Yorkie Won’t Eat – What To Do When Your Dog Refuses To Eat

yorkie won't eat

Hello, Everyone. Whether you’ve had your dog for years or you’ve just adopted your first puppy, it can be very troubling when your Yorkie won’t eat. An almost endless list of problems can cause a Yorkshire Terrier to go off her food. Some are trivial but others can be potentially life-threatening.

When your Yorkie retreats to seclusion, suffers from dizziness, physical weakness or sleepiness after his refusal to eat, she may need urgent medical attention.

As an owner, you should be worried over your Yorkie refusing to eat when she:

  • Experiences a frequent loss of appetite
  • Cannot be tempted by food
  • Turns into a picky eater
  • Does not want to eat at all

I make it a rule with my dogs to take them to your vet if they’ve missed one of the meals they normally get and decide to leave the next one. It's best not to wait longer than that with a Yorkie puppy. It's essential to take a trip to your vet if your Yorkie won’t eat for more than 24 hours

yorkie won't eat

Don't Panic!

​There are many reasons why a dog might go through a loss of appetite. It's perfectly natural to worry, but most of the reasons a Yorkie won’t eat are easily correctable. The first step is to find out why your dog isn't eating.

When a Yorkie is not feeling well, a full workup, including blood and urine tests, will usually reveal what the problem is. If there's no medical issue, then it's time to look for other reasons why the dog won't eat.

Should it turn out to be a behavior problem, your vet will advise you how to get your dog to eat.

A poor appetite should not be taken likely. A decreased appetite has the potential to be a serious issue in the longer term, because low weight can have grave consequences for smaller dogs like Yorkshire Terriers.

Yorkie Won't Eat 

What To Do When Your Dog Refuses To Eat

Yorkie won't eat

Call the Vet

An experienced professional will be able to perform a proper examination and provide you with the necessary tests to find the underlying health issues.

Your dog not eating doesn’t always indicate some serious disease, but veterinary help could be important because it could be a sign of significant illness, including liver problems, kidney failure, pain, cancer, or various systemic infections.

The vet could discover something that's been giving your pet problems for months, and now you can get the necessary care and may even save your dog's life.

If it is a serious medical problem your dog might have to stay at the clinic for a few days for treatment and observation. The vet will probably recommend a prescription diet to meet your pet’s nutritional needs while the disease is being addressed.

When your Yorkie has an infection, the vet will prescribe an antibiotic. She will recommend that your dog is sedated and given a thorough clean-up if its a dental problem.

There's Been A Vaccination

Vaccinations, do include such side effects as loss of appetite. In time, your dog should be back to normal and be eating regularly.

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A Change In Perceived Taste

Sometime Yorkie puppies and dogs begin to dislike dry kibble or other kinds of commercial dog food. Yorkshire Terriers tend to pick at their food. Yours may become selective in her eating habits. Your dog may get to prefer a particular choice of food and decide she will not eat until you serve her their favorite diet. A food she once loved food may now not be tempting at all

It may not be just the flavor, the preferred texture of her dog food may call for a much-needed change.

Teething Yorkshire Terrier puppies have sore gums and a combination of loose and emerging teeth can lead to a refusal to eat hard kibble because it causes discomfort.

An older, senior dog may also need to be switched to a softer diet.

After examination, you may find the need to switch out the food. This can do wonders in restoring your little associate's appetite. Remember, this should be done gradually so that you avoid sudden digestive difficulties.

You should mix the new food with the formula she's already familiar with. Over the course of a week, add less and less of the old food until you've made a complete change.

Yorkie won't eat

Has Your Yorkie Been Exposed to Table Scraps?

An exposure to table scraps could be a reason for your Yorkie won’t eat. These dogs often find human food more tasty, flavored, textured, and tempting. Once she has had a chance to eat human food, she may not eat dog food for a few days.

Adding some extra food to your dog's kibble is a great way to add something new to that same old boring food, but doing it too much can turn into a bad habit.

Treats should account for no more than 10 percent of her daily calories. Too many treats will teach her to rely only on these extras for sustenance rather than her food.

Human food or treats should be given sparingly so she doesn't hold off on eating her normal food for treats.

Do not be tempted to give your Yorkie table scraps. If your Yorkie won’t eat you could consider switching to home-cooked food for your Yorkie

Your Dogs Been Sick Recently

If your dog has recently thrown up after eating her normal kibble, she may have a hard time trusting that same food again.

Regardless of why she threw up, shell connect the discomfort with the food, making her weary and hesitant.

It may take some time for her to accept the same food she threw up, so it's may be a good idea to make a slow switch to get her eating again.

yorkie won't eat

Have you just switched Dog Food?

A conscientious owner may change a dog food brand if they learn their current one is not providing necessary nutrients or if there are negative elements such as artificial coloring, fillers or a high level of preservatives. But here's the problem… owners switching to a healthier option, but your Yorkie won’t eat it.

If a brand - or even a change in the formula of the same brand - is changed too quickly, this can lead to stomach upset. Your dog may not be able to handle a rapid change.

Perhaps You're Overfeeding?

Puppies- 4-7 weeks old

A Puppy this age needs to be free-fed. This helps against hypoglycemia during this important growth stage.

3 months – 1 year

This is the time when you start scheduled meals. Unrestricted access to food is one of the errors people make. If you don’t have regular meals for your Yorkie, you are unlikely to be able to pick up if she is ill, as you never see her hungry.

I recommend 3-4 meals per day. Morning, lunchtime, early evening- in case of 4 meals- and evening. She should not be fed later than 2 hours before her bedtime.

The protein content in her food could be the reason for her refusal to eat. Yorkies' tummies are filled quickly if you're feeding a food rich in protein and carbs. So, they may be overeating even when they appear to be eating less than their normal food allocation.

A Yorkie Puppy needs to be fed at the same times every day. At each meal, put the recommended amount of food in the bowl. She should complete her meal within 10 minutes. If she walks away and there's food left, pick up the bowl. This will accustom her to eating his food in an appropriate time frame.

How Much Should My Dog Eat?

In some cases, owners may worry that their Yorkie is not eating enough, when in fact the dog is eating exactly enough to maintain his weight. Yorkshire Terriers are a very small toy sized breed and do not require lots of food. You may be filling your Yorkie's food bowl expecting her to eat the lot, but she may stop because she's full, leaving quite a bit behind.

Generally speaking, thanks to his small size, it’s recommended that she eats 2 or 3 small meals per day.

yorkie won't eat


It can be stressful to see a dog who usually chomps her food stop eating. If you stay observant, and get the correct professional help, you will be able to protect your dog against potentially dangerous outcomes and get her back on track.

What do you do when your Yorkie won’t eat? If you would like to share please use the comment box below this post.

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