

Praise her when she opens her mouth. Let her eat the treat as you pick up the item with your other hand and return it to her.

3. Try to get her to pick the object up again so you can continue practicing.

If you find that you have trouble getting her to pick up another object, don't stress. Just, have a few treats handy throughout the day and whenever you see her pick up a toy ask her to "DROP IT' following the instructions outlined in 1-3 above.

Try for 5-10 successful 'DROP IT' repetitions every day until you've completed all the steps.?

4. After you've completed about a dozen successful repetitions, follow the training in step 2 exactly, but this time fool your puppy.

Pretend you have a treat in your hand and tell her 'Drop IT'. She will more than likely drop the object. Give her a few treats the first time you fool her like this. Continue practicing until she will "drop it" the minute you use the cue.

5. Now we up the ante getting her to drop a tasty item.Offer a bully stick to your puppy but hold onto one end and don't let go!

Let her put his mouth on the other end and then tell her 'DROP IT' pretending to show her a treat. Give her a few treats the first time she lets go .Now try it again. Practice this until she's letting you take the item when you use the cue.

6. Get a hard chew she likes and some small cheese cubes. This time, offer the chew to your dog, let go of it and then immediately tell her 'DROP IT' while pretending to show her a treat. When she does drop it, give her all your cheese cubes, and then give her the chew to keep!

7. Now teach your Yorkie puppy to 'DROP IT' with things that interest her but she's not allowed to chew such as slippers, socks, tissues or wrappers. Now take your training outside and try items like sticks, pine cones, twigs etc

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One Final Thing

Yorkshire terriers get bored very quickly so make some time for play between training sessions. Reward them with vocal praises after they have done something right and be sure to go over the top with it.

When your Yorkie begins to obey a particular command, praise her as though your life depends on it!

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God Bless

Richard S.

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