Understanding Changes In Yorkie Behavior

changes in yorkie behavior

Hello, Everybody. Thanks for visiting the blog today. Today I want to cover understanding changes in Yorkie behavior.

After about six months, just when you think that your new little family member is comfortably settled and has stopped chewing everything in sight, you may begin to notice alarming changes in Yorkie behavior.

Your Yorkie may start to display signs that he/she is developing a mind of their own.

So far he/she has been a very good dog and has come when you called. Now, your dog is straying a little farther away in the park. He/she is taking his/her own sweet time to come back.

Noticing The Changes In Yorkie Behavior

A Yorkies' behavior is constantly changing. Sometimes it's for the better, sometimes for the worse. Things are going to improve if you work with your adolescent little associate. I can assure you they will become worse if you don’t.

Adolescence is when everything begins to fall apart. You will have to make a concerted effort to see it through. Adolescence a critical time. If you ignore your dog’s education now and you will quickly be coexisting with a badly behaved, hyperactive little dog.

Basic Manners

Basic manners might tend to take a sharp dive as your puppy starts to develop adult doggy interests.Your dog may begin investigating other dogs’ private parts, rolling in unidentifiable smelly stuff, and chasing the cat.

You have done the basics like come stay sit and roll over.Your puppy has learned to look up to you with unwavering attention and respect. Now suddenly your dog is easily distracted.

Failing to come when called. All of a sudden he won’t come, won’t sit, won’t stay. She prefers to pull on the leash and become hyperactive.


Socialization also heads downhill. Your Yorkie is becoming progressively less socialized toward unfamiliar people. He is intolerant of everyone except a small circle of intimate friends.

Your dog gets spooked by your household guests.Backing off, and snapping with hackles raised.

Puppy socialization is important to your enjoyable continued socialization with your little friend. He should continue to meet people and other dogs or develop into an unfriendly little beast.

She doesn't seem to be able to distinguish right from wrong.

Punishing her for these kinds of Yorkie behavior problems would be foolishness. He will only get confused and may not even know why he’s getting punished.

changes in Yorkie behavior

Dealing With Adolescent Yorkie Temperament

Yorkshire Terriers also go through their teenage years (thankfully over in months, not years).

This new Yorkie behavior does not mean that she’s forgotten what you have taught her. He/she is not showing her true colors. It's just another learning phase.

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Uncontrollable Yorkie Behavior

Yorkie behavior problems can often be traced back to factors that the owner may have had absolutely no control over.

For instance, if a Yorkshire Terrier pup is removed from its mother and siblings before it is seven weeks old.the puppy will not have had time to learn some of the basic skills required to fit in.

You may be faced with developmental problems that can be hard to deal with.On the other hand, Beagle puppies left with the litter for longer periods start to show a need for social order. That can easily trigger long-term personality issues.

If your Yorkie was used to being the top dog in its litter that behavior could follow her for the rest of her life. She may try to boss you!

You need to understand how to these circumstances have led to changes in Yorkie behavior. That way you will be able to train your dog properly.

These dogs are very clever not difficult to train. Just be aware that there are some character features that are often obstacles when it comes to training Yorkies.

Yorkie Character

Yorkshire Terriers are independent and stubborn little dogs.

You need to understand that it becomes more difficult to train your Yorkie when it gets older.

The problem is that you may have inadvertently rewarded bad behavior when your dog was a puppy. She may have developed a lot of bad habits.These will be difficult to change.

If you do not know anything about training your Yorkie, it may be a good idea to find some professional training.

 You will need to follow some key recommendations in obedience training.It demands a consistent and firm approach.

Did you notice a change in your dog's behavior with the approach of adolescence?


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