Why Some Yorkie’s Whine And What Can Be Done About It

why some yorkies whine

Hello, everybody. Trust me there’s nothing more annoying if you are working from home, than a whining puppy. That's why we are going to look at why some Yorkies whine and what can be done about it.

Newborn Yorkshire Terrier puppies find themselves in a rather helpless state but fortunately, mom is always around to help when they are in trouble. They whine to let mom know when they’re hungry or cold.

It’s also how she locates her puppies if they stray. In fact, whining is instinctive behavior for a Yorkie pup. Her whines get their reward .. warmth, food, and attention.

How Owners Often Reinforce Whining Behavior

Once adopted into a new family the puppy soon learns how to use whining to manipulate his owners when she feels bored or wants attention.

It's up to the new puppies owner to make sure that whining doesn’t get out of hand. When Yorkies are puppies owners usually find this this whining cute. The problem is that they grow up!

If you don't understand why Yorkies whine and give them undue attention and affection when the do, you will be teaching them to whine all the time.

Trust me there’s nothing more annoying than a constantly whining puppy

Here's how it works. Concerned about the poor little darling being afraid of being left alone in their crate at night, owners often rush to console them.

They want to let them know that "mom'' is there. Attempts to reassure new puppies teaches them a valuable lesson - whining works!

What To Do When Yorkies Whine

I can't tell you how much entertainment our Yorkie puppy provides. Our days are so much brighter just because she's around.

We have a cupboard where we keep her dog toys. We like to rotate them every couple of days.

She goes right up to this cupboard and it takes her few seconds to get it open. After that, she tries her hardest to get her toys. The problem she has is that we keep them the top shelf.

She will stand there and whine at them until we distract her or go search through all of them until we find the one she wants.

Why Yorkies Whine - what can Be Done About It?

Yorkie puppies are natural whiners. Here's why Yorkies whine and some ideas on what to do about it.

Pain Or Injury

Some dogs whine when they are in pain. If your dog starts whining for no particular reason look for signs of discomfort or injury. If you find an injury or can see your little friend is experiencing some type of discomfort or distress, consult with your vet.

Your Dogs Needs

Your Yorkshire Terrier may be trying to attract your attention for comfort, water, food or warmth. You could find your dog whining in front of her empty water bowl or perhaps she wants to go outside. This is normal canine behavior and nothing to worry about.


A dog may try to appease people or other dogs when they perceive a threat or meet another aggressive dog.

This behavior is normally accompanied by pawing, muzzle-nudge and twisting movements.

Your puppy may lick, adopt a lower grovelling body posture with ears back a submissive grin, and hindquarters wagging.

All this is your dog’s way of telling a more dominant dog, “I give up.” If your Yorkshire Terrier does give you an appeasement whine, your best response is to acknowledge it quietly, and then walk off. To your dog, this means, “Apology accepted.”


You may have wondered why Yorkies whine when they're frustrated. He/she may be trying to get a look at a neighbors dog behind a fence.She may be trying to get out of the house to chase birds or the cat.

A frustrated dog may show obsessive behavior while whining, like scratching at the door or digging next to the fence. She is whining out of frustration and an inability to reach the object of their attention.


Stressful situations are another reason Yorkies whine. There may be thunder storms or loud noises during the day. The dog will try to escape by avoiding people or hiding under beds or in the bathroom.

This kind of whining is difficult to eliminate unless the cause of anxiety is found. A fearful dog will whine at the same time showing submissive body language, possibly even trembling. Anxious whining is usually accompanied by pacing, circling and licking.

Separation Anxiety

If your Yorkie begins whining just before you leave home or during your absence, he may have separation anxiety. There will be pacing, panting, excessive drooling and, destruction. (especially around doors and windows) Your dog may pee or poo indoors showing signs of depression or distress.

This is a serious problem that' s far easier to prevent than to treat, so prevention is where you should start. Teach your puppy to feel comfortable in a dog crate, playpen or puppy proofed area in your house. Build your dogs independence by making time in your day for the puppy to be alone

Aroused when Greeting People

Dogs whine when you return home or when greeting visitors because they’re excited, and in an extremely aroused state. This kind of excitement comes with a lot of jumping, circling, yapping, and activity in general.

This is the time to practice “no talk, no touch, no eye contact,” until she settles down. Try greeting your pup with a calmer tone and demeanor.

Your pup will likely copy your actions and will tone down her unruly behavior. When visitors show up try to avoid speaking in excited, loud tones. Ask them to wait to interact with your dog until she is less excited.

She Wants Attention

Yorkshire Terriers love attention. This is one of the major reasons why Yorkies whine. It's important to learn when and how to give it.

If you’re cooking dinner or busy with the kids, your little associate may use whining as a gentle reminder that she is there. The dog wants to play, needs to potty, or go for a walk .

This type of whining is often accompanied by pacing or an intense stare, both of which are tough to ignore.

The trick is wait until your dog calms down before you give her attention. Ignore your dog when she is whining to gain your attention.

Don’t respond to her whining. Do not look in your dog’s direction. Use dramatic body language. Turn away and fold your arms. ignore her so that they understand that this attention-seeking behavior will not work.

As soon as your Yorkie has stopped whining, take  her out immediately or reward her with attention. She will soon learn to associate being quiet with the attention she wants.

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I know you may find that ignoring your little friend is difficult. It helps your conscience if you know that your dogs getting plenty of exercise and playtime.

Tip! Treat dispensing dog toys like the Kong Classic filled with peanut butter are a great distraction.

“You can always trust a dog that likes peanut butter.” Kate DiCamillo, Because of Winn-Dixie

One Last Thing

Don't scream, shout or smack your dog in trying to curb whining behavior. This kind of negative reinforcement won't help at all. Yelling at your dog is actually a form of attention. Your Yorkie is seeking precisely that.

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