Help! Yorkie Won’t Share Her Toys

yorkie won't share her toys

Help! Yorkie Wont Share Her Toys

Hello everyone. Let's take a look at what to do when Yorkie won't share her toys.

Yorkshire Terriers love their toys, but sometimes they become a little too attached to some of them.

Not wanting to share toys is actually normal dog behavior and will develop throughout puppy-hood if owners allow it to. Some may actually encourage their puppy’s protective displays, thinking they are being cute.

Contrary to popular belief it's not a bid for power. When Yorkie won't share her toys it's usually because she is feeling unsafe or unsure about something in her home environment.

Playing with your Yorkie isn’t much fun if she plans to take her toys and play with them by all herself. Yanking the toy loose and admonishing her will not stop this behavior. It will only serve, to validate the dog’s insecurity.

Don't be surprised if your little dog growls when you approach her when she's firmly engrossed in a toy she loves.

A polite growl is nothing to worry about

yorkie won't share her toys

Yorkie Won't Share Her Toys

For your dog its part of the play, or just a way for her to tell you to back off she's having fun.

If you often take toys away from your puppy and she never gets them back, she will learn that giving up an object could mean she'll never see it again.

The little rascal may begin keeping her toys away from you. She may run off and hide them or hold on tight nip, growl, and snap.

A better response when your Yorkie refuses to share her toys is to give her a reason to share or to play with a different toy to show her what she's missing.

Your possessive puppy may snatch at the toy and try to nip you when you try to remove it from her.

Is this normal Behavior?

It’s normal when Yorkie won't share her toys, but when this “possessiveness” becomes a habit in adulthood it can become a more serious problem. It will be far more difficult, although not impossible, to deal with this behavior when she's fully grown.

You can end up with a Yorkie that exhibits:

  • Aggressive snapping, barking and lunging
  • Intense growling
  • Raising the upper lip
  • Biting
  • Frenzied behavior whenever someone knocks or the doorbell rings

A combination of the above behaviors can begin to occur in other situations—for example, when a stranger approaches your dog’s yard or territory.

​​​​​​​​What to Do When Yorkie Won't Share Her Toys

1.0 Food, Treats & Toys Must Be Earned

Some dog owners find this next idea difficult, but it's important if you want to stop your puppy’s possessive tendencies. toys treats, and food has to be earned. Get your dog to sit, shake a paw or lie down before any reward is given.

This gets your dog to understand it's not okay to take whatever she wants and that she must earn food and other rewards.

You want your little associate to develop respect, self-control, respect and good manners.

2.0 Let her win at tug-o-war

 Yorkie Refuses To Share Her Toys

Gimme Gimme

When Yorkie won't Share her toys this is probably the best way to get her to give them up.

Hold a rope toy and gently tug back. When she jerks let the toy slip from your grip until she wins.

My dogs just love to win and will play this game as long as I have the patience to continue.

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3.0 Reward Your Yorkie For Dropping the toy

Start with a toy she does not value as much and treats that are highly valued. Gradually work your way up to objects that she cares very much about.

Ask her to give you the toy Use the cue DROP IT. Wait for her to do so. If she refuses to, release the toy offer her a favorite treat.

Reward and praise her for dropping the toy.

Give it back to her as soon as she's done chewing.

This exercise helps your dog understand that giving away his resources to a human is okay and there's no reason to protect them.

4.0 Draw back if your puppy is being possessive

If you reach for one of your dog's toys and she grabs it first just draw back and ignore her.

By disengaging, you will be giving her the freedom to have the toy all to herself, but she will also see that if she doesn’t share, you're not going to play with her.

A Yorkie loves it when their humans play with them. Make playtime a part of your daily schedule. Your dog will soon realize that toys are no fun unless you’re in on the game.

5.0 The Trade

If she takes the toy to a corner of the room don't chase after her and take the toy away. If you do that she will think you are interested in it. Pick up a different toy and play around with it. Whatever your dog has in her mouth, will suddenly have less value and you can offer a ‘trade’. Say DROP IT. When she takes the other toy praise her excitedly.

A little while later, give the original toy back to her so she understands that giving something up is not a bad thing. Your little dog will soon see you as the giver of exciting new things, rather than the person who takes away highly valued items.

6.0 What if another dog approaches her toy?

Getting her to understand that another dog approaching her toy is a good thing, is a bit more tricky!

If you have two dogs, develop the habit of offering treats to each dog, in turn, reversing the order you give them out. This teaches your dogs that good things can occur if the other dog is around.

I never permit aggression at my house. No growling, snarling, snapping, or biting is allowed.

If one dog has a toy that the other dog is likely to try and pinch it make the approaching dog SIT​​​​. Stand between them if there's too much anxiety. Give The dog a treat for sitting then offer the dog with the toy a treat.

Choose something really tasty like chicken or sausage or chicken. The toy can be taken and put to one side, but later make it available again for play.

The idea is to change your dog’s emotional response when another dog shows up. Instead of feeling protective, you want her thinking YES, come over and we’ll get sausage! I like to repeat this exercise even when there's no particular tension.

7.0 Teach Your Dog To Play Fetch

Yorkie Refuses To Share Her Toys

Your dog probably won't understand the point of bringing toys to you until she learns how to fetch.

Play with multiple toys so you can “trade.” For example, play fetch with two tennis balls. When she brings the one back, show her the second one. Wait until she drops the first, then throw the second.

The key to making fetch more fun is to vary the distances each time. By changing your throwing distances, you make yourself less predictable and make the game less tiring for your Yorkie.

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What If Another dog steals her ball at the dog park?

Yorkies love balls and can become tennis ball obsessive. Keeping other dogs from pinching balls can prove to be difficult.

If another dog does run off with your dog’s ball, you can throw the other ball in another direction and she has not lost anything. I don't mind losing a ball to prevent a dogfight

Do you have any other strategies for when Yorkie won't share her toys? If you would like to share them with us please use the box below this post.

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