Training Yorkie Puppies To Walk On The Leash

yorkie puppies on leash

Hello everyone thanks for visiting the blog today.I am so pleased that you are getting value from the products that you buy through my links. Thanks for the feedback! I am looking at training Yorkie puppies to walk on the leash.

Please don't imagine that your Yorkie puppy automatically knows this stuff! For some puppies, it can be a real shock to find the leash hanging off his or her neck.Its an even a bigger surprise when it's pulled up short, stopping him in his tracks.

Training Yorkie Puppy To Walk On The Leash - 8 Steps

1.0  The Collar

The first step training Yorkie puppies to walk on the leash is to get your little friend familiar with a collar. For teacup Yorkies, you can also use a dog harness.

It's a good idea to fit the collar on your puppy when you feed him or during play. This way he will have a bit of a distraction from the leather dog collar. He'll most likely roll about trying to dislodge it or attempt to scratch it off. When he starts doing this don't take it off him. Wait until your puppy has calmed down and forgotten about it before you remove it.

2.0 Introduction to his leash

Once your puppy has become used to his dog collar it's time to introduce a leash.

I seldom recommend a dog retractable leash for Yorkies. Yorkie dogs are inquisitive by nature and therefore likely to enthusiastically approach a new dog coming down the road.

Your Yorkie can easily pull ahead on a retractable leash and get within striking distance of a not-so-friendly dog before you can react.

With a reflective dog leash, like the one my Yorkie has on the image, you can swiftly pull your Yorkie out of harm’s way.

Clip the leash onto your dog's collar, let him or her drag it around the house. Don't allow it to become tangled in awkward positions, the legs and neck or caught in your furniture.

The Yorkie Puppy should forget about it after a while.

3.0 Around The House

Now that your Yorkie puppy has accepted his collar and the leash, it's time to pick up the other end of the leash.

To begin just walk around the house with the standard dog leash in hand. Have your puppy trotting along side you. When he starts walking along on a fairly loose leash give him loads of praise, petting and perhaps even a dog biscuit.

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Should you find that your Yorkie is pulling really hard you should not be surprised. Nearly all dogs will do that to start with. When your puppy strains on the leash, stop immediately. Call him back over to you and reward him when he comes. Never continue walking when your puppy is pulling on the leash.

4.0 Yard Work

Practice walking inside the house and in the yard. Practice does make perfect. You will find this to be true once you longer walks in busier areas.

5.0 Venturing Out

When your puppy has become used to walking with the leash inside the house its time to venture out.

When training Yorkie puppies to walk on the leash people often let their dogs get all excited before going for a walk. They announce in an excited tone of voice as "let's go for a walk" or "who wants to walk" or something similar.

This way before you even open the front door the dog is jumping, attempting to chew the leash. He/she may be doing back flips. The puppy feels excited and ready to bolt at the first chance he gets. The dog often takes the embarrassed owner for a walk stopping and turning as he pleases.

Here is what I suggest 

Call the puppy and to attach the leash to the collar. Instruct the dog to sit before opening the door. Ensure that your dog is calm and ready to take its rightful position next to you .

Holding a dog biscuit close to your puppies nose get his attention give the command "Let's go" and move off. Start off with a few steps and then stop. As soon as you stop, give your puppy some praise and the treat.

Boot Camp

6.0 More Advanced Training

Once you start walking again practice changing direction, and vary speed you walk.

The walk should only continue if there is enough slack in the leash. If you don't get the slack because your puppy is pulling, stop the walk until you do.

You are teaching your puppy that he's allowed to continue walking as long as there's no pulling. Your Yorkie puppy has to learn that when he or she pulls on the leash, they get nowhere.

7.0 Just a step to the Right

Pay attention to which way your puppy is trying to lead. If your dog goes left, take a step to the right and keep walking. If the dog goes right then you go left. Keep doing this until your dog picks up on what you're doing and responds easily.

8.0 No Biting

Stop your puppy any time he mouths or bites on his leash. Tell your dog "No" and quickly take the leash out of his mouth without playing tug-of-war. If he persists, repeat the word "No" and use a firm but gentle tug up with the leash to free it from his mouth.

Training Yorkie puppies to walk on the leash is very easy to do.With bright dogs like Yorkshire Terriers, it's usually an extremely quick process.

God Bless

Richard S.

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